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 Readme for:  Network » Server » Remote » amivnc4.lha


Description: VNC server for AmigaOS4
Download: amivnc4.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 160kb
Version: 2.2.1
Date: 09 Feb 2016
Author: Stèphane Guillard
Submitter: Daniel Westerberg
Email: daniel/onyxsoft se
Homepage: http://s.guillard.free.fr http://www.onyxsoft.se
Requirements: AmigaOS 4
Category: network/server/remote
Replaces: network/server/remote/amivnc4.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 9742
Comments: 9
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 406  (Current version)
1824  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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About VNC
VNC is a truly thin client protocol which enables the use of one computer
(the server) from another (the client), by :
- Enabling remote view of the server screen in a window on the client screen
- Enabling the use of the keyboard of the client in place of the keyboard of the
- Enabling the use of the mouse of the client in place of the mouse of the
More can be found in the provided HTML doc file.

About AmiVNC
AmiVNC is an experimental VNC server for the Amiga.
Visit Stephane's homepage for more information: http://s.guillard.free.fr

To run AmiVNC you need :
- An AmigaOS4 computer
- any native planar Amiga screenmode (PAL, NTSC, AGA etc.)
  or 15, 16, 24 or 32 bit RTG mode (CGFX or Picasso96)
- a TCP-IP stack (AmiTCP or Miami(dx) or RoadShow or any bsdsocket.library
  compliant stack),
- enough free ram to hold a copy of the Workbench screen,
- a computer with a VNC Client (Mac, Unix or Linux box, PC, Amiga).

Myself, I use an older VNC client for Windows, which can be found at
http://s.guillard.free.fr/OS4/vncviewer.zip and a workbench screen set
as 1024x768x16 bit.

To build AmiVNC you need :
- The AmigaOS4 SDK

AmiVNC4 should be used from the shell. It can be started without arguments,
but first you need to set a password, like this:
  AmiVNC4 -pMyPassWord

To get some usage information, enter the following in a shell:
  AmiVNC4 -h

AmiVNC4 can also be started using the icon from Workbench.

For more information, visit http://s.guillard.free.fr/AmiVNC/AmiVNC.htm

History / News
2.2.1 - Changes by Daniel Westerberg 2009-11-19 - 2010-04-23: (released in
- Fixed Zlib usage after reconnect to the server. (Thought it did that in
- Fixed an update bug causing it to miss about 8 pixels at the top of everything
that was redrawn.
- Fixed incremental logfiles. Logfiles will be appended even after restart
  of the server. Multiple instances will get their own logfiles.
- Incremental passw fail timer.

2.2.0 - Changes by Daniel Westerberg 2008-03-14 - 2009-11-19:
- Added Zlib support.
- Enable the use of Workbench tooltypes so AmiVNC4 can be started from
- Fixed a bug in the change-scanning code which speed up the scanning and
responsivness a lot.
- Added a delay when password fails to prevent bots from brute-forcing.
- Now defaults to not using CopyRect, only Hextile.
- Added a switch to enable CopyRect.

2.1.1 - Changes by Daniel Westerberg 2007-10-16 - 2008-03-13:
- Fixed the crash of both AmiVNC and clients when a screen height was not
  dividable by the tile size. If screens are not a multiple of 32x32 pixels
  the last right and/or bottom pixels will not be updated. This problem shows
  on for example a 1680x1050 wide-screen.

2.1.0 - Changes by Daniel Westerberg 2006-08-24 - 2007-10-16:
- Clipboard implemented. Only works with RAmiga+c or x, (RCtrl+c or x on the
- Right Ctrl key is translated as RCommand to allow some hotkeys, like
- Both left and right Ctrl together translates as LCommand.
- Home/End/etc. uses proper OS4 codes instead of becoming shift+numpad.
- Numpad events get the NUMERICPAD qualifier instead of LSHIFT.
- Added F11 & F12 and Meta-key as LCommand.
- Scroll wheel supported.
- Mouse buttons side and extra supported.
- Support for CopyRect for horizontal repetitiv patterns and scrolling of
  gfx downwards.
- Support for Hextile in the simplest way: one-color tiles or raw tiles.
- Automatically switches to 8-bit BGR233 if the client requests that.
- Added switch to force RAW encoding.
- Added switch to enable RAWMOUSE events alternating with NEWPOINTERPOS
  to allow some menues to work better.
- Added help with -h option.
- Small optimization: tiles can be flatter than XDC_TILE if not all of
  it has changed.
- Error-checking for all recv()s in the child process.
- Error tolerance in send() and recv(): 10 consecutive errors allowed
  before disconnect.
- SoftTimer used instead of Delay() in the main loop. Allows for periodic
  check instead of delayed check. It includes a throttle control if the
  period is too short for the CPU.
- Replaced all malloc/free/fopen/fprintf for AllocVec/FreeVec/FOpen/FPrintf
  newlib isn't completely thread-safe. (It crashed)
- Extracted everything related to the input thread and put it in thread.c.

- removed the "fastmode hack" used for 16 bit screenmodes, which was not
  with changed RTG endianness in OS4
- removed unneeded library open code for libauto opened libs. Might help fixing
  'crash on exit' which I unfortunately cant get here...

- Port to AmigaOS4
- Bugfix : mouse events were inserted into input.device with wrong length

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