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 File comments for:  Game » Shmup » noiz2sa.lha


Description: An abstract shoot'em up game by Kenta Cho
Download: noiz2sa.lha
Version: 1.1
Date: 17 May 2012
Category: game/shmup
FileID: 7096
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/shmup/noiz2sa.lha

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Comment by: Varthall ( 19 Nov 2005, 10:56File version: 1.0
Doing a cracktro for the next port is something very high on my TO DO list ^^

Comment by: spotUP ( 18 Nov 2005, 17:47File version: 1.0
Ah! Finally Varthall! Big ups for this _N_I_C_E_ port! One of the hottest SDL
ports so far for sure! Top Rankin' merch from the fresh boys in Up Rough as
usuall! :P To bad we never got around to adding that crackintro though.. maybe
for the next one huh?... Hey, SDL porters, you should all create a crackintro,
and put your info there, I.E ported by Capehill ofd the unicorns inc... =) Let's
bring back tha flava of the old lost days seen?
Comment by: Capehill ( 18 Nov 2005, 13:33File version: 1.0
You need to see TF and TT in action ;) And yes, they need D language (which
might be achieved with the GCC frontend, if someone dares to try). They also use
OpenGL display lists so MiniGL must first support them. So, it's not going to be
easy, but who knows :)
Comment by: Varthall ( 18 Nov 2005, 13:24File version: 1.0
I don't know how joysticks are supposed to work with AmigaInput, I guess that
once the support will be active you'll have the possibility to choose on which
port the joytick should be used.

I'm curious about the fullscreen issue. The garbled graphics I'm referring to in
the docs is the following (on my Radeon 9200):
4 colors of the 8bit palette are set to black, this can be noticed as the
explosions seem flickery, and the "glow" cursor on the main screen
which shows the selected level is black instead of red. You can see this
difference if you switch to Workbench while the game's screen is open, then
switch back to the game using the "depth" gadget on the workbench top
menu bar. The screen will be visible but not active, the colors correct and the
pointer visible, as soon as you click with the left mousebutton the pointer will
disappear and the colors switched to the wrong ones.
Please let me know if you can see this behaviour on your system, and state which
graphic card you're using.

This game is one of the so-called ABA games, ATM I'm taking a look at rRootage,
though I fear that it will heavily depend on OpenGL (unlike Noiz2sa), and my
Radeon isn't supported yet for 3D (althought a friend of mine might lend me a
Radeon 7000 for this project).

Tumiki Fighters doesn't IMHO look so great from the screenshots, and Torus
Trooper (together with all the other, best looking games in the serie) will
require a D compiler to be portable.
Comment by: Ch ( 18 Nov 2005, 12:01File version: 1.0
Nice game, Kenta Cho rules. I hope we can have also Tumiki Fighters and Torus
Trooper some day ;)

Thanks Varthall.
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Nov 2005, 10:33File version: 1.0
Just so its said , Joystick wont work (which port did the game source specify?)

Fullscreen has no issues here (played trough level 1 to 6 with no corruption at
all in fullscreen) and i played quite a while in endless mode.

and friggin cool shoot em up this one, thanks for porting.
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Nov 2005, 08:38File version: 1.0


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