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 File comments for:  Graphics » Edit » sketchblock.lha


Description: Digital Sketching For AmigaOS
Download: sketchblock.lha
Version: 2.6
Date: 21 May 2014
Category: graphics/edit
FileID: 8788
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/edit/sketchblock.lha

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Comment by: nykk ( 05 Oct 2014, 02:13File version: 2.6
Andy excellent version! Great effort! And works very fast on x1000! :) Thank you!
Comment by: broadblues ( 31 Dec 2013, 18:24File version: 2.5
bah, I did renable the debug code to track something down.
Comment by: blmara ( 24 Dec 2013, 23:22File version: 2.5
There seems to be some debugging code left in the version 2.5 (11 Dec 13), because Sashimi catches the following at startup:

GM_LAYOUT before 7 33 1005 913
GM_LAYOUT after 7 33 1005 913
GM_EXTENT 7 33 1005 913
sketchgad 1005
src/sketchgadget.c:101 Entering SGSetupScrollbars
SGSetupScrollbars:src/sketchgadget.c:113 DispX 0
SGSetupScrollbars:src/sketchgadget.c:139 DispY 0
src/project.c:1705 Entering DisplayProject
src/project.c:1138 Entering AllocateZoomBuffer
1144: Calling GetAttr
1146: returned from GetAttr
src/project.c:1157 Entering __AllocateZoomBuffer
__AllocateZoomBuffer ib 7 33 1005 913 skprj->sp_ZoomBuffer 00000000
ZW 980 ZH 900
src/project.c:1224 Entering ZoomProject
k/4 980
Comment by: Tobibrocki ( 09 Feb 2013, 19:43File version: 1.9
Thanks kas1e, got that to work, haven't saved anything yet though! ^^
Comment by: kas1e ( 08 Feb 2013, 09:39File version: 1.9
As Andy point out in the readme, requements and in news posts: you need to download and install all necessary part to make everything works: PIL, ProAction and have latest AISS installed as well. Then, when you will have installed latest ProAction together with latest PIL, then when you will press on "ExportAS" you will have a window which will ask you in which format save image, and there is a lot: bmp, eps, gif, ilbm, im, jpeg, msp, palm, pcx, pdf, png, ppm, spider, tga, tiff, xbm.

You also can use some of the 3d party arexx scripts to call any conversion tool and do whatever you need (via "netpbm", which Andy also port and which also there on os4depot).

There is few of those example scripts (working via "netpbm" which i attach to my own submenu entry in sketchblock (manually modified prefs/sketchprefs.xml): http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/sketchblock_scripts/

Save as os4 native icon, as jpg and as png with alpha channel.
Comment by: Tobibrocki ( 08 Feb 2013, 02:03File version: 1.9
I just downloaded the program today (version 1.9) and I'd like to, first of all, thank you for a really fun program, I spend some time using it today (the result of that should be in the image section if it gets approved) and had a real blast. So thank you for that! =D

However, there were some things I noticed while using it, I really missed the Eyedropper Tool and the Paint Bucket Tool. I hope you plan on adding these in a future release, they would make quite a difference I think.

Also when I try to save a picture (save as..) I get a small window popping up that says "Unable To Start ProAction GUIServer", the window itself is titled "SaveAsBrush.py". I'm not sure what to make of this. Do I have to install something in order for this to work?

One last question, Is it possible in the current version to save a image as a jpg or png file?
Comment by: broadblues ( 17 May 2012, 23:17File version: 1.5
yes, typically I (or rather kas1e) found that bug just after release. Investigating.

Comment by: cha05e90 ( 17 May 2012, 23:09File version: 1.5
SB has problems (read: system freeze, 101% CPU) if windows on startup are bigger than actual screen size or are positioned that windows are partly out of screen area. I had to comment the 'palette_mixer.skprj' from startup.rexx, 'cos it's dimensions lead to above described behaviour. Neverthess: Nice progress - hope to see more of it, thanks!
Comment by: broadblues ( 13 Mar 2012, 19:46File version: 1.3

Iconification would be agood idea. I'll try to add it in the next release.

In the mean time if you want to get those pesky tool windows out of the way whilst you do something else you could , errm use the close gadgets :-)

Or press TAB (and again to get them back)

Also if you define the SketchBlock screen in screens prefs sketchblock will use it.
Comment by: nbache ( 11 Mar 2012, 23:34File version: 1.3
Nice program! Good to see you got the tool windows to work correctly. However, they should probably not have close gadgets; it doesn't really make sense to close them separately, IMHO.

And another thing: Could you add iconification? As you now have stay-on-top windows, the only way to get them out of the way for doing something else temporarily is to exit the program.
Comment by: VooDoo ( 12 Feb 2012, 17:33File version: 1.2
Very nice progy,thanx!
Comment by: whether ( 29 Dec 2011, 12:58File version: 1.1
Thank you! A good beginning for a creative program. :)

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