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 File comments for:  Network » Browser » owbutilities.lha


Description: Bookmarks+fastlinks+converter tool for OWB
Download: owbutilities.lha
Version: 1.7
Date: 16 Mar 2012
Category: network/browser
FileID: 6938
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/browser/owbutilities.lha

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Comment by: sundown ( 23 Dec 2010, 22:12File version: 1.6
sorry for the long delay Tuomas, my libsqlite3.so file is 2.6Mb. The version that came with Timberwolf seems to be newer, but is still 2.6Mb. In any event, OWBCookiejar still puts up the pthread error on startup.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 16 Dec 2010, 04:44File version: 1.6
Quote: "OWBCookiejar, get the following message on startup "Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'."
Move OWBCookieJar into same directory with OWB so it can find the correct libsqlite3.so file (file size: 465272 bytes, date: 16-May-10) and make sure you have that .so file there.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 14 Dec 2010, 19:36File version: 1.6
Quote: "How to use "Save video"? "
It works same way as ClipDown. Copy the URL you want to download into clipboard and click the button. Then it calls GetVideo.rexx Arexx script to do the actual job. I'm using ClipDown myself all the time. Maybe I should remove this button from FastOWB.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 14 Dec 2010, 19:29File version: 1.6
Quote: "OWBBook doesn't open on WB screen (I use OWB on WB) -->OWBBook ERROR: Can't open main window (on OrigynWebBrowser screen)."
It's OWB which gives the correct screen name to OWBBook as the second parameter when OWB launches OWBBook. It should work. ????
Comment by: Tuomas ( 14 Dec 2010, 19:14File version: 1.6
Quote: "FastOWB and OWBBook don't open sites if "?" is in an address."
It's Arexx "feature"/problem. That's why OWBBook copies the URL into clipboard so you can paste it to URL field.

Quote: "FastOWB window is always inactive"
Yes, that's new Tool window feature of AmigaOS 4.x+.

Quote: "Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'."
I have to ask help on Amigans.net or Utility.net.
Comment by: mr2 ( 13 Dec 2010, 18:27File version: 1.6
OWBBook doesn't open on WB screen (I use OWB on WB) -->OWBBook ERROR: Can't open main window (on OrigynWebBrowser screen).

FastOWB and OWBBook don't open sites if "?" is in an address.
http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=recent --> 1 *-* address OWB.1 "OPENURL http://os4depot.net/index.php?f...
+++ Command returned 10

I like FastOWB window is always inactive so I don't have to click on OWB to activate browser :)

How to use "Save video"?

Comment by: Tuomas ( 12 Dec 2010, 22:39File version: 1.6
"Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'. "
I forgot that problem. I thought I had installed some sobj which wasn't compatible but it looks like others have that problem too. I'm wondering if recompiling it can resolve that problem or not. Otherwise I don't know how to fix it.

"OWBBookmark and does *not* enter a "Name" for that link, clicks "Use" - OWBBook grims."
I have to look that.
Comment by: sundown ( 12 Dec 2010, 21:44File version: 1.6
OWBCookiejar, get the following message on startup "Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'. Using 4.1.2 on a micro, owb 3.30, & the path is set in the tooltype.
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 12 Dec 2010, 12:58File version: 1.6
Nice one! This is the first time I were able to really install and prep OWB-Utilities (with all that windows positions etc.). Works and looks great. Only one bug I encountered so far: I someone adds a link to OWBBookmark and does *not* enter a "Name" for that link, clicks "Use" - OWBBook grims.
Comment by: Phantom ( 11 Dec 2010, 21:42File version: 1.6
Hi Tuomas. Regarding FastLinks tool.

Can you change the position where the links appear? It was in the middle (the previous version), while now they are appear far right, which isn't so convinience (FastLink in horizontal allignment).

Comment by: Tuomas ( 24 Mar 2010, 19:29File version: 1.5
I forgot to mention that OWBCookieJar requires libsqlite3.so to be installed in sobjs:.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 03 Jan 2009, 09:03File version: 1.2
I've fixed this issue in the meanwhile. But it's also possible to work around it
setting PUBSCREEN=Workbench either in OWB's tooltypes or FastOWB's tooltypes (or
Comment by: AlexC ( 02 Jan 2009, 03:26File version: 1.2
FastBook seems to require an OrigynWebBrowser screen to be open or exits with an

error about not finding that screen, but I use OWB on the Workbench screen.
Adding a pubscreen tooltype to FastBook doesn't have any effect.
Comment by: Jack ( 23 Nov 2008, 11:26File version: 1.1
book2owb and owbbook fail to recognize aweb's hotlist

A snippet from aweb_apl:aweb.hotlist:

@AWeb hotlist
@DATE 0000380116c3
14.1.5 Process Management
@DATE 000038027ed9
4.1.4 Deprecated string functions

gone to happy ced/awk piping to recreate the html hotlist from awb's one:-D
Comment by: Tuomas ( 19 Nov 2008, 23:58File version: 1.1
Quote: "FastBook"
Which one do you mean FastOWB or OWBBook ? FastOWB is trying to look PUBSCREEN
tooltype from OWB icon but you can overrule that enabling and setting the
PUBSCREEN tooltype in FastOWB. And FastOWB is trying to find OWB's icon from the

same directory as where it is itself.
Comment by: NubeCheCorre ( 19 Nov 2008, 18:12File version: 1.1
FastBook doesn't work because it looks for OWB exe stored in utilites but a user

could have a new version of OWB elsewhere, please change that ;-)

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