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 File comments for:  Game » Platform » giddy3.lha


Description: Great platform game
Download: giddy3.lha
Version: 1.4
Date: 02 May 2009
Category: game/platform
FileID: 4787
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/platform/giddy3.lha

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Comment by: Shadowsun ( 12 Jan 2010, 15:24File version: 1.4
There is a problem at the beginning of level 2 :
you can go into the water - see snapshot - then giddy is not visible and you can
travel left/right (unlike PC windows version)

see the snapshot
Comment by: Xeron ( 19 Feb 2009, 21:13File version: 1.2
just from the screenshot i can tell you that the bug is my nasty hack to work around the broken glCopyTexSubImage2D() of older MiniGL builds.

I hope that doesn't crash for everybody.. in any event, as soon as MiniGL becomes >= 2.1, giddy stops using the bodge, so i hope that'll happen soon.
Comment by: orginAt: 19 Feb 2009, 07:17File version: 1.2

Please use http://crashlog.os4depot.net for posting crash logs.

Just click [Show Crashlogs] on the readme page and then [Submit crashlog]
Comment by: Arti ( 15 Feb 2009, 18:13File version: 1.1
Can I get access to SVN ?
Comment by: IamSONIC ( 13 Feb 2009, 23:44File version: 1.0
absolutely fantastic plattform game
Comment by: orginAt: 13 Feb 2009, 19:51File version: 1.0
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