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 File comments for:  Driver » Filesystem » xad_fs.lha


Description: Filesystem for mounting archive files
Download: xad_fs.lha
Version: 53.2
Date: 06 Apr 2014
Category: driver/filesystem
FileID: 8727
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=driver/filesystem/xad_fs.lha

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Comment by: daveyw ( 15 Sep 2023, 04:40File version: 53.2
Wow, can't believe I just discovered this... so insanely useful.
Comment by: salass00 ( 06 Apr 2014, 12:40File version: 53.1
Forgot to write this in the readme but the env variable for the cache directory is in version 53.1 now called XADFS_CACHE_DIR instead of XADFS_TEMP_DIR as it was before.
Comment by: PEB ( 15 Sep 2010, 14:42File version: 52.6

Thank you so much for adding MountXAD! (It does work very well using this as the default tool for archives.)
Comment by: orginAt: 13 Sep 2010, 04:31File version: 52.4

mountxad dh0:work/myfile.lha
mountxad dh0:work/myotherfile.lha
mountxad dh0:downloads/myotherfile.lha

The xad virtual device would then have this directory structure:

Comment by: kas1e ( 12 Sep 2010, 19:51File version: 52.4
But if you mount many files from dh0, then how it will be represented ?
xad:dh0.1 xad:dh0.2 and so on ?
Comment by: orginAt: 12 Sep 2010, 19:28File version: 52.4
Hmm, how about making it behave as one single virtual file system instead? Each mount would represent itself as a directory entry in the xad: device. Much like ftpmount.


mounting dh0:work/myfile.lha would be exposed as:


mounting a second file dh1:downloads/2010/anotherfile.lha:


At this point a "dir xad:" would display


This way a file manager (such as the filer) would just have to mount a file and then just jump to the correct path without having to keep track of which number the file was mounted as (xad0: xad1: etc).
Comment by: calicant ( 05 Sep 2010, 10:20File version: 52.1
nice! and thank you for the source :-)

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