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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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hwp_xad.lha1.062kb12 Jan 20184.057¤ hwp_xad - Allow to open archives using the XAD system.
hwp_ahx.lha1.3135kb30 Dec 20194.145¤ Hwp_AHX - Hollywood plugin for Abyss' Highest eXperience
hwp_aiff.lha1.217kb06 Mar 20194.069¤ Hwp_AIFF - Hollywood plugin for AIFF file format
hwp_apng.lha1.12Mb30 Jul 20154.0110¤ Hwp_APNG - Hollywood plugin for APNG anims
hwp_avcodec.lha1.46Mb12 Jan 20184.076¤ Hwp_AVCodec - Hollywood plugin for AVCodec
hwp_digibooster.lha1.1114kb30 Jul 20154.0193¤ Hwp_DigiBooster - Hollywood plugin for DigiBooster
hwp_flicanim.lha1.126kb30 Jul 20154.0165¤ Hwp_FLICAnim - Hollywood plugin for FLI/FLC anims
hwp_rapagui.lha1.26Mb12 Jan 20184.075¤ Hwp_RapaGUI - Hollywood plugin for GUI creation
hwp_jpeg2000.lha1.1415kb30 Jul 20154.0123¤ Hwp_JPEG2000 - Hollywood plugin for JPEG2000 images
hwp_svgimage.lha1.34Mb06 Mar 20194.058¤ Hwp_SVGImage - Hollywood plugin for loading SVG images
hwp_moviesetter.lha1.257kb30 Jul 20154.0198¤ Hwp_MovieSetter - Hollywood plugin for MovieSetter anims
hwp_muiroyale.lha1.75Mb12 Jan 20184.067¤ Hwp_muiroyale - Hollywood plugin for MUI GUIs
hwp_oggtheora.lha1.1920kb30 Jul 20154.0113¤ Hwp_OGGTheora - Hollywood plugin for Ogg Theora
hwp_oggvorbis.lha1.1709kb30 Jul 20154.0158¤ Hwp_OGGVorbis - Hollywood plugin for Ogg Vorbis
hwp_glgalore.lha1.13Mb12 Jan 20184.049¤ Hwp_GLGalore - Hollywood plugin for OpenGL
hwp_xmlparser.lha1.1389kb30 Jul 20154.0207¤ Hwp_XMLParser - Hollywood plugin for parsing XML files
hwp_pcx.lha1.120kb30 Jul 20154.023¤ Hwp_PCX - Hollywood plugin for PCX file format
hwp_plananarama.lha1.048kb12 Jan 20164.024¤ Hwp_Plananarama - Hollywood plugin for planar screen
hwp_sqlite3.lha1.2952kb12 Jan 20184.052¤ Hwp_SQLite3 - Hollywood plugin for SQL databases
hwp_tiff.lha1.1811kb30 Jul 20154.0112¤ Hwp_TIFF - Hollywood plugin for TIFF images
hwp_vectorgfx.lha1.21Mb06 Mar 20194.063¤ Hwp_VectorGFX - Hollywood plugin for vectorgraphics
hwp_httpstreamer.lha1.174kb12 Jan 20184.059¤ Hwp_HTTPStreamer - Hollywood plugin for video/audio streaming
hwp_yafa.lha1.174kb30 Jul 20154.023¤ Hwp_YAFA - Hollywood plugin for YAFA anims
hwp_xmp.lha1.02Mb06 Apr 20204.040¤ HWP_XMP - Play many module formats with Hollywood
hwp_polybios.lha1.222Mb30 Dec 20194.146¤ hwp_polybios - plugin for Hollywood to easily create PDF
hwp_zip.lha1.1302kb16 Jun 20194.064¤ hwp_zip - read and write zip archives for hollywood
hwp_malibu.lha1.4640kb13 Jan 20184.045¤ Hwp_Malibu - Run Scala presentations
hwp_hurl.lha1.03Mb01 Apr 20194.065¤ HWP_hURL - The multi-protocol data transfer plugin
hwp_sid.lha1.0203kb06 Mar 20194.055¤ HWP_Sid - This plugin allows Hollywood to load and play SID
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