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 File comments for:  Development » Debug » hieronymus.lha


Description: Statistical profiler
Download: hieronymus.lha
Version: 0.50
Date: 15 Mar 2022
Category: development/debug
FileID: 11985
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/debug/hieronymus.lha

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Comment by: Thematic ( 27 May 2019, 21:04File version: 0.22
This didn't work for me last week, so it may have issues with just an updated kernel or something (A1XE hw, near immediate crash).
Comment by: Raziel ( 22 May 2019, 08:07File version: 0.22
Guess X1000 support is never going to happen?
Comment by: Corto ( 09 Jan 2014, 08:49File version: 0.22
The support of the X1000 is planned but not until few months, I need to put my fingers on it to implement that :-)
I've experimented another sampling method that could make the profiling working on X1000. Let's wait and see.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 08 Jan 2014, 20:33File version: 0.22
Thank you Corto,
works well on sam440.
Waiting for a x1000 version... ;)
Comment by: Corto ( 13 Nov 2012, 08:40File version: 0.20
Sorry guys, that's true the status is not explicit. I will improve the readme file and the output of the command as well. I was very short in time and wanted to release because I am far from home for 2 weeks.
Prior to version 0.20, it was only working on AmigaOne boards, and crashing on others. With version 0.20, let's say that it still only works on AmigaOne but it is ready to run on Sam boards, when m3x' fix will be available.
For boards not supported yet, specific work is necessary.
But at least, thanks to m3x, many developers will be able to monitor their apps and find performance issues.
Comment by: Cymru ( 13 Nov 2012, 07:27File version: 0.20
Perhaps you could list what hardware is does support, without us guessing?
Comment by: zzd10h ( 10 Nov 2012, 13:27File version: 0.20
@Kas1e :
Thank for the explanation
Comment by: kas1e ( 10 Nov 2012, 11:08File version: 0.20
Peg2 is not supported. But not because Corto didn't support it, but because there is different implementation of the VERTB emulation in the OS components: on one machines used one way of generating HW IRQ (where hirenoemus works fine before, like A1), on anothers (ours peg2 as example, as well as SAMs, x1000 and others) used softints via timer.device: which lead to some problems, which was fixed by max for sams only and now in beta (by another way, which in end generate hardware IRQ). And untill the same will be not done for peg2, we will be out of luck.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 09 Nov 2012, 20:44File version: 0.20
How to run it ?
When I simply launch Hieronymus (by CLI or Workbench) on my Peg2:

"Sorry, Hieronymus can't run on that hardware at the moment"

Comment by: corto ( 01 Jan 2010, 13:18File version: 0.10
kas1e : A timeout is necessary because acquired samples are stored in a dynamically allocated buffer. But you are right, the max duration could be higher.
About the argument to launch a program you would like to profile, it is in the todo list (see readme).
But at the moment, even 10 or 20 seconds are enough to collect data in a context you want to grab. I agree that with programs that are not too much time consuming, results will be useless with too few hits on this program.
For example, with DosBox or OWB (in the case it would have debug information), it is enough to find in which functions time is spent, in the program itself or in libraries.
Hieronymus will be improved, I just wanted to put the first step out. I will certainly open a thread in a forum to discuss these points, it will be more convenient. Thanks for your comments !
Comment by: kas1e ( 01 Jan 2010, 12:06File version: 0.10
Ok, got it. But there is real-live problem: you run Hieronymus (which max 20 seconds), and then whyle you run your programm for debug, Hieronymus is exits :)

About which i talk: maybe will be cool to add new argument to the your tool, which just will be name of "exe" file, and, your tool will check when programm will runs, and , will collect all the info about slow fucntions, etc, and put it to log. And then, when "Exit" from programm are happenes, then exit yourself, and give to developer text-log-file with all the info.

Because by idea, programm looks nice, but real-live usage looks a bit hard (or i still miss something? )
Comment by: corto ( 01 Jan 2010, 10:25File version: 0.10
kas1e : Arghh ! You just have to run the profiler and wait for the given duration. Then it displays a list of programs and functions as well for programs compiled in debug mode / not stripped.
Maybe the result you get is not very interesting but if you develop an heavy application, you can find slow functions, that have the greater number of hits is the detailed report.
In fact, it is statistical profiling, we periodically look at which program is running and even which function. At the end, the more occurences you have in a function, the more time is spent in, statistically.
Comment by: kas1e ( 01 Jan 2010, 09:38File version: 0.10
Can you say how we can use it ? It's just runs, and show you after all cpu-loading per seconds ? Or it's get name of .exe with debug information included as argument, and then, after while show name of fucntion and where exactly "slow loop" ?

I just tryed it esterday, but looks like i suck, and understand nothing :)
Comment by: Lio ( 31 Dec 2009, 15:09File version: 0.10
hey Corto, this seems like a nice tool for all these dev around...
thx a lot for this new tool (even if I am no dev at all) !

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