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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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libhjw.lha2.0.03Mb17 May 20124.0393¤ Libhjw - Wrapper Library for joysticks
hidtouchusbfd.lha0.8b63kb06 Oct 20234.167¤ HIDTouchUSBFD - USB HID driver for touchscreen monitors
wacomtablet.lha1.1474kb04 Nov 20194.1268¤ Wacomtablet - USB driver for Wacom Tablets
uclogictablet.lha1.652kb12 Feb 20124.0797¤ Uclogictablet - USB Driver for UCLogic based Graphics tablets
mousedriver.lha1.0118kb30 Jun 20194.12840¤ MouseDriver - Some special mouse-driver
perception-ime.lha1.4369kb28 May 20154.1139¤ Perception-IME - Perception Input Method Editor
parir.lha1.0152kb21 Aug 20084.04769¤ Parir - Parallel IR receiver and audio over TP transmitter
english_amiga.lha53.122kb17 Oct 20134.0285¤ English Amiga 1251 - language driver for english/cyrilic mix
mackbd.lha2.022kb24 Mar 20064.0409¤ Mackbd - Keymaps for Apple Mac keyboards (British,Swedish)
ugtablet.lha1.7145kb19 Jun 20204.1128¤ UGTablet.usbfd - Driver for UGTABLET based tablets eg XP-Pen
touchdevice.lha0.12b216kb30 Sep 20234.167¤ TouchDevice - Device API for touch devices
rmouse.lzx1.615kb05 Dec 20054.0636¤ Rmouse - Bootmouse driver for OS4's USB stack with source
rkeyboard.lzx1.518kb11 Mar 20064.0972¤ Rkeyboard - Bootkeyboard driver for OS4's USB stack w/source
arabic_console_devicepro2.lha2.9z8Final3Mb30 May 20244.126¤ Arabic console - An arabic console device, line & full-page editors
colemak_kbm.lha1.012kb22 Mar 20144.0267¤ Colemak Keymap - AmigaOS 4 keymap file for Colemak layout
xeromouse.lha1.264kb22 Apr 20134.1233¤ Xeromouse - A driver for Cherry "Xero" USB mouse
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