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 File comments for:  Game » Strategy » wesnoth-devel.lha


Description: Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
Download: wesnoth-devel.lha
Version: 1.3.12
Date: 06 Dec 2007
Category: game/strategy
FileID: 3243
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/strategy/wesnoth-devel.lha

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Comment by: Raziel ( 22 Nov 2007, 23:22File version: 1.3.11
I still get the reuqester asking for an "attacks:" volume
Comment by: Raziel ( 13 Nov 2007, 01:08File version: 1.3.10
I get a window
Please insert volumes
in any drive
on downloading add-ons

Otherwise, cool :-)
Comment by: 1.3.10 ( 12 Nov 2007, 23:18File version: 1.3.10
wow! fast!
before the bins for mac and win on the official site even!
Comment by: Chip ( 31 Jul 2007, 22:31File version: 1.3.6
Vale_of_Tears for example. After I've finished the turn, the screen goes black
and starts scrolling without redrawing the already deleted parts. BTW: 1.3.4
worked well.
Comment by: salass00 ( 29 Jul 2007, 12:58File version: 1.3.6

Which campaign? I did play through the first level in "Rise of
Wesnoth" on medium without any problems before uploading. As it is I am
currently uploading a new archive because the last one was corrupt (checksum
error in knoll.ogg).
Comment by: Chip ( 27 Jul 2007, 23:56File version: 1.3.6
Nice stuff but it's buggy. After a turn the screen goes to black and vertical
artifacts appears.
Comment by: K-L ( 26 Jul 2007, 22:51File version: 1.3.6
Great...but still no localisation.

We can read: "* Updated translations: Finnish, French, German". But
this detail is totally useless for us AmigaOS 4 users.

Moreover, why don't put a changelog for the OS4 version in addition to the one
of the development of BoW?
Comment by: Raziel ( 15 Jun 2007, 10:28File version: 1.3.3
The new idle animations are pretty cool, amkes the game so much more alive!
Comment by: Nuno ( 08 Jun 2007, 23:54File version: 1.3.3
Glad to see new versions of "Battle for Wesnoth" coming out. This game
is awesome!!!!

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