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Miscellaneous shell based utilities
Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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crc_tools.lzx1.037kb09 Jun 20044.0271¤ Crc_tools - CRC tools
list68k.lha1.046kb17 Aug 20044.0403¤ List68k - Scans all 68k programs in the directory tree
rearg.lha1.04kb14 Dec 20044.0300¤ Rearg - Adds flexibility to Alias command
scriptmania.rar1361kb22 Apr 20054.0230¤ Scriptmania - Shell scripts for AmigaOS 3.1 to 4.0
start_stopp_shid.lha1.05kb06 May 20054.0272¤ Start_stopp_shid - Start and stopp script for shid
verify.lha1.1131kb05 Jun 20054.0411¤ Verify - Scans and tests files in a directory.
bck10times.lha115kb22 Jun 20054.0387¤ Bck10times - Backup AmigaOS4 10 times
devlist.lha41.24kb28 Aug 20054.0328¤ Devlist - Device lister with opencnt and versions
liblist.lha41.24kb28 Aug 20054.0422¤ Liblist - Library lister with opencnt and versions
reslist.lha41.24kb28 Aug 20054.0261¤ Reslist - Lists all resources with address information
tasklist.lha41.15kb28 Aug 20054.0534¤ Tasklist - Task lister with pri, stack and versions
gnu-sed.lha4.0.9154kb20 Oct 20054.0323¤ Gnu-sed - Shell based text stream editor
mkpasswd.lha8kb09 Nov 20054.0292¤ Mkpasswd - Small program for generating 'random' passwords
echo2debug.lha1.113kb18 Nov 20054.0245¤ Echo2debug - Echo a string to the debug output
headtail.lha1.345kb23 Nov 20054.0306¤ Headtail - Show first/last n lines/chars/blocks of a file
wbclose.lha1.07kb23 Nov 20054.0260¤ Wbclose - Close drawers from the shell and scripts
wbopen.lha1.07kb23 Nov 20054.0337¤ Wbopen - Open drawers and icons from the shell and scripts
gnu-sed-ss.lha4.1.4-1331kb30 Nov 20054.0227¤ Gnu-sed-ss - The GNU sed stream editor
flush.lha1.620kb16 Feb 20064.0373¤ Flush - Flush unused libraries,devices and fonts from RAM.
pciscan.lha1.4141kb08 Mar 20064.01064¤ Pciscan - Lists, or tests for attached PCI devices
bogo.lzx1.228kb27 May 20064.0552¤ Bogo - BogoMIPS - the UNIX CPU speed tester
delay.lha1.08kb25 Jun 20064.0339¤ Delay - Wait any number of ticks (1/50th sec.)
timer.lha1.226kb05 Aug 20064.0354¤ Timer - Time how long it takes to execute a command
fsl.lha2.32kb07 Aug 20064.0302¤ Fsl - Lists files with sizes in a easily readable format
itimecalc.lha1.110kb13 Sep 20064.0313¤ Itimecalc - Shows current Swatch Beat (Internet time) w/src
snoti.lha1.020kb18 Sep 20064.0255¤ Snoti - Run command when files/dirs are changed (notify)
dt2iff.lha0.15kb27 Sep 20064.0356¤ Dt2iff - Datatype -> IFF converter
makemountlist.lha1.97kb09 Oct 20064.0375¤ Makemountlist - Creates MountList entry for devices
aztree.lha1.128kb12 Jan 20074.0454¤ Aztree - Prints directory tree with subdirs and files
rand.lha5kb16 Jan 20074.0172¤ Rand - execute random commands from a file
popurl.lha1.48kb17 Apr 20074.0333¤ Popurl - Small OS4 equivalent of OpenURL shell command
fsay.lha1.011kb20 Oct 20074.0447¤ Fsay - A "Say" command for flite.device
loggerwindow.lha0.148kb01 Apr 20084.0286¤ Loggerwindow - LoggerWindow is a program to provide a logging win
setdefpubscreen.lha1.029kb17 Apr 20084.0264¤ Setdefpubscreen - CLI tool to change default public screen
crash.lha2.038kb14 Jun 20084.0192¤ Crash - Triggers Grim Reaper and/or Guru alerts
die.lha1.01kb01 Oct 20084.0238¤ Die - Kill your Amiga!
cmp.lha1.0015kb22 Nov 20084.0275¤ Cmp - Replacement for the Arp command cmp
waitnotify.lha1.225kb22 Jul 20094.0314¤ Waitnotify - Wait for a file or directory modification
requestlist.lha1.024kb27 Jul 20094.0201¤ Requestlist - List options in a list from scripts
pegoff.lha1.02kb12 Sep 20094.1365¤ Pegoff - CLI command to power down your Pegasos II
ami-copy.lha52.314kb18 Jul 20104.0260¤ Ami-copy - A "Copy" like Shell command
times.lha0.217kb07 Oct 20104.0173¤ Times - Check offset between local time and server time
listdyndep.lha53.25kb11 Oct 20104.1320¤ Listdyndep - Lists dynamic dependencies
ami-printscreen.lha52.214kb27 Nov 20104.0303¤ Ami-printscreen - A Window$ like screen grabber
marvel.lha1.16kb14 Dec 20104.1293¤ Marvel - A CLI-command to meddle with multi assigns
cd-dot-dot.lha2.223kb10 Jan 20114.0252¤ Cd-dot-dot - Makes it possible to type CD.. or CD .. in shell
id3point.lha1.020kb22 Mar 20114.0290¤ Id3point - ID3 Tagger with batch functionality
dsize.lha1.010kb06 Sep 20114.0157¤ Dsize - 64-bit capable directory size utility
mpos.lha1.003kb03 Oct 20114.0147¤ Mpos - Set the Mouseposition from shell
waitforkey.lha1.115kb05 Oct 20114.0215¤ Waitforkey - wait for a key press by user - vbcc recompile
winpos.lha1.045kb10 Oct 20114.0160¤ Winpos - Allows each window to give a different size
bootvolume.lha1.23kb21 Nov 20114.0158¤ Bootvolume - Boot volume finder
sam440ep_setup.lha1.352kb07 Feb 20124.1569¤ Sam440ep_setup - A utility to optimize your Sam440ep performance
sam460ex_setup.lha1.059kb13 Jun 20124.1420¤ Sam460ex_setup - A utility to optimize your Sam460ex performance
openguide.lha1.14kb14 Jun 20124.0167¤ Openguide - Command to open an Amigaguide at specified node
allocmem.lha1.35kb17 Jun 20124.0241¤ Allocmem - A Shell command to reduce memory available
icontypechange.lha4kb22 Jul 20124.0227¤ Icontypechange - A CLI command to change the type of an icon
noguru.lha3.051kb16 Sep 20124.1250¤ Noguru - NoGuru redirects gurumediations to ringhio
backupcopy.tar.gz1.05Mb05 Feb 20134.0165¤ Backupcopy - Copy, synchronise, mirror and archive filesystems
softshutdown.lha1.042kb16 Jun 20134.0359¤ Softshutdown - Software shutdown
poff_deu.lha1.22kb22 Jun 20134.0151¤ Poff_german - German catalog files for poff
poff.lha1.457kb29 Jun 20134.1458¤ Poff - Shell/WB command to turn off the SAM460/X1000
acopy.lha1.077kb13 Oct 20134.0120¤ ACopy - Alternative "copy" and "copy as" command
arequester.lha1.035kb13 Oct 20134.0191¤ ARequester - Creates requesters from a CLI window
copyhead.lha1.04kb04 Dec 20134.0169¤ CopyHead - copy n bytes from source to dest
mgsplit.lha1.06kb04 Dec 20134.0153¤ MGSplit - one more tool to split binary files
quickdir.lha1.110kb04 Dec 20134.0156¤ QuickDir - Fast dir lister
wininfo.lha1.05kb04 Dec 20134.0203¤ WinInfo - Get info about a windows location
waitx.lha2.06kb05 Dec 20134.0151¤ WaitX - execute a command after a given time
chunker.lha1.715kb06 Dec 20134.0264¤ Chunker - One more split/join of files
sclip.lha2.08kb08 Dec 20134.0195¤ Clip - Manipulate the clipboard from shell
ami-list.lha52.03kb08 Dec 20134.1203¤ Ami-List - A "List" like Shell command
tooltype.lha1.49kb10 Dec 20134.0228¤ tooltype - Manages tooltypes of icon files via commandline.
identify.lha41.15kb11 Dec 20134.0226¤ Idenitify - Datatype-based file identifier
dtree.lha1.013kb12 Dec 20134.0233¤ Dtree - Displays tree struct of a device
kingcon_upd.lha1.834kb18 Jan 20144.0336¤ Update to KingCON1.8 - Update with handler to earlier version of KingCON.
serialecho-src.tar.bz250.75kb14 Feb 20144.0145¤ SerialEcho (Source) - Echo command that dumps output to serial (SRC)
serialecho.lha50.74kb14 Feb 20144.0116¤ SerialEcho - Echo command that dumps output to serial
getkickconf.lha52.217kb07 Jun 20144.0215¤ GetKickConf - Puts the kickstart config name in an ENV variable
processscan.lha1.143kb19 Aug 20144.1295¤ ProcessScan - List processes
fortune.lha1.0725kb11 Nov 20144.187¤ Fortune - write random sentences in the shell like on Unix
showcomputer.lha1.186kb02 Dec 20144.0269¤ ShowComputer - Display informations about your Amiga in CLI mode
l2cache.lha1.061kb08 Dec 20144.1275¤ L2cache - A utility to increase performance on Sam460ex
nqueens.lha1.0196kb08 Feb 20154.1139¤ NQueens - A N Queens puzzle solver
poff_swe.lha1.41kb12 Feb 20154.1195¤ Poff_Swe - Swedish translation of Poff
logexec.lzx1.03kb08 Aug 20154.090¤ Logexec - Executes an AmigaDOS script logging the output
loadlib.lha1.32kb05 Sep 20154.0215¤ loadlib - Load library into memory
cliexchange.lha1.619kb05 Dec 20154.0158¤ Cliexchange - Shell equivalent to Exchange
muteoutput.lha15kb08 Mar 20164.085¤ muteoutput - when you can't use >NIL:
strlen.lha1.03kb04 May 20164.176¤ strlen.lha - Shell command to return the length of a string
foldersync2.lhar12Mb01 Jun 20164.1107¤ FolderSync2 - Synchronise folders, r1 (31.05.2016)
colors.lha1.0rc35kb18 Sep 20164.179¤ Colors - Prints out a color table with all Console colors
sortbench.lha1.1B8kb12 Nov 20164.0196¤ Sortbench - a CPU benchmark that stresses CPU, DCache,Branch
gsar.lha1.21109kb31 Mar 20174.078¤ gsar - General Search And Replace
getversion.lha1.130kb03 Dec 20174.160¤ GetVersion - Shell/CLI cmd to show version string
extraversion.lha1.2.0b8kb02 Jan 20184.152¤ ExtraVersion - Finds the extra version number (and VER string)
showfiles.lha0.99339kb23 Jan 20184.130¤ ShowFiles (sf) - DIR command - shows a sorted & text-formatted list
d_cmd.lha2.13kb11 Feb 20184.149¤ D - D is a small shell util for listing directories
rbase64_cmd.lha2.14kb11 Feb 20184.142¤ rBase64 - Base64 encoder/decoder
rbroadcastwol_cmd.lha2.14kb11 Feb 20184.139¤ rBroadcastWOL - Send out a Magic Packet to wake up a computer
rrandom_cmd.lha2.13kb11 Feb 20184.164¤ rRandom - 32bit Random Generator
ppccpuinfo.lha1.114kb28 Feb 20184.091¤ PPCCpuInfo - AmigaDOS command for AmigaOS4 to query some cpu pr
ripconfig_cmd.lha2.24kb17 Mar 20184.1125¤ rIPConfig - Display info about Ethernet adapters
rprglist_cmd.lha1.23kb18 Jun 20184.154¤ rPrgList - List running Reactive Programs
rhash_cmd.lha2.217kb21 Sep 20184.182¤ rHash - rHash preforms hashing of files
rtestcase_cmd.lha1.14kb21 Sep 20184.149¤ rTestCase - A small program the compiles and Run TestCases
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