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 File comments for:  Development » Debug » spotless.lha

Spotless 2

Description: Your favorite debugging tool
Download: spotless.lha
Version: 2.2.1
Date: 25 Nov 2022
Category: development/debug
FileID: 12322
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/debug/spotless.lha

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Comment by: alfkil ( 19 Nov 2022, 14:59File version: 2.2.0

It needs to be both compiled and linked with -gstabs. If you still have problems, please send your entire project including makefile. If you don't have a makefile, please send the commands, you are using to build. I am sure, we can get it to work.
Comment by: Hypex ( 19 Nov 2022, 14:47File version: 2.2.0
The app I tested had been compiled with -gtabs. I don't recall if it was included with the past release. But I tested a simple Hello world C example and it had failed to work at the time.
Comment by: jabirulo ( 18 Nov 2022, 18:08File version: 2.2.0
Comment by: jabirulo ( 18 Nov 2022, 18:07File version: 2.2.0
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 27 Oct 2022, 16:22File version: 2.0.1
A great tool for developers and clever beta testers. Not for ordinary users like myself.
Comment by: alfkil ( 24 Oct 2022, 19:06File version: 2.0.0
Actually, afair Final Edition CD version will work with Spotless as well. But not any of the Final Edition updates.
Comment by: alfkil ( 24 Oct 2022, 13:08File version: 2.0.0
@rjd234 : Spotless will not work correctly on a system running latest public release. So only option is to either revert to a pre Final Edition version or to upgrade to beta versions.
Comment by: rjd324 ( 23 Oct 2022, 23:48File version: 2.0.0
Solie said this will require an update for non-beta testers? I was not clear on this. Is that true? Or, is this ready to go now even for non-beta testers?
Comment by: alfkil ( 16 Oct 2022, 18:39File version: 2.0.0
Your app needs to be compiled and linked with -gstabs. This will enable symbols in the only format, that Spotless know how to read.
Comment by: Hypex ( 24 Sep 2020, 19:43File version: 1.0.2
Looks promising. But how do I use it? I loaded a file in and nothing happened. Then I went to the console tab and saw a file error. The assign is active. I simply unpacked to RAM and tested.
Comment by: blmara ( 01 May 2020, 19:11File version: 1.0.2
The only menu in Spotless has two items but there seems to be no keyboard shortcuts visible, just the A button icon ?
Comment by: alfkil ( 30 Apr 2020, 15:58File version: 1.0.1
Rewrite. Almost nothing is the same. It also has better design. It has actual design, as a matter of fact.
Comment by: Raziel ( 28 Apr 2020, 17:34File version: 1.0.0
Is this the successor or a rewrite of db101?

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