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 Files uploaded by Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h)

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
atunes_cover_aamp.lhaaud/mis1.72Mb15 Feb 144.1157¤ aTunes Cover AAmp - aTunes-AAmp "plugin" to display CoverArt & Ringhio
cutepiano.lhaaud/mis1.18Mb06 Dec 134.1128¤ CutePiano - Simple piano keyboard build with Qt for AmigaOS
datatype_sound_signal.lhaaud/pla1.0644kb04 Mar 134.0212¤ Datatype_sound_signal - Use of Sound datatype with messaging inter-prog
potrace.lhagra/con1.15292kb15 Aug 174.094¤ Potrace - transform bitmaps into vector graphics
netstat.lhanet/mis1.069kb04 Dec 144.1296¤ Netstat - CLI tool to display network activity like on Unix
bougesouris.lhauti/mis1.1119kb04 Nov 144.092¤ BougeSouris - CLI program to move cursor/click + sources
usbrecycle.lhauti/mis1.064kb12 Mar 154.1261¤ USBRecycle - 'Solve' SAM4x0 USB stall at boot time
fortune.lhauti/she1.0725kb11 Nov 144.175¤ Fortune - write random sentences in the shell like on Unix
replayaos.lhavid/pla1.12Mb03 Mar 144.0107¤ ReplayAOS+ - Stream/download videos of french Canal+ TV channel
replayjeuxvideo.lhavid/pla1.0944kb03 Mar 144.070¤ ReplayJeuxVideo - Stream/download videos of french JeuxVideo.com
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