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 File comments for:  Game » Action » komi.lha


Description: Komi the spacefrog (SDL)
Download: komi.lha
Version: 1.0
Date: 21 May 2005
Category: game/action
FileID: 773
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/action/komi.lha

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Comment by: Puni/Void ( 13 Jan 2022, 20:58File version: 1.0
This was a fun game! :-) Thanks for porting!
Comment by: anonymous ( 24 May 2005, 00:14File version: 1.0
@Shoe: Thanks man, I'm learning more and more about this... great fun!

@Helgis: Well, I'll try to remember the screenshots in the future, but still
think the most important is to actually put up the lha archive first. ;)

/ Sharakmir
Comment by: shoe ( 22 May 2005, 18:37File version: 1.0
Nice one Kjell! Congrats on your first OS4 port! Let's hope it's not the last.
Comment by: Helgis ( 21 May 2005, 15:26File version: 1.0
Didn't mean to sound like i was complaining, but then again i didn't port this.
Uh oh, didn't realize his A1 wasn't working. Forgive me for that...The files are
much more important, yes...My mistake here..
Comment by: Capehill ( 21 May 2005, 15:11File version: 1.0
@Lio: well, if you know Helgis, you should know that his A1 isn't working ;) :(

Comment by: Lio ( 21 May 2005, 15:02File version: 1.0
Why dont you do screenshot for us, Helgis, instead of complaining ?
taking and sending a snapshot is probably faster than the time it took you to
write your comment !
Comment by: Helgis ( 21 May 2005, 14:57File version: 1.0
It would be strongly adviceable to provide different screenshots so that we know
what this is all about ;-) Keep doing that in future updates. Games,
applications, files. I consider screenshots being very important and
neccessary:-) I'm sure most agrees with me:-)

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