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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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aweb_navbuttons.zip51kb27 Jun 20064.0645¤ Aweb_navbuttons - Aweb custom navigation buttons
muiowb_dan.lha21kb28 Dec 20114.1225¤ Muiowb-danish - Danish catalog for MuiOWB 1.9
internetsurfboard.lha0.0021Mb04 Jan 20144.1560¤ InternetSurfBoard - Qt simple WebBrowser (aka Weltweitimnetz)
merlin_browser.zip0.083Mb16 May 20234.0193¤ Merlin Web Browser - A simple web browser
amigemini.lha0.11342kb20 Feb 20244.063¤ AmiGemini - Gemini/Spartan/Gopher/Finger/Nex browser
simplehtml.lha0.1883kb14 Feb 20054.0591¤ Simplehtml - A simple HTML offline browser
miniweb.lha0.21Mb17 Aug 20134.0271¤ MiniWeb - Qt : light Web browser simulating mobile phones
owb_gui.lha0.7307kb25 Mar 20084.0562¤ Owb_gui - A simple GUI for OWB
ib_transanims.lha1.04Mb24 Dec 20064.0331¤ Ib_transanims - Updated Ibrowse transfer animation
muiowb_nor.lha1.05kb05 Sep 20114.1309¤ Muiowb-no - Norwegian catalog for MuiOWB 1.9
owbpatchurl.lha1.026kb27 Dec 20074.0767¤ Owbpatchurl - URL toolbar patch for OWB
owb_ff2_theme.lha1.0174kb24 Nov 20094.0569¤ Owb_ff2_theme - A Mozilla Firefox 2.x like theme for OWB
ib_wallpaper.lha1.17kb20 Jul 20074.0459¤ Ib_wallpaper - Use image in IBrowse as WB background
ib_youtube.lha1.13kb16 Oct 20064.01657¤ Ib_youtube - Play YouTube videos from IBrowse
jbookmark.lha1.1151kb18 May 20094.0393¤ Jbookmark - Bookmarks tool for OWB, that uses IBrowse hotlists
np_audio.lha1.1147kb03 May 20084.0802¤ Np_audio - IBrowse Audio plugin
owb_ell.lha1.166kb04 Feb 20144.1277¤ Odyssey Web Browser - Greek catalog file for OWB
owb_blastoise.lha1.219Mb08 May 20084.0873¤ Owb_blastoise - Origyn Web Browser (Blastoise)
odyssey_dan.lha1.236kb15 May 20154.1319¤ Odyssey Danish - Danish catalog for Odyssey
odyssey.lha1.23r538Mb02 Jan 20224.11374¤ Odyssey - Port of Odyssey from morphos
odyssey_doc.lha1.254Mb05 Sep 20154.0416¤ Odyssey Doc - HTML documentation for Odyssey Web Browser
gummisurf.lha1.498kb01 Jan 20164.0224¤ GummiSurf - The downloader manager companion
cookiemaster.lha1.6.12Mb13 Aug 20214.195¤ CookieMaster - Web browser (currently Odyssey) cookie cleaner.
owbutilities.lha1.7168kb16 Mar 20124.0372¤ Owbutilities - Bookmarks+fastlinks+converter tool for OWB
ib_transanims2.lha2.05Mb16 Aug 20074.0232¤ Ib_transanims2 - Yet another IB transferanimations for version 2.4
owb_doduo.lha2.2011Mb21 Dec 20084.0492¤ Owb_doduo - Origyn Web Browser (Doduo)
ib_transanims3.lha3.03Mb26 Aug 20074.0246¤ Ib_transanims3 - IBrowse transfer animation
netsurf.lha3.118Mb31 Dec 20234.0197¤ NetSurf - Fast CSS capable browser
qtweb.lha3.3.34Mb22 Nov 20134.1602¤ QtWeb - Qt Web browser port of QtWeb (bin + src)
owb.lha3.329Mb25 Apr 20114.03462¤ Owb - Origyn Web Browser
aweb.lha3.5.1211Mb08 Mar 20184.11607¤ AWeb - The best browser in the history of the amiga :-P
nsaddressbook.lha3.82Mb02 Mar 20094.0348¤ Nsaddressbook - An Address Book and Quick Links Panel for NetSurf
ib_transanims4.lha4.02Mb03 Nov 20074.0274¤ Ib_transanims4 - IBrowse Transferanimations
timberwolf.lha4.0.1.025221Mb05 Sep 20124.15481¤ Timberwolf - A Firefox based web browser
owbaddressbook.lha5.51Mb29 Aug 20104.0911¤ Owbaddressbook - An Address Book for the OWB Web Browser for OS4
owb_static.lha52.311Mb16 Jan 20084.0629¤ Owb_static - OWB - The first (in)complete modern Web Browser
odysseylauncher2.lhav1.0a112kb10 Apr 20174.0605¤ OdysseyLauncher2 - Avoid starting Odyssey twice with URLopen, v1.0a
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