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Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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prowiz.lha1.62400kb02 Aug 20104.0182¤ Prowiz - a music module (.mod) ripper
halomus.lha0.25kb01 Apr 20094.0173¤ Halomus - Halo PC music extractor
whdread.lhar25kb01 Apr 20094.012¤ Whdread - Rips music from Hitman 2.
thp_ripper.lha6kb31 Mar 20094.04¤ Thp_ripper - Extracts audio tracks from .thp video files.
wwdumpsnd.lha7kb31 Mar 20094.0346¤ Wwdumpsnd - Rips soundfx from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
xtract360.lha10kb31 Mar 20094.0234¤ Xtract360 - Extracts files from XBOX 360 disc images.
adxtract.lha8kb31 Mar 20094.0291¤ Adxtract - Extracts ADX files from any archive.
aix2adx.lha4kb31 Mar 20094.01202¤ Aix2adx - Extracts ADXs from interleaved AIX files.
strip_silence.lha10kb31 Mar 20094.0258¤ Strip_silence - Strips or adds silence to and from WAV files.
tmnt3mn.lha4kb31 Mar 20094.0289¤ Tmnt3mn - Rips music from TMNT 3.
adxloop.lha4kb31 Mar 20094.0251¤ Adxloop - Forces an ADX to loop from end to beginning.
ripping_mama.lha16kb31 Mar 20094.0556¤ Ripping_mama - Extracts .rwav sounds from .brsar files.
sfxtract.lha4kb31 Mar 20094.0226¤ Sfxtract - Extracts DSP files from SFX files.
sptex.lha4kb31 Mar 20094.0283¤ Sptex - Extracts DSPs from Nintendo SPT/SPD pairs.
ssmex.lha5kb31 Mar 20094.06¤ Ssmex - Rips music from HAL (and others) games.
dumplarc.lha6kb30 Mar 20094.0279¤ Dumplarc - Rips music from some Doujin games.
fsbii.lha8kb30 Mar 20094.022¤ Fsbii - Rips music from various Wii games.
gcfsysd.lha4kb30 Mar 20094.0267¤ Gcfsysd - Rips music from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness etc.
jbc.lha3kb30 Mar 20094.06¤ Jbc - Rips music from NHL Hitz Pro etc.
lafs.lha5kb30 Mar 20094.0286¤ Lafs - Extract files from AFS filesystems.
mood.lha4kb30 Mar 20094.0241¤ Mood - Rips music from Robotech: Battlecry.
pakthis.lha3kb30 Mar 20094.04¤ Pakthis - Rips music from Megaman X Collection.
puff8.lha18kb30 Mar 20094.0160¤ Puff8 - Rips music from Space Invaders Get Even etc.
bfbs.lha5kb30 Mar 20094.0160¤ Bfbs - Rips music from Beyond Good and Evil.
bigfat.lha3kb30 Mar 20094.0248¤ Bigfat - Rips music from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
brsar_unpack.lha24kb30 Mar 20094.0285¤ Brsar_unpack - Finds sounds in .brsar files and decodes them.
degod_guessadx.lha23kb30 Mar 20094.0299¤ Degod_guessadx - ADX encryption tools
dkdsp.lha4kb30 Mar 20094.0279¤ Dkdsp - Inject your own music in Donkey Konga or Star Fox
revolutionb.lha23kb30 Mar 20094.09¤ Revolutionb - Creates .brstm files from mono standard .dsp files
adx2wavmod3.lha32kb30 Mar 20094.0307¤ Adx2wavmod3 - Rips music from Zack & Wiki
ast_multi.lha5kb30 Mar 20094.014¤ Ast_multi - Rips music from Super Mario Galaxy and others.
bbegex.lha3kb30 Mar 20094.0258¤ Bbegex - Rips music from Batman Begins.
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