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 File comments for:  Development » Utility » guidemaker.lha


Description: AmigaGuide file maintenance utility.
Download: guidemaker.lha
Version: 1.0
Date: 17 Oct 2014
Category: development/utility
FileID: 9009
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/utility/guidemaker.lha

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Comment by: tbreeden ( 07 Dec 2011, 21:47File version: 0.9
Topaz is set for the texteditor, mostly because in the past there were problems with that gadget on and they occurred only rarely if Topaz was used.

I think they are fixed now, so there is no reason the user could not choose any fixed size font. I'll add it to the list for next time.

Comment by: jaokim ( 04 Dec 2011, 23:23File version: 0.9
Great tool! Very handy and works very well.
My texteditor however insists on using topaz-font. But that might be the texteditor gadgets setting...?
Comment by: c ( 27 Oct 2011, 10:14File version: 0.9
Reminds me on "Heddley" (Aminet), also a very good .guide Editor.
But this one has spell-checking! Well done! THX
Comment by: Allanon ( 01 Oct 2009, 17:07File version: 0.5
Thank you, I will use it for sure!
Comment by: Allanon ( 01 Oct 2009, 17:07File version: 0.5
Thank you, I will use it for sure!
Comment by: gregthecanuck ( 27 Feb 2008, 00:47File version: 0.3

Nice work!
Comment by: salass00 ( 26 Feb 2008, 09:41File version: 0.3
Very useful program. Thanks for making it.
Comment by: Hypex ( 19 Jan 2008, 13:38File version: 0.2
Happy to hear that people still think AmigaGuide is useful. I still do! It
certainly is neater to provide a guide than expect people to read a HTML file,
just because that's what people do in the PC world. Why need to load a browser
just to read a doc? OS4 doesn't yet have a built in HTML datatype.

Now, will this help me to to make that AmigaGuide adventure game I always wanted
to port from BASIC? :-)
Comment by: PEB ( 19 Jan 2008, 05:29File version: 0.2
Very cool program.

I've never made an AmigaGuide before; but this tool makes it much more likely
that I will try in the future.


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