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 File comments for:  Utility » Print » airscan.lha


Description: Native Amiga scanner utility
Download: airscan.lha
Version: 1.1A
Date: 11 Apr 2023
Category: utility/print
FileID: 12502
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/print/airscan.lha

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Comment by: redfox ( 01 Dec 2023, 00:57File version: 1.1A
Airscan found my HP OfficeJet 4650 scanner just fine and I was able to print to my printer ok from NotePad using the detected IP address (using netprinter.device). Also scanned a single page document ok into a pdf file.

Comment by: HKvalhe ( 29 Nov 2023, 16:10File version: 1.1A
This is a really fine utility! The utility itself works very well on my X5000/20. Unfortunately, I have an old Canon MP620 printer that also works wireless, but probably is using an older way of directing the wireless feature. Is it possible to implement the wireless support for Canon multi printers as well? In addition to the scan features, it would be nice to use the wireless printer in general? Keep up the excellent work.
Comment by: chris ( 24 Apr 2023, 17:27File version: 1.1A
@mcleppa Yes, it does! Thank you!
Comment by: Paul ( 20 Apr 2023, 17:53File version: 1.1A
email is paulrzager@comcast.net Thanks
Comment by: mcleppa ( 20 Apr 2023, 06:13File version: 1.1A
If I can get your mail I will send you a program that prints out some debugging output
Comment by: Paul ( 20 Apr 2023, 02:17File version: 1.1A
It found my ethernet connected HP Color Laserjet MFP 477 right away, and runs the scanner head when I ask it to scan. But no scan appears, and when I try to get a scan preview it pops up the message: "Conflict: One or more settings conflicting with each other." I've tried various combinatioins of settings, but no luck. Any suggestions?
Comment by: mcleppa ( 19 Apr 2023, 16:19File version: 1.1A
@Chris, does it work for you with Airsane now?
Comment by: AlfredONE ( 13 Apr 2023, 16:29File version: 1.1A
Great tool!
It works with: Canon TS8350 (multifunction Printer/Scanner)
Comment by: chris ( 11 Jan 2023, 15:32File version: 1.0A
@mcleppa Thanks for looking into this. I assumed the web page would work but didn't try it. Native scanning from OS4 would be cool though!
Comment by: mcleppa ( 08 Jan 2023, 13:43File version: 1.0A
Comment by: mcleppa ( 08 Jan 2023, 13:42File version: 1.0A
Hi Chris, I tried the setup with Airsane now and my program won´t work at the moment with that setup. I have started to implement it, but will take some time. Meanwhile you can try to open odyssey web browser on your amiga and write in your ip address of your server where you installed Airsane and port 8090 and I was able to scan from my browser.

my server had ip, so ´´ opened up the scanners for me in Odyssey.
Comment by: chris ( 06 Jan 2023, 16:06File version: 1.0A
I used github.com/SimulPiscator/AirSane to make my USB scanner visible on the network. It works in Windows so I know that the server set up is OK. Howver in AirScan it (a) fails to find the scanner with a network scan and (b) complains that the scanner is not compatible if I add the IP manually.
Comment by: mcleppa ( 27 Dec 2022, 06:50File version: 1.0A
Hi Sinan, I will then add TSL support on my todo list
Comment by: sinan ( 26 Dec 2022, 15:15File version: 1.0A
Hi mcleppa.

Unfortunately Xerox Workcentre 3225 doesn't let me cancel TLS. At least one TLS should be activated. Options are V1.0 V1.1 and V1.2
Comment by: mcleppa ( 23 Dec 2022, 19:00File version: 1.0A
Thank you for reply, I will look into it. I did not mention in documentation that program does not support ssl, can you check if your scanner has ssl disabled?
Comment by: sinan ( 23 Dec 2022, 18:24File version: 1.0A
I tried Xerox Workcentre 3225.. It has mDNS and Airprint enabled, but Airscan can't find it at the moment..

Comment by: McFly ( 20 Dec 2022, 13:51File version: 1.0A
works with Epson WF-2860.
thank you very much for this great tool

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