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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
ide_driverpack.zipdri/sto51.54215kb01 Apr 20064.01199¤ Ide_driverpack - OS4 IDE driver package
cw_trackdisk.lhadri/sto1.1a229kb25 Sep 20064.0701¤ Cw_trackdisk - Catweasel MK4 (MK3) Device
td64patch.lhadri/sto0.36kb16 Oct 20074.0608¤ Td64patch - Patches NSD64 (OS4) devices to support also TD64
swraid_device.lhadri/sto52.233kb01 Nov 20074.0491¤ Swraid_device - Software RAID (ALPHA release)
diskimagegui_fra.lhadri/sto1.75kb20 Aug 20094.0218¤ Diskimagegui-fr - DiskImageGUI french catalog
regionset.lhadri/sto1.220kb28 Oct 20094.0340¤ Regionset - Modify the region codes of DVD drives
diskimage_fdi.lhadri/sto52.191kb10 Mar 20104.01076¤ Diskimage_fdi - FDI plugin for diskimage.device
diskimage_ell.lhadri/sto52.782kb21 Nov 20124.0232¤ Diskimage_greek - Greek catalog files for DiskImage Device
diskimage_device.lhadri/sto53.4469kb13 Jan 20154.18957¤ diskimage.device - Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
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