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 File comments for:  Game » Roleplaying » daimonin.lha


Description: Daimonin B4
Download: daimonin.lha
Version: 0.967.105
Date: 18 Oct 2008
Category: game/roleplaying
FileID: 4145
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/roleplaying/daimonin.lha

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Comment by: Tuxedo ( 09 Oct 2011, 12:51File version: 0.967.105
really interesting game...
Comment by: Thematic ( 08 Oct 2011, 13:36File version: 0.967.105
More than one user clearly. Yes, that game seemed to have content up to speed with the technology.
Comment by: Amigauser ( 07 Oct 2011, 18:21File version: 0.967.105
This is a fantastic game. Better than the mana world, imho. I'm sure there are manu users who are interest to see a new version. This one is too old and the server rejects it. :(
Comment by: anonymous ( 19 Nov 2008, 05:11File version: 0.967.105
Really nice game - totally stable provided you run it from a shell with at least
1 M stack.

Running from workbench regardless of icontype etc. doesn't work - it crashes
when it tries to open the output window

Shame about the text windows - switching off the alpha setting helps a bit when
the text is invisble but the text is still difficult to read
Comment by: Thematic ( 24 Oct 2008, 18:20File version: 0.967.105
I should be so lucky... that did not work. It's just random!
Comment by: Thematic ( 23 Oct 2008, 23:42File version: 0.967.105
I did have trouble with the text windows. They used to have really bad contrast,
alpha or not. Today it wouldn't show any text, so I had to resolve the issue.
Looking at settings/options.dat I found a flag Doublebuffer set to 0 (under
fullscreen flags) so I changed it to 1 and the text is showing as with the
previous client build(s).
Comment by: Thematic ( 19 Oct 2008, 16:25File version: 0.967.105
The first time I accidentally started this with 100 kB stack and got a GR, but I
changed it to 1600000 bytes and it has worked fine ever since, including
quitting and cleanup.

daimonin.p0 is not executable, it is called daimonin.
Comment by: Thematic ( 19 Oct 2008, 16:24File version: 0.967.105
The first time I accidentally started this with 100 kB stack and got a GR, but I
changed it to 1600000 bytes and it has worked fine ever since, including
quitting and cleanup.
Comment by: anonymous ( 19 Oct 2008, 10:59File version: 0.967.105
The executable with a drawer icon is not very nice :)
This version of Daimonin is still very buggy on my MicroA1. I've got a Grim
Reaper (recoverable) when selecting the server.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 19 Oct 2008, 10:02File version: 0.967.105
Her cant get exe file...
The main file "daimonin.p0" was a project and changing to tool dont made it
The ogg files wasnt playable via TuneNET...
Maybe a bad archive?
I tryed to unpack it via UnArc and with "lha x daimoni.lha" from shell, but I
got same problems...
Any idea?

Comment by: nubechecorre ( 19 Oct 2008, 09:52File version: 0.967.105
still crashing here...
Comment by: anonymous ( 02 May 2006, 09:59File version: B3-0.967
Crash when I try running this. :(
Comment by: Raziel ( 01 May 2006, 22:47File version: B3-0.967
Ahh, good i'm not the only one...
Same error here

G3 800MHz, Radeon, 512MB RAM

thought my memory is playing tricks on me
Comment by: anonymous ( 01 May 2006, 14:58File version: B3-0.967
I get "Crash in a Box" too when I try running this. I have a G3XE
800MHz with 256MB RAM and a Radeon 7000 under the hood. I also have 2 separate
crashlogs saved if you want them.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 01 May 2006, 12:17File version: B3-0.967
Same for me!
Me Radeon9250
Comment by: K-L ( 01 May 2006, 11:28File version: B3-0.967
Here is what I get before with Grim Reaper:

List Video Modes
All resolutions available.
VideoInfo: hardware surfaces? yes
VideoInfo: windows manager? yes
VideoInfo: hw to hw blit? yes
VideoInfo: hw to hw ckey blit? no
VideoInfo: hw to hw alpha blit? no
VideoInfo: sw to hw blit? no
VideoInfo: sw to hw ckey blit? no
VideoInfo: sw to hw alpha blit? no
VideoInfo: color fill? yes
VideoInfo: video memory: 0KB

AmigaOne XE G3/800 Radeon 9200
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 01 May 2006, 11:15File version: B3-0.967
Here(A1G3SE) wont work! :-(
I got GrimReaper when launch it!
And if I press countinue I got music and initial screen but then i cant go on

Comment by: anonymous ( 30 Apr 2006, 21:25File version: B3-0.967
Great work.
This only started working when i got update 4.
Comment by: shoe ( 30 Apr 2006, 20:23File version: B3-0.967
Thanks for this update!

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