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 File comments for:  Game » Roleplaying » themanaworld.lha


Description: The Mana World - a 2D MMORPG
Download: themanaworld.lha
Date: 29 Aug 2009
Category: game/roleplaying
FileID: 5037
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/roleplaying/themanaworld.lha

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Comment by: prowler ( 25 Dec 2020, 12:45File version:
I would love it if a new version of the client could be ported. No idea if this is possible.
Comment by: Stanglnator ( 01 Sep 2012, 22:18File version:
hi please can you upgrade your Port to 0.6.0.
Comment by: prowler ( 14 Dec 2010, 17:25File version:
(I know most of these comments are from last year but....)
To the people who can't create a character, you need to go to the manaworld website and do it there (http://themanaworld.org/registration.php).

While the client does work on my Sam, I seem to run out of graphics memory rather quick. I am using the onboard ATI which has 64Meg.
Comment by: Thematic ( 21 Nov 2009, 12:32File version:
Today I was able to create a character with my old account.
Comment by: Phantom ( 17 Sep 2009, 16:16File version:
DON'T use the same name in the Character Create menu with your registered name, or the game will not go further. At least, worked for me.
Comment by: Gatekeeper ( 30 Aug 2009, 15:12File version:
Many Thanks for this Update.
Comment by: afxgroup ( 30 Aug 2009, 01:37File version:
you should post the error on the forum of the game
Comment by: Thematic ( 29 Aug 2009, 23:40File version:
I think the server is in working order but I couldn't create a character. I was able to register and choose the stats for a character but when pressing create the client reports "Unhandled packet: 6e". See .tmw/tmw.log if you have similar problems.
Comment by: Murakami ( 29 Aug 2009, 17:58File version:
Thanks a lot for this update !
Comment by: Bitterloop ( 03 Jan 2009, 14:59File version: 0.0.23
Great Game. but with this version the server says im outdated
Hope you can update the Client to 0.0.27.
Comment by: spot ( 18 Nov 2007, 19:33File version: 0.0.23
it needs physfs right?
it would be great if you'd upload it.
Comment by: afxgroup ( 18 Nov 2007, 16:11File version: 0.0.23
spot.. what dependencies?? they are the usual one.. :-/
Comment by: afxgroup ( 18 Nov 2007, 16:11File version: 0.0.23
now the new archive should fix all problems..
Comment by: Raziel ( 18 Nov 2007, 16:02File version: 0.0.23
Andrea, thats just awesome

Thank you very much
Comment by: spotUP ( 18 Nov 2007, 15:58File version: 0.0.23
the executeable protection bit wasn't set on TMW.
Do 'protect TMW +e' to fix this peeps!
Comment by: Spot ( 18 Nov 2007, 15:56File version: 0.0.23
Wrong checksum on AUTHORS file.
Comment by: spotUP ( 18 Nov 2007, 15:52File version: 0.0.23
WOW! AFX!!! Cool work!
I've been looking at this one for a long time, but some dependencies stopped me
from porting it!!... Great work!

Could you please upload all linklibs needed by this one aswell?
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 18 Nov 2007, 14:20File version: 0.0.23
Here too wrong archive...
a LOT many duplicate names... :(
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Nov 2007, 13:18File version: 0.0.23
damn.. i've tested it.. :-/
Comment by: Murakami ( 18 Nov 2007, 13:03File version: 0.0.23
The archive seems to be broken here. UnArc is unable to deal with it.

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