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 File comments for:  Network » Ftp » dtftpclient.zip

DFTP Client

Description: little TFTP client
Download: dtftpclient.zip
Version: 0.9
Date: 06 Mar 2019
Category: network/ftp
FileID: 10829
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/ftp/dtftpclient.zip

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Comment by: DieterG ( 06 Mar 2019, 17:42File version: 0.8
I have alteady updated to 0.9 with integrated Fonts 36 hours before.
Look at uploads, there it is but not here, i don’t know why.
Comment by: Ben ( 27 Feb 2019, 20:46File version: 0.8
Thank you, the programma started from Shell or WB:

"cannot open Arial font 16, and then quits."

Morphos has:


Comment by: orginAt: 26 Feb 2019, 12:32File version: 0.8
Just for information, in case there's some confusion going on here.

There are no restrictions on OS4Depot on which other platforms that can be included in the uploaded archives as long as at least AOS4 support is included.
Comment by: DieterG ( 26 Feb 2019, 08:20File version: 0.8
Maybe, but splitting make not only more work.
Os4depot is the only archive i upload.
Aminet not allows zip, aros and mos i do not know where i should upload. And Windows, arm, Mac also not.
So this is the one upload for all plattforms.
Comment by: Hypex ( 26 Feb 2019, 03:42File version: 0.8
Given OS4depot is OS4 centric it would make sense to strip it to all but OS4 components. Yes that is extra work. But it helps if your packing is scripted as well that can build separate archives for each platform as well as one universal archive.
Comment by: DieterG ( 22 Feb 2019, 20:17File version: 0.8
Yes, is very great size.
But here is no 7z allowed, then only 9 MB, zip is not so good.
Is the whole arcive, contains versions for Windows, Mac, Amiga, Arm and so on.
And yes, Hollywood Programs are big.
Comment by: 20 megabyte ( 22 Feb 2019, 17:01File version: 0.8
20 megabyte ??
Comment by: DieterG ( 21 Feb 2019, 08:36File version: 0.8
Yes, the transfer is to memory, so only the size of ram is a limit for transfer.
But if you save the file, your filesystem should support big filesizes aswell.
Comment by: Deniil ( 20 Feb 2019, 20:56File version: 0.8
Does it support transfer of large files? >2GB or >4GB?

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