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 Files uploaded by Curtis Holborn

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
dockscope.lhaaud/mis1.225kb05 Jul 064.0575¤ Dockscope - DockyScope for TuneNet and AmigaAmp.
tuneaac_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.356kb13 Dec 064.01442¤ Tuneaac_plug - AAC m4a plugin for TuneNet (Plays IPod files)
tuneflac_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.3128kb13 Dec 064.0988¤ Tuneflac_plug - FLAC plugin for TuneNet
tunegme_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.3277kb30 Jun 074.0134¤ Tunegme_plug - GME plugin for TuneNet
tunehvl_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.665kb24 Aug 084.0664¤ Tunehvl_plug - HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for TuneNet
tunemidi_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.1121kb31 Dec 064.01004¤ Tunemidi_plug - Midi Plugin for TuneNet
tunempc_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.175kb10 Feb 074.0611¤ Tunempc_plug - MusePack (.mpc) plugin for TuneNet
tunesid_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.2300kb13 Dec 064.0735¤ Tunesid_plug - SID plugin for TuneNet
tunetta_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.147kb11 Sep 074.0607¤ Tunetta_plug - TTA Plugin for TuneNet
tunevtx_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.149kb13 Dec 064.0622¤ Tunevtx_plug - VTX plugin for TuneNet
tunewma_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.1108kb11 Sep 074.0945¤ Tunewma_plug - WMA Plugin for TuneNet.
tuneym_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.198kb13 Dec 064.0548¤ Tuneym_plug - YM plugin for TuneNet
libmpcdec.lhadev/lib/aud1.2.4117kb10 Feb 074.0299¤ Libmpcdec - Musepack decoder library
wifisignal.lhadri/uti1.4.372kb24 Mar 084.01019¤ Wifisignal - Wifi Signal Monitor for Prism2 cards.
atakks.lhagam/boa1.0856kb07 Aug 064.0220¤ Atakks - Othello-like clone
patolli.lhagam/boa1.09Mb12 Oct 064.0218¤ Patolli - Turn-based Aztec/Mayan game
sdlmemory.lhagam/car0.23Mb11 Aug 064.0216¤ Sdlmemory - Pairs game
deadlycobra.lhagam/mis0.7.06Mb10 Aug 064.0174¤ Deadlycobra - Snake with a twist.
eremit.lhagam/puz1.01Mb12 Aug 064.0174¤ Eremit - Ball Puzzle
naster.lhagam/puz999kb12 Aug 064.0151¤ Naster - Nats Mastermind clone
pipepanic.lhagam/puz0.1.31010kb11 Aug 064.0164¤ Pipepanic - Pipe puzzle game.
fm.lhagam/spo0.99866kb12 Aug 064.0243¤ Fm - Old Skool Football Manager
lcdtest.lhauti/har1.08178kb11 Sep 074.0670¤ Lcdtest - LCD monitor test pattern generator
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