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 Readme for:  Audio » Tracker » Milky » milkytracker.lha


Description: A multiplatform music tracker
Download: milkytracker.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 0.90.80_01
Date: 23 Apr 2008
Author: The MilkyTracker team, AmigaOS 4.0 port by Varthall / PFP
Submitter: Varthall / Up Rough
Email: varti02/hotpop com
Homepage: http://www.milkytracker.net/
Category: audio/tracker/milky
Replaces: audio/tracker/milky/milkytracker.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3635
Comments: 8
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 876  (Current version)
1470  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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MilkyTracker is an open source, multi-platform music application for creating
.MOD and .XM module files. It attempts to recreate the module replay and user
experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker II, with special playback
modes available for improved Amiga ProTracker 2/3 compatibility.

MilkyTracker's key features:

* Fasttracker II like, custom graphical user interface with context menus
* Supported on multiple platforms including portable devices
* Very accurate .XM replay compared to FT2
* ProTracker 2/3 playback modes for playing and editing .MOD files
* Various resampler options including emulated Amiga 500/1200 sound output
* Choose between a modern and a true-to-FT2 editing scheme / keyboard layout
* Tabbed user interface for opening and playing up to 32 modules simultaneously
and for exchanging data between them
* Over 30 imported module formats
* Basic archive support for loading zipped, powerpacked and UMX modules directly
* Rendering songs/patterns to disk (.WAV) or directly to sample
* Powerful sample editor featuring waveform generators
* In-depth instrument editor featuring envelope zooming and scaling and support
for copying and swapping instruments and samples across tabs
* Low latency audio driver support
* MIDI In support (disabled on AmigaOS 4)
* Module optimizer
* Internal file browser option
* Various font sizes for improved visibility of pattern data
* Prospective pattern view option
* Playing and editing simultaneously
* Live mode for seamless pattern changes

A couple of facts:

* MilkyTracker is not based on any common module replay. Its core MilkyPlay has
been in development since the mid-90s, originally as a Digitrakker .MDL player
* MilkyTracker development started a decade later for the Pocket PC and it still
fully operates on rather humble PDAs.
* MilkyTracker is and will stay a 2nd generation tracker. There are already
several good 3rd generation trackers out there.

AmigaOS 4 port

Please read the included readme.amigaos4 document for this release notes.

Changelog since previous AmigaOS 4 version

04/13/08 (v0.90.80):
Important note:

This version of MilkyTracker will update your current configuration file in a
way that it's no longer usable with older versions. It is recommended that you
keep a backup of your configuration file. On Windows and AmigaOS 4 the
configuration is stored in the application folder. When using MilkyTracker on OS
X or Unix systems the configuration is stored in your home directory in a file
called .milkytracker_config.

Whats New:

    * Killer feature: Open up to 32 modules using tabs *:
          o Allows simultaneous playback of different tabs
          o Copy pattern data/instruments/samples between tabs
    * New resamplers for improved sound quality:
          o Cubic Lagrange
          o Cubic Spline
          o Fast Sinc (window size 16, fixed point integer, sinc lookup table)
          o Precise Sinc (window size 128, double floating point)
          o Amiga 500
          o Amiga 500 LED
          o Amiga 1200
          o Amiga 1200 LED
    * Render parts of the song directly into a sample slot (from HD recorder)
    * Live switch toggle [L]
    * Track splitter insert note off toggle
    * Sample editor shows time in milliseconds according to currently selected
relative note
    * Notes on muted channels appear in grey on the piano
    * Scopes also available with smoothed lines
    * Added option to always mixdown stereo samples, no more questions ;)
    * WAV loader recognizes loop points and also exports them

*) Only available in the Desktop version of MilkyTracker

Bugs Fixed:

- Replay

    * Fixed bug in bidirectional looping which caused clicks on short samples
    * Introduced smart loop area double buffering to eliminate sample looping
    * Fixed issue when switching between 4xx and Vx
    * Fixed issue when having a Dxx on the last order and restart is not zero
    * Milky's note range was going slightly higher than that of Ft2's.

- Other

    * CRASH/FREEZE: When trying apply crossfade on invalid selections in sample
    * FREEZE: Optimize song can freeze MilkyTracker if the displayed pattern
number no longer exists after optimization.
    * Bug in the XI-loader causes instrument vibrato settings not to be applied
until some instrument setting is modified.
    * Cutting arpeggio commands by selecting only the operand digits leaves
invisible 000 commands on the pattern that repeat the previous arpeggio from
effect memory.
    * GUS patch loader note mapping more accurate now
    * Some custom screen resolutions lead to distorted rendering.
    * The Apple AIFF loader doesn't load big endian samples correctly.
    * Rewritten major parts of the GUI & editor code to be more reliable.
    * Countless bugs you might not even have found yet

05/20/07 (v0.90.60):

Whats New:

    * New imported (obscure) module formats (mainly for personal satisfaction):
          o Another DSM format (Digisound Interface Kit library)
          o Another AMF format (DSMI library)
          o SFX (SoundFX)
    * Basic AIFF loader (Apple Sound Format, only reads uncompressed AIFF but
allows for importing CD tracks directly on OS X)
    * Four new 8x8 fonts (thanks to idc and Rez)
    * Set custom screen resolution
    * Scrollbars in the list boxes dynamically show/hide depending on content
(saves some space)
    * Row preview with Shift+Space
    * Song Preview Alt+Space
    * Integrated disk browser (click "flip" in the disk operations panel)
    * Sample editor got EQ filters now (3 and 10 bands)
    * Sample editor got waveform generators for sine, square, triangle and
    * Solid scopes (ProTracker style, toggle in the config under the misc. tab)
    * Pattern replay is a bit more like Ft2 now (switching to different pattern
doesn't reset cursor to row 0)
    * Clone button to clone the current order
    * "Mix paste" in the sample editor: paste in a sample from the clipboard and
get it mixed with the current selection/entire sample.
    * As usually: more Ft2-compatible replay

Bugs Fixed:

- Replay

    * A severe volume ramping bug has been fixed
    * Instrument auto vibrato ramp wave forms were swapped
    * Fixed several issues in the replayer which were causing problems when
using EDx and Mx and similiar combinations

- Other

    * Orders containing pattern number FF vanished from modules saved from Ft2.
    * Loading arbitrary files as samples adds the filename to the sample text.
    * The y-axis in the sample editor was flipped (negative side was on the
    * Toggling scopes in the config with the keyboard left the checkbox
    * Crash: A bug in the IFF reader crashes MilkyTracker when loading some IFF
    * Crash: After adding channels and saving as MOD.
    * Saving MOD with extended octaves (5 instead of 3) produces results like
FT2 now.
    * Crash: (on Linux x86_64, strange behavior elsewhere): Caused by illegal
16-bit zero-length samples, as saved by Soundtracker.
    * Crash: when loading modules without instruments.
    * FREEZE: when zooming way in/loading LOOONG instrument envelopes.
    * FREEZE (on Windows Vista): when initializing audio on startup.
    * Assigning samples to notes in the instrument editor by clicking and
holding (painting) doesn't have effect on C-0.
    * Certain hot words in song titles cause incorrect module format detection
(improved at least ;)).
    * Clear button above sample box didn't work properly.
    * Dxx on the last row of a pattern caused a display error when xx is greater
than the number of rows on the current pattern.
    * Insert silence screwed up 16 bit samples.
    * Instrument panning settings defaulted to center on key-release when
    * Optimizer functions "Minimize all samples" and "Samples to 8-bit"
triggered one another when only one of them were selected.
    * Selection block is truncated to current pattern length (you know, after
being taller on a taller pattern).
    * Several things like applying sample editor filters and using the optimizer
reset global volume.
    * Other things I can't remember :P

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
milkytracker-basic9xx.avi7Mb20 Sep 20064.0753¤ Milkytracker-basic9xx - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic 9xx usage'
milkytracker-sdl2.lha1.042Mb14 Oct 20234.1109¤ MilkyTracker - SDL2 version of an FT2 compatible music tracker
milkytracker_sinecrafting.zip450kb20 Sep 20064.0449¤ Milkytracker_sinecrafting - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Sine Crafting'
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