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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amiyouporn.lhavid/pla1.2387kb15 Feb 144.0378¤ AmiYouPorn - Download/stream YouPorn (+others) videos with OWB
cdxlplay.lhavid/pla2.782kb09 Aug 094.1473¤ Cdxlplay - CDXL player
cdxlplay_ell.lhavid/pla2.7898b21 Nov 124.1186¤ Cdxlplay_greek - Greek catalog file for CDXLPlay
cinplay.lhavid/pla130kb03 Sep 084.0298¤ Cinplay - A HW accelerated Quake II videoplayer.
dvplayer-amixp.zipvid/pla1.184kb27 Dec 054.0590¤ Dvplayer-amixp - skins for DvPlayer
dvplayer-amixp_2.zipvid/pla1.024kb28 Nov 054.0582¤ Dvplayer-amixp_2 - skins for DvPlayer
dvplayer-baw.lhavid/pla1.055kb01 Oct 054.0733¤ Dvplayer-baw - skins for DvPlayer
dvplayer-demo.lhavid/pla0.76923kb28 Aug 114.1422¤ Dvplayer-demo - Video Player with skinnable GUI
dvplayer-modern.zipvid/pla1.035kb22 Jan 064.0615¤ Dvplayer-modern - skins for DvPlayer
dvplayer-nucleo.zipvid/pla1.127kb24 Dec 054.0606¤ Dvplayer-nucleo - skins for DvPlayer
emotion_demo.lhavid/pla1.16Mb17 Feb 174.1360¤ Emotion Demo - Demo of Emotion media player
iffanimplay.lhavid/pla800kb14 Apr 084.0383¤ Iffanimplay - IFF-ANIM player
liveforit-mplayer.lhavid/pla6.415Mb14 Jan 154.1540¤ LiveForIt-mplayer - Mplayer optimized for Radeon HD
liveforit-mplayerng.lhavid/pla6.5.717Mb15 Aug 154.1453¤ Liveforit-MPlayerNG - MPlayerNG altivec/nonaltivec
mplayer-mickjt.lhavid/pla1.0.128Mb03 Jan 184.1267¤ MickJT-MPlayer - A powerful multimedia video and audio player
mplayer.lhavid/pla1.0rc38Mb22 Aug 094.02513¤ Mplayer - MPlayer Summer version (Reloaded..)
muimplayer.lhavid/plaSVN-r3262017Mb30 Oct 114.11609¤ Muimplayer - MPlayer with MUI-GUI, (11.11.2010)
noskin_dvskin.lhavid/pla1667b01 Sep 114.0278¤ Noskin_dvskin - 2 minimalist skins for DVPlayer
replayaos.lhavid/pla1.12Mb03 Mar 144.0111¤ ReplayAOS+ - Stream/download videos of french Canal+ TV channel
replayjeuxvideo.lhavid/pla1.0944kb03 Mar 144.073¤ ReplayJeuxVideo - Stream/download videos of french JeuxVideo.com
rnoanim.lhavid/pla1.22Mb07 Aug 174.061¤ RNOAnim - Animation player, converter, and builder
smtube.lhavid/pla18.03.90142Mb18 May 184.1146¤ smTube - Qt : direct stream + download YouTube videos
swfplayer.lhavid/pla1.4b61Mb22 Sep 054.01117¤ Swfplayer - Standalone shockwave player for Amiga
vamp.lhavid/pla1.402Mb27 Dec 154.0170¤ V.A.M.P. - Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player
vanplayer.lhavid/pla1.09Mb31 Jul 154.074¤ VAN Player - Player for VAN Animation format
vmpeg.lzxvid/pla239kb30 Jul 044.0709¤ Vmpeg - Mpeg viewer with audio
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