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 File comments for:  Driver » Input » mousedriver.lha


Description: Some special mouse-driver
Download: mousedriver.lha
Version: 1.0
Date: 30 Jun 2019
Category: driver/input
FileID: 10921
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=driver/input/mousedriver.lha

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Comment by: alfredone ( 18 Oct 2019, 15:35File version: 1.0
Testing A-Eon Mouse driver on X1000 + AmigaOS4.1 and i see some issues.
1) mouse movement is ok, but if dragging icons, the icon movement becomes sluggish.
2) if i'm playing a video with Emotion, the video freezes when the mouse is moving

I see that the Logitech.usbfd task priority is set to 15 by default.
If i set the task priority <1, then the icon dragging becomes ok.
If i set the task priority <0, then the video playing too becomes ok.

Note: i changed the task priority with SysMon.
Comment by: alfredone ( 17 Oct 2019, 09:24File version: 1.0
AEon Mouse driver it's OK on my X1000.
Comment by: turbo4.1 ( 01 Oct 2019, 18:41File version: 1.0
Please set a higher priority for your driver in the fdclass file and let ne know if it helps.
Do not forget to reboot.
Comment by: Amigo1 ( 29 Sep 2019, 14:26File version: 1.0
I can confirm what cha05e90 wrote. Sadly on my X1000 the mouse movements become sluggish each time I move icons, even if MKS is not running. I'm using the A-EON MX 1000-1 too. But it also happens with a Logitec RX250.
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 09 Jul 2019, 16:56File version: 1.0
"Not nice" means that after reboot the mouse pointer jumps rather hacky around on Workbench while moving the mouse. Moving the mouse pointer "over the screen edge" to take control of one of the other computers stopped working at all. BTW: I used the driver for the A-Eon-Mouse.
Comment by: whose ( 05 Jul 2019, 12:20File version: 1.0
@cha05e90: what does "doesn&#180;t behave nicely" mean exactly? Does bootmouse work together with the "MKS"? Did you try the "rMouse" driver, too?
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 03 Jul 2019, 13:11File version: 1.0
Hi! Very nice idea, but the driver doesn't behave nicely if you're using Andy Broad's MKS (SAM440ep, Pegasos II and X1000 use one Mouse/Keyboard with the X1000 as the master).

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