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 File comments for:  Demo » Scene » Fit » jennythinks.lha


Description: Demo from Assembly 2004 orginally for the GP32.
Download: jennythinks.lha
Date: 01 Feb 2006
Category: demo/scene/fit
FileID: 1562
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=demo/scene/fit/jennythinks.lha

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Comment by: Varthall ( 02 Feb 2006, 16:56File version: 
So, that has been fixed too, then :)

Comment by: anonymous ( 02 Feb 2006, 16:45File version: 
varthall:never seen the demo in the past... its not yellow here btw...but
Comment by: Varthall ( 02 Feb 2006, 12:51File version: 
Thanks Toaks for releasing it, I had it in my desk's drawer gathering dust for
too long :) For the out of memory problems, I solved them by simply compiling
them under Linux on my A1 and then linking the .o files under Os4, under Linux
it didn't complain about memory problems (and I don't think it was related to
the presence of virtual memory, it looked more like gcc was using much more
wisely the memory).

I'm on workplace now and I can't check the demo, is the "yellow
palette" problem fixed, too?

Comment by: spot ( 02 Feb 2006, 02:42File version: 
are you guys kidding me? this is one of the more intresting demos of later
years. it's not 96 anymore, phongshading is boring, content counts.
Comment by: Capehill ( 01 Feb 2006, 22:11File version: 
ok, well maybe it helps if you try to cut those huge files into pieces.
Comment by: capehill ( 01 Feb 2006, 22:01File version: 
forget it , i tried with 400mb free ...no chance.
Comment by: frak ( 01 Feb 2006, 22:00File version: 
more like "jenny stinks" , sorry :)
Comment by: Capehill ( 01 Feb 2006, 21:52File version: 

- close everything (AmiDock, windows)
- set screenmode to small and 8/16-bit :)
- avail flush
- pray
- try VBCC
Comment by: anonymous ( 01 Feb 2006, 21:19File version: 
hey afx, forgot to mention it in the readme that u helped on thoose 2 files :I
... was sorta depressed after watching the demo...so rushed the readme :I

anyway was like 2 fixes in the source (not really needed but i hate warnings

thematic: i have 512mb but had to get afx to compile the "files1.c and
files2.c" due to memory consumption.
Comment by: afxgroup ( 01 Feb 2006, 21:16File version: 
yes.. compile files with a PC and 1GB of RAM.. ;)
Comment by: Thematic ( 01 Feb 2006, 21:07File version: 
I tried to compile this on several occasions, mostly running out of RAM (256 MB)
also with T: outside RAM disk. But there was more left to do then?
Comment by: spot ( 01 Feb 2006, 21:00File version: 
This demo R O C K S thanx for porting it Toaksta! Varthall had a 95% done port
lying around for ages, nice to see that you pulled it through!

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