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Drivers and related utilities

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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
ahi-handler.lzxdri/han6.222kb28 Jun 064.0686¤ Ahi-handler - AHI-handler (AUDIO:)
ahidevice.lhadri/aud6.279kb21 Apr 054.0858¤ Ahidevice - ahi.device
arabic_console_devicepro2.lhadri/inp1.699z83Mb15 Jul 184.11¤ Arabic console - An arabic console device, line & full-page editors
atheros5000.lhadri/net1.5265kb30 Aug 134.0320¤ Atheros5000 - Driver for 54Mbps wireless network cards
audiosetup.lhadri/uti18kb09 Jun 044.0408¤ Audiosetup - OS4 Pre-Release AHI Driver Copy Script
bchunk.lhadri/mis1.2.037kb24 Apr 074.0330¤ Bchunk - CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
bla-handler.lhadri/han1.114kb15 Dec 064.0179¤ Bla-handler - Simulates the output of a command as a file
camd.lhadri/mis53.295kb11 Jun 124.0474¤ Camd - Camd library for OS4
camdtools.lhadri/mis2.0451kb11 Jun 124.0210¤ Camdtools - Assorted Tools for CAMD Midi
camd_emu10kx.lhadri/mis6.114kb08 Feb 064.0496¤ Camd_emu10kx - CAMD driver for emu10kx (soundblaster) MIDI port
camd_envy24ht_tk.lhadri/mis1.115kb13 Dec 054.0453¤ Camd_envy24ht_tk - CAMD Envy24HT driver
camd_nemo.lhadri/mis53.222kb23 Jan 124.1162¤ Camd_nemo - X1000 onboard UART CAMD driver
camd_src.lhadri/mis50.890kb05 Nov 084.0176¤ Camd_src - CAMD.library source
camd_via686.lhadri/mis1.412kb16 Feb 084.0367¤ Camd_via686 - Onboard gameport MIDI out driver
canons600.lhadri/pri50.527kb17 Nov 084.0483¤ Canons600 - Canon printer driver
cbm1541_fs.lhadri/fil2.363kb27 Oct 104.0400¤ Cbm1541_fs - FileSystem for CBM 1541 disks
cmi8738.lhadri/aud5.1636kb06 Apr 064.02055¤ Cmi8738 - CMI8738 AHI driver
colemak_kbm.lhadri/inp1.012kb22 Mar 144.0214¤ Colemak Keymap - AmigaOS 4 keymap file for Colemak layout
cs4281.lhadri/aud5.515kb29 Jul 094.01454¤ Cs4281 - CS4281 (SAM) audio driver
cwfloppy.lhadri/uti3.2-R66kb03 Jan 094.0418¤ Cwfloppy - Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller
cw_trackdisk.lhadri/sto1.1a229kb25 Sep 064.0622¤ Cw_trackdisk - Catweasel MK4 (MK3) Device
d64_fs.lhadri/fil0.311kb16 Nov 074.0424¤ D64_fs - Filesystem for .d64 disk images
dev-handler.lhadri/han37.219kb08 Sep 064.0387¤ Dev-handler - Un*x like raw device access handler
diskimagegui_fra.lhadri/sto1.75kb20 Aug 094.0158¤ Diskimagegui-fr - DiskImageGUI french catalog
diskimage_device.lhadri/sto53.4469kb13 Jan 154.13538¤ diskimage.device - Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
diskimage_ell.lhadri/sto52.782kb21 Nov 124.0173¤ Diskimage_greek - Greek catalog files for DiskImage Device
diskimage_fdi.lhadri/sto52.191kb10 Mar 104.0497¤ Diskimage_fdi - FDI plugin for diskimage.device
egalaxtouch4a.lhadri/inp0.227kb12 Aug 114.0702¤ Egalaxtouch4a - Touchscreen driver USB
emptyh.lhadri/han1.115kb05 Feb 064.0345¤ Emptyh - empty-handler, creates empty files
emu10kx.lhadri/aud6.732kb25 Jul 074.0675¤ Emu10kx - emu10kx AHI driver
english_amiga.lhadri/inp53.122kb17 Oct 134.0227¤ English Amiga 1251 - language driver for english/cyrilic mix
envy24ht_ahi.lhadri/aud5.1221kb23 Mar 084.01715¤ Envy24ht_ahi - Envy24HT AHI driver
envy24_ahi.lhadri/aud5.314kb09 Sep 064.0584¤ Envy24_ahi - Envy24 driver
exfatfs.lhadri/fil53.15210kb26 Dec 154.1372¤ exFATFileSystem - Free exFAT file system implementation
flite_device.lhadri/aud53.130Mb25 Jan 134.1239¤ Flite_device - Device API based on the Flite Speech Engine
fpga_res.lhadri/mis53.1633kb03 Jun 114.1178¤ Fpga_res - FPGA resource for Sam460ex boards
gcp_device.lhadri/pri1.41Mb02 Mar 184.074¤ gcp.device - Google Cloud Print driver
gplink.lhadri/mis1.5345kb31 May 084.0143¤ Gplink - Connect your GP32 to your AmigaOne
hp_photosmart.lhadri/pri53.374kb05 Apr 184.0163¤ HP_Photosmart - HP PCL3GUI printer driver
i2c.resource.lhadri/mis53.211kb14 Apr 114.1460¤ I2c - i2c.resource for Sam440ep and Sam460ex boards
ide_driverpack.zipdri/sto51.54215kb01 Apr 064.01080¤ Ide_driverpack - OS4 IDE driver package
ipoddisk.lhadri/fil0.172kb14 Apr 064.0454¤ Ipoddisk - Filesystem for accesing mp3 on your iPod
ipp_dev.lhadri/pri1.12Mb29 Apr 134.0226¤ Ipp_dev - Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) driver
japanese.lhadri/mis0.75beta321kb03 Apr 144.093¤ Japanese.lha - Japanese Language support
libhjw.lhadri/inp2.0.03Mb17 May 124.0294¤ Libhjw - Wrapper Library for joysticks
mackbd.lhadri/inp2.022kb24 Mar 064.0342¤ Mackbd - Keymaps for Apple Mac keyboards (British,Swedish)
mem-handler.lhadri/han52.215kb22 Sep 104.0439¤ Mem-handler - Handler for accessing memory as a file
mercurial.lhadri/uti1.94Mb25 Aug 114.1182¤ Mercurial - Mercurial Version Control System
minigl.lhadri/gra2.203Mb31 Mar 154.04414¤ Minigl - OpenGL subset 3D API
onchipmem_res.lhadri/mis53.114kb25 Feb 134.0274¤ Onchipmem_res - On Chip Memory resource for Sam460ex boards
openpci.zipdri/mis2.16kb29 Aug 054.0758¤ Openpci - OpenPCI compatibility layer for OS4
parir.lhadri/inp1.0152kb21 Aug 084.0270¤ Parir - Parallel IR receiver and audio over TP transmitter
perception-ime.lhadri/inp1.4369kb28 May 154.180¤ Perception-IME - Perception Input Method Editor
prism2.lhadri/net2.6309kb08 Nov 144.0299¤ prism2 - Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
prism2_sam.lhadri/net1.723kb28 Jan 104.0464¤ Prism2_sam - Prism2 driver fixed for sam440ep motherboards
reactive_crypto.lhadri/mis2.1152kb11 Feb 184.153¤ Reactive_crypto - Hashing classes for Reactive
regionset.lhadri/sto1.220kb28 Oct 094.0249¤ Regionset - Modify the region codes of DVD drives
rkeyboard.lzxdri/inp1.518kb11 Mar 064.0897¤ Rkeyboard - Bootkeyboard driver for OS4's USB stack w/source
rmouse.lzxdri/inp1.615kb05 Dec 054.0534¤ Rmouse - Bootmouse driver for OS4's USB stack with source
rtgmaster-os4fix.lhadri/gra71kb14 Jul 044.01661¤ Rtgmaster-os4fix - RTGmaster OS4 fix
rti84.lhadri/mis1.05kb17 Jan 084.0443¤ Rti84 - TI-84 Plus Silver driver
rx10.lhadri/mis07Sep112kb09 Jan 114.0195¤ Rx10 - Serial port driver for the PowerLinc X-10 device
samdos_fs.lhadri/fil52.254kb21 Sep 104.0344¤ Samdos_fs - SAM Coupe filesystem
sane-frontends-src.lhadri/mis1.0.14803kb22 Dec 094.1114¤ Sane-frontends-src - Sources of Sane frontends and backends for AmiCygnix
sane-frontends.lhadri/mis1.0.1416Mb22 Dec 094.1432¤ Sane-frontends - Sane Frontends - a scanner software for AmiCygnix (AmigaOS 4)
sb128ahi.lhadri/aud5.2316kb25 Aug 114.01094¤ Sb128ahi - OS4 SB128 AHI Driver
scandal.lhadri/uti1.1430kb06 Aug 094.0428¤ Scandal - SCANdal - MUI Betascan Frontend
seta1.lhadri/mis1.009kb15 Mar 164.094¤ SetA1 - Tweak the AmigaOne SE/XE hardware
sfs.lhadri/fil1.277369kb13 Nov 074.0617¤ Sfs - Smart Filesystem
sm502_audio.lhadri/aud6.316kb17 May 124.1352¤ Sm502_audio - OS4 SAM460 (SM502) audio driver
sonix.lhadri/vid0.401Mb07 Nov 124.1205¤ Sonix - Display and grab pictures from webcams sonix
swraid_device.lhadri/sto52.233kb01 Nov 074.0419¤ Swraid_device - Software RAID (ALPHA release)
td64patch.lhadri/sto0.36kb16 Oct 074.0508¤ Td64patch - Patches NSD64 (OS4) devices to support also TD64
thunderlauncher.lhadri/mis0.1131kb15 Nov 154.190¤ ThunderLauncher - Simple driver for DreamCheeky USB missile launcher
uclogictablet.lhadri/inp1.652kb12 Feb 124.0611¤ Uclogictablet - USB Driver for UCLogic based Graphics tablets
usbdot4.lhadri/priv1.522kb12 May 104.0461¤ Usbdot4 - USB Printer driver with 1284.4 (DOT4) support
usbmidi.lhadri/mis50.726kb11 Jun 124.0363¤ Usbmidi - CAMD Driver for class compatible USB devices
via686b_ahi.lhadri/aud5.711kb20 May 064.0788¤ Via686b_ahi - VIA686B A1 onboard AHI driver
wacomtablet.lhadri/inp1.0327kb02 Aug 124.1369¤ Wacomtablet - USB driver for Wacom Tablets
watchdog.lhadri/han53.013kb14 Mar 154.1100¤ Watchdog-Handler - A Linux "/dev/watchdog" like AmigaDOS handler
wifisignal.lhadri/uti1.4.372kb24 Mar 084.01018¤ Wifisignal - Wifi Signal Monitor for Prism2 cards.
x10.lhadri/mis07SEP199024kb01 Jan 114.0101¤ X10 - Serial port driver for the X10 CP290 interface
xad_fs.lhadri/fil53.22Mb06 Apr 144.1341¤ XADFileSystem - Filesystem for mounting archive files
xeromouse.lhadri/inp1.264kb22 Apr 134.1129¤ Xeromouse - A driver for Cherry "Xero" USB mouse
xfh-handler.lhadri/han2.1138kb04 Dec 064.0326¤ Xfh-handler - XPK de(crunching) file handler
xiso_fs.lhadri/fil52.360kb21 Sep 104.0313¤ Xiso_fs - X-Box CD/DVD filesystem
xsane-src.lhadri/mis0.9992Mb10 Jul 134.165¤ Xsane-src - Sources of XSane 0.999 and backends 1.0.23
xsane.lhadri/mis0.99922Mb10 Jul 134.1297¤ Xsane - A scanner software for AmiCygnix
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