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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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dat2slt.lha20kb04 Mar 20084.0141¤ Dat2slt - Two utilities to convert between DAT and SLT files
bin2tap.lha1.2105kb06 Nov 20214.035¤ BIN2TAP - Sinclair CODE file to TAP converter
snaplist.lha1.0016kb04 Mar 20084.0211¤ Snaplist - Extracts the basic listing from a .sna snapshot
atr2unix.lha7kb27 Aug 20104.0230¤ Atr2unix - Extract files from an Atari DOS or MyDOS .ATR file
tzx2tap.lha13b7kb04 Mar 20084.01728¤ Tzx2tap - Converts Spectrum TZX to TAP files.
dcm2atr.lha9kb27 Aug 20104.0266¤ Dcm2atr - Converts Atari DCM files to Atari ATR files
bas2tap.lha2.451kb04 Mar 20084.0212¤ Bas2tap - Converts 'BASIC in an ASCII file' to a TAP image
dsk2nib.lha1.024kb23 Dec 20144.0201¤ dsk2nib - convert Apple2 DSK disk images to NIB disk images
direct.lha11kb04 Mar 20084.0185¤ Direct - Convert .voc to spectrum .tzx
zxtext2p.lha1.00a107kb17 Jul 20084.0206¤ Zxtext2p - ASCII text to ZX81 .P file conversion utility
tap2tzx.lha5kb04 Mar 20084.0270¤ Tap2tzx - A TAP to TZX Converter
snapconv.lha420kb04 Mar 20084.0191¤ Snapconv - A Spectrum snapshot format converter
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