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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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love.lha0.8.04Mb18 Apr 20154.0168¤ LÖVE - 2D framework for games
allegro_source.zip1.110Mb31 Jan 20134.0112¤ Allegro_source - AllegroSDK_1.1_Source
capturecontest.lha0.12Mb10 May 20114.1115¤ Capturecontest - A programmer's game
mappy.lha1.01138kb13 Jun 20094.0240¤ Mappy - A tilemap editor
mappyal.lha11D277kb13 Jun 20094.0298¤ Mappyal - Enables you to use 'Mappy' tilemaps in Allegro.
allegro_sdk.lha1.12Mb13 Jun 20094.1336¤ Allegro_sdk - Allegro games library SDK
neheglsdl.lhaRevision1223kb23 Sep 20084.0296¤ Neheglsdl - NeHe's great OpenGL framework ported to SDL
koreengine.lha3Mb03 Sep 20084.0185¤ Koreengine - Kore-Engine, a game engine with examples.
sge2d.lha2008071214Mb14 Jul 20084.0170¤ Sge2d - A 2D Game engine.
gameblade.lha2003011070kb07 Jul 20084.0220¤ Gameblade - Gameblade - a game creation library
gamebladebo.lha895kb07 Jul 20084.0138¤ Gamebladebo - 'GM Space Breakout' An example game for Gameblade
gamebladepng.lha1Mb07 Jul 20084.0124¤ Gamebladepng - 'GM Space Pong' An example game for Gameblade
gamebladessg.lha1Mb07 Jul 20084.0145¤ Gamebladessg - 'GM Spaceship Galaxy' An example for Gameblade
gamebladetxt.lha20021007826kb07 Jul 20084.0129¤ Gamebladetxt - A text example for Gameblade
gamebladespr.lha20021007816kb07 Jul 20084.0154¤ Gamebladespr - A music example for Gameblade
gameblademsx.lha200210071Mb07 Jul 20084.0134¤ Gameblademsx - A music example for Gameblade
gamebladebg.lha20021007903kb07 Jul 20084.0119¤ Gamebladebg - A background example for Gameblade
gamebladeexp.lha20021013819kb07 Jul 20084.0149¤ Gamebladeexp - An explosion example for Gameblade
gamebladealph.lha20021013863kb07 Jul 20084.0163¤ Gamebladealph - An alpha example for Gameblade
gamebladerz.lha853kb07 Jul 20084.0143¤ Gamebladerz - A rotozoom example for Gameblade
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