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 File comments for:  Graphics » Viewer » amithumbs.lha


Description: Thumbnails utility
Download: amithumbs.lha
Version: 1.00
Date: 05 Jun 2010
Category: graphics/viewer
FileID: 5599
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/viewer/amithumbs.lha

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Comment by: Severin ( 23 Aug 2010, 22:17File version: 1.00
Another thing I just noticed...

Setting COLUMNS to 7 doesn't work either it still opens a 6 column window. my screen is 1680x1050 so there's plenty of room for 7 columns as 7*200=1400 which leaves 280 pixels for window and image borders.

Even if I set the width down to 100 it still opens 6 columns instead of 7

Do you have some hardcoded limits in your source?
Comment by: Severin ( 23 Aug 2010, 22:09File version: 1.00
I've just tried AmiThumbs and like it but the pubscreen option does not work for me. I used this in dopus:

[amigados] [appdir:amithumbs file {s} pubscreen {Qs} viewer "appdir:picshow"]

and it opens the window on workbench, so I tried this from a shell:

appdir:amithumbs file <path to drawer> pubscreen DOPUS.1 viewer "appdir:picshow"

again it opened on workbench.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 09 Jun 2010, 18:42File version: 1.00
The Thumbs embedded in the Exif photos was 160x120 and not so bad imho...
the only problem was that if you show thumbs bigger than the original size you can se some inperfections...
However showing the thumbs in the original size was rather nice and, first of all, REALLY FAST!
For bigger images about 1/100! And also more...

That was only my 2 cents...

Comment by: Roland Florac ( 09 Jun 2010, 07:16File version: 1.00
Sorry, I forgot to say the jpeg.library was needed...

For the Exif load routine I don't plan to add iy because the thumbs of the original image have a very poor quality.

Comment by: Lio ( 07 Jun 2010, 20:33File version: 1.00
at start it asks me for jpeg.library version6 ! which is of course not present as default in AOS4.1 u2 !
thx anyway for this tool.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 06 Jun 2010, 10:56File version: 1.00
nice utility but...
You absolutely need to add an Exif load routine for the photo camera pics since for big photos was really slow to create thumbs from the original image...
Any plan on that?

Good Work!

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