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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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makelnx.lha528kb09 Aug 064.0228¤ Makelnx - .LYX to Atari Lynx .LNX file conversion utility
exomizer.lha2.0beta6506kb31 Jan 074.0159¤ Exomizer - A cruncher for 8-bit computers using 6502 CPU's.
charlie.lha5kb20 Sep 064.0201¤ Charlie - A NES CHR-ROM Optimizer
chr2nam.lha8kb20 Sep 064.0211¤ Chr2nam - A NES Name Table Creator
n64rom.lha1.026kb24 Oct 054.0374¤ N64rom - A Tool to handle Nintendo64 roms
zxscredit.lha0.9213kb28 Jul 064.0140¤ Zxscredit - A ZX Spectrum image (SCREEN$) editor.
buildcpr.lha18kb15 Mar 074.0212¤ Buildcpr - An Amstrad Binary to CPR converter tool
afid.lha1.148kb09 Aug 064.0262¤ Afid - Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk image utility V1.1
uaeconfig.lha1.449kb08 May 064.0815¤ Uaeconfig - Configuration program for UAE .uaerc files
dcmtoatr.lha28kb10 Aug 064.0130¤ Dcmtoatr - Conv DCM files to ATR files to use with Atari Emus
c64bin2p00.lha27kb10 Aug 064.0150¤ C64bin2p00 - Convert C64 name to popular emulators xxx.P00 name
showlnx.lha0.760kb09 Aug 064.0125¤ Showlnx - Displays info about the Atari Lynx cart images
runinuae.lhar7-c4Mb30 Jan 134.0639¤ Runinuae - Double-clicked 68k games/progs are run using E-UAE
runindosbox.lhar1639kb05 Feb 134.0310¤ Runindosbox - Double-clicked MS-DOS games are run using DOSBox
sna2tiff.lha75kb10 Aug 064.0108¤ Sna2tiff - Dumps ZX Spectrum Snapshots to TIFF Pic
truae.lha0.13318kb07 Aug 134.1212¤ trUAE - E-UAE configuration file editor
jabba.lha1.05kb20 Sep 064.0306¤ Jabba - Expand snes ROM's.
img2dsk.lha25kb25 Apr 064.0605¤ Img2dsk - IMG to DSK MSX disk image converter
gluae.lha2013041714kb17 Apr 134.0292¤ Gluae - Integrates UAE into AmigaOS
stlist.lha1.626kb30 Oct 054.0217¤ Stlist - Lists AtariST disk image content
gui4dgen.lha1.01Mb17 Nov 104.092¤ Gui4dgen - minimalGUI for DGen Emulator
cas_tools.lha1.1104kb25 Apr 064.0315¤ Cas_tools - MSX Cas (tapefile) converters
msxditools.lha74kb23 Oct 054.0261¤ Msxditools - MSX Disk Image Tools
ngptool.lha0.936kb30 Oct 054.0209¤ Ngptool - NeoGeo Pocket ROM Tool
nesdevtools.lha1.074kb06 Nov 054.0198¤ Nesdevtools - NES Development Graphics Tools
romsearcher.lha227kb06 Nov 054.0234¤ Romsearcher - RomSearcher
rundos.lha1.2.555kb19 Feb 064.0378¤ Rundos - run MS-DOS soft by clicking on the icon
runadf.lha2.080kb14 Aug 134.1182¤ Runadf - RunADF is tooltype program to start ECS/OCS games
sge.lha1.688kb23 Oct 044.0208¤ Sge - SGE: The Spectrum Graphics Editor/Ripper 68k/PPC
spconv.lha1.1050kb18 Jan 064.0282¤ Spconv - Spectrum emulator snapshot file converter
fuse-utils.lha0.10.01Mb17 Dec 084.0112¤ Fuse-utils - Spectrum emulator utilities
tap2mbhdd.lha0.0b20kb30 Nov 074.0121¤ Tap2mbhdd - Spectrum TAP to MB HDD Converter
z802tzx.lha1.0119kb28 Jul 064.0302¤ Z802tzx - Spectrum Z80 Snapshot to TZX Tape Converter
retrosoft.lha1.0136kb05 May 144.0127¤ RetroSoft - Start listed software in an emulator
removeffs.lha20kb24 Apr 074.0109¤ Removeffs - Strips dummy data off GBA roms
ndstrim.lha1.0177kb16 Jan 074.0283¤ Ndstrim - Strips dummy data off NDS ROM's
trdetz.lha0.1b121kb23 Oct 074.0150¤ Trdetz - TRD Spectrum utilities
vbamuigui.lha0.414kb08 Nov 054.0255¤ Vbamuigui - VisualBoy Advance MUI GUI
whdload-to-uae.lha3.0212kb25 Aug 134.0375¤ Whdload-to-uae - WHDLoad to E-UAE
zip2d64.lha24kb10 Aug 064.0208¤ Zip2d64 - ZipCode 2 D64 - Extract Zipcode disks to .D64 img
zxscrview.lha0.2160kb28 Jul 064.0157¤ Zxscrview - ZX Screen Viewer
zx81utils.lha4.0199kb02 Jul 084.0122¤ Zx81utils - ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 program file utilities
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