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 File comments for:  Network » Misc » amicygnix-base.lha


Description: An Unix/X11 environment for AmigaOS 4
Download: amicygnix-base.lha
Version: 1.7r2
Date: 13 Mar 2023
Category: network/misc
FileID: 12458
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/misc/amicygnix-base.lha

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Comment by: HKvalhe ( 13 Mar 2023, 14:36File version: 1.7r2
Getting better and better! I chose to do a fresh install of the latest update by removing as much as I could of the old AmiCygnix setup, then unpacked this latest update and the Tools part to hard drive, to make sure the Installer ran properly and it did. 280MB space is big, so need a big partition of the Work for that. I hope in the future that it should be possible to just run the standalone programs within Workbench, without the use of a Linux environment. Perhaps a special library to make, to just allow those standalone programs to run right from Workbench? If that can be possible, it would change a lot and make things much easier, Also would save a lot of disk space. The latest update works perfectly! Using the Workbench2 and the CustomScreenDB2 drivers with the Graphics.library.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 08 Jan 2023, 19:11File version: 1.7
Once again, I would like to thank the author CygnixED for another fantastic update of AmiCygnix version 1.7! After a successfull installation at last, it was even easier to customize the setup, thanks to better handling of the different graphic drivers! I chose CustomScreenDB2 for the main AmiCygnix environment, AbiWord, Gnumeric and GIMP. The others are using Workbench2 driver. Thanks again for the fantastic update and keep up the excellent work! Look forward to see updates to those marvellous applications as well. This is so cool!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 08 Jan 2023, 02:21File version: 1.7
I finally managed to install AmiCygnix 1.7-base and Tools. The BASE one had to be unpacked to hard drive with big space instead of RAM. THAT solved the problem, because the archive itself was on 148MB size, and that's a little too big for RAM Disk. Followed the Installer without problem! Using CustomScreenDB2 for the AmiCygnix environment itself, AbiWord, Gnumeric and GIMP standalone. The other minor apps are using Workbench2 mode. Thanks for the update and any help! Very happy now! :)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 07 Jan 2023, 22:21File version: 1.7
Received your email with hopefully a fixed Installer. I download these archives again and try using the "fixed" Installer instead. Thank you kindly for any help. If none of these given options should work, the only main way would be to copy the whole thing MANUALLY, despite not supposed to do so, and then rather carefully choose the graphic driver to use. I see no other options if this option should fail. I will test and will reply as soon as I can.
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 07 Jan 2023, 21:51File version: 1.7

As the problem occurs while processing a simple copyfiles statement, it should not be a fault of the Install script. So you skipped "CygnixPPC" while installation? It contains the largest amount of data.

On what kind of drive did you unpack the archive (filesystem etc.)? Maybe there is a problem. Or what kind of drive is your destination? I recommend always SFS2 as filesystem for both.

You could try to download the package again, maybe it is corrupted?

If nothing helps I suggest to copy the skipped data / directory by hand into the AmiCygnix installation and install AmiCygnix over this installation again (and skip the same data again). So you can be sure, that everything is initialised correctly.
Comment by: SMF ( 07 Jan 2023, 19:03File version: 1.7

I have installer 53.12. There might have slipped in some enhancer components but i avoid installing any of them.

If i run the installer in expert mode and skip the GTK stuff the installation is successfull (but i expect the gtk to be quite essential so i have not tested to start amicygnix yet)
Comment by: SMF ( 07 Jan 2023, 19:03File version: 1.7

I have installer 53.12. There might have slipped in some enhancer components but i avoid installing any of them.

If i run the installer in expert mode and skip the GTK stuff the installation is successfull (but i expect the gtk to be quite essential so i have not tested to start amicygnix yet)
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 07 Jan 2023, 18:04File version: 1.7
@ HKvalhe + SMF

I don't think that the fixed Install script will work. The problem must be somewhere else.

Just a guess: What is the version of the "Installer" command you are using? I have the original OS 4.1 binary version 53.12 (file size 375472 bytes, installed in "Sys:Utilities") and my Install script is tested using this binary.
Maybe you have an other one from the Enhancer package or somewhere else.
Comment by: 328gts ( 07 Jan 2023, 07:04File version: 1.7
Thanks for this great update Edgar! Working awesome on my X1000 !!!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 06 Jan 2023, 23:35File version: 1.7
Hmmm, something very wrong with especially the Installer for AmiCygnix-Base 1.7. Like told, it freezes at 40%. When trying to pick up the file again from the site or at Aminet, download fails. I accidentially deleted the email you sent with a working Installer file. Could you send me again in a new email? Same with Tools 1.7 of AmiCygnix, is possible? Thank you kindly.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 06 Jan 2023, 20:46File version: 1.7
Thank you very much for a new update of AmiCygnix version 1.7. It seems I was to quick deleting the email you sent me with the Install of AmiCygnix, thinking I didn't need it. I was wrong. I sent you a new email, so could you send me the working Installer version of AmiCygnix-Base 1.7 and Tools 1.7? Thank you very much. Keep up the excellent work.
Comment by: SMF ( 06 Jan 2023, 19:23File version: 1.7
Hi Edgar and thanks for the new release! :)

Unfortunately the installation ended with an error for me too at 2% :(
The message is
"COPYFILES: Couldn't copy file "LC_MESSAGES" in line 1099.

DOS Error Type: Not enough memory for installation to continue"

If you have any clue about what to do please tell.
If you need to mail me my e-mail is fearofthedrunk(a) gmail.com
Comment by: SMF ( 06 Jan 2023, 19:23File version: 1.7
Hi Edgar and thanks for the new release! :)

Unfortunately the installation ended with an error for me too at 2% :(
The message is
"COPYFILES: Couldn't copy file "LC_MESSAGES" in line 1099.

DOS Error Type: Not enough memory for installation to continue"

If you have any clue about what to do please tell.
If you need to mail me my e-mail is fearofthedrunk(a) gmail.com
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 06 Jan 2023, 16:12File version: 1.7
Oh, I see. Thank for reminding me. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for telling.
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 06 Jan 2023, 13:20File version: 1.7
Hmm - bad news.

After 40% a Unix script is called to add some settings. Maybe you can try to launch it in an Amiga shell and see, if it shows an error message:

Cygnix:CygnixPPC/bin/acxsh /Cygnix/CygnixPPC/bin/xdg-mime default browser.desktop text/html

For myself I tried to disable my AmiCygnix, disabled the SDK and deleted "ENVARC:Cygnix". And still the installation worked without problems - very strange.

Important: It is not a good idea to install AmiCygnix by hand! It will never be initialised correctly.

I've found a problem in the Install script though. I'll send you a mail!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 06 Jan 2023, 00:15File version: 1.7
The Installer of AmiCygnix 1.7 failed at 40% of the installation, but however, I found a "backdoor" to the problem. You can copy the whole thing manually but you have to go into the Setup thing to pick the right driver, then the rest should work. I did that and 1.7 works very well! It also remembered my 1.6 setup, so didn't have to do much changes anyway. Apart from the Installer, 1.7 is a very nice release! I hope to see new versions of GIMP released, and some other cool stuffs. Keep up the excellent work! May I suggest working on proper support for those with Polaris based graphic cards and X5000?
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 10 Feb 2021, 13:32File version: 1.6
@ Muse

Please also replace this file:

Comment by: CygnusEd ( 10 Feb 2021, 12:01File version: 1.6
@ Musa

Strange, that it still doesn't work.

Please download this file:


And replace the file in "Cygnix:S". Make sure, that the Execute and the Script flag is set.
The new version does noch check for the threads.library.
Comment by: Musa ( 01 Feb 2021, 13:19File version: 1.6
Thaks for your replay. I had already done that, but now effect.
have a nice day
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 24 Jan 2021, 21:16File version: 1.6

You've found a problem with the installer script for the threads.library. Although it is exactly the same like the sysvipc.library installer script (which works), it does not work. I was not able to find the problem. Maybe it collides somehow with the pthreads.library.

So please install the library by hand. You can find it in "Cygnix:Install-Archive/AmiCygnix-Base/Libs". Copy the library to "LIBS:".

BTW: This library will be removed in the next release. There is no application left, which still needs it.
Comment by: Musa ( 24 Jan 2021, 19:31File version: 1.6
First thank for making this for the Amiga.
I have a little problem. every time i start a program in windows mode I got this message
" The treads.library is missing . Should I install this library?
I install the missings library (2 ) and the program starts and works as it should. Next time its start with the same message. Is there a fix for this?
Comment by: 328gts ( 12 Aug 2020, 03:07File version: 1.6
V1.6 working great..thanks Edgar!!!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 29 Jul 2020, 22:39File version: 1.6
I'm very happy to confirm that the new version 1.6 works as a charm on my AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex, even with Radeon HD 6670. The new drivers for AmiCygnix are faster, better and more stable. Just also installed Pidgin and added my Facebook account to it. Now, it's even cooler to chat with your Facebook friends on the Amiga! Thanks for the outstanding work on the update! It's beautiful!
Comment by: anonymous ( 04 Mar 2020, 19:59File version: 1.5

I know :-)
I will wrote to the author later explaining the issue, i have also a couple of additional requests for him
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 04 Mar 2020, 19:49File version: 1.5

I think you're right. It is not a good idea to have german as the default language.
I can only suggest it to the author as the tools are not written by me...
Comment by: samo79 ( 04 Mar 2020, 18:02File version: 1.5

Yeah, but I think the locale code of MyX11Setup is wrong by design, this GUI should be modified in order to use english by default in case no other MyX11Setup's catalogs for other languages exists ... that means if, for example you have your OS configured in Russian language, then MyX11 must use the default (english) settings ... otherwise if you have your OS in German and a German catalog exits, then it should pick to use the German catalog availible instead ...
This is almost a classical "error" of non mother language coders, as the author is German, he probably code everything in German and leave English to be used as a classical catalog file :-)
Comment by: OS4 USR ( 04 Mar 2020, 16:20File version: 1.5
Thanx ALOT for AmiCygnix!!!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 03 Mar 2020, 22:45File version: 1.5

My friend, it has been a great pleasure to help you test AmiCygnix 1.5 that has become the final fully working and updated version. Works marvellously here on my system! And you can always bother me to test a new version when it comes at a later date. Especially if there is some problem you should experience.

Yes, adding english to your locale settings is important and should allow you to have everything working correctly. Hope you get it sorted out.
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 03 Mar 2020, 17:33File version: 1.5
@ daveyw

Please add "english" to your locale settings. The catalog for "british-english" seems to be broken.
Or if you have the tool "catcomp", you can rebuild the catalog this way:

* Open a shell and cd into "Cygnix:Catalogs"
* Type in:
CatComp myX11Setup.cd myX11Setup_GB.ct CATALOG english-british/myX11Setup.catalog NOOPTIM
+ return


Thank you very much for your support! I hope I can bother you with my next version (when it's done) ;-)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 03 Mar 2020, 15:43File version: 1.5
Thank you so much for the new updated AmiCygnix! Works perfectly on my SAM460ex under AmigaOS 4.1 FE Upd 1 and Workbench Enhancer 1.5. The new Workbench2 and CustomScreenDB2 drivers are very useful with older graphic cards, like the Radeon HD 6670 I have. I'm happy to have helped testing the new version and to see the final version of it working, including everything that should be. Keep it up.
Comment by: daveyw ( 03 Mar 2020, 05:54File version: 1.5
How on earth do you get myx11setup to display in english?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 09 Dec 2019, 21:49File version: 1.4
Done some more interesting testing of how myX11SetupLight works with AmiCygnix. This one is supposed to help configure the display for the standalone applications and that works the way it's supposed to. The problem is however when trying to run apps like AbiWord, GIMP and Gnumeric in their own custom screen, if configured that way. Then myX11SetupLight shows up with a Display Error message claiming a missing 8-bit display support, regardless of the screen mode and resolution you choose. I suspect a bug in that myX11SetupLight, or the way it was originally made. I hope something can be done to improve that.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 13 Nov 2019, 03:06File version: 1.4
I just happened to have problem running AmiCygnix 1.5 on my SAM460ex under AmigaOS 4.1 FE Upd 1, using Picasso96CloneWBdb. The system locked up. I had to use normal Picasso96WB instead. My graphic card is a Radeon HD 6670 1GB PCIe from Sapphire. Please remove Picasso96 drivers in future versions. It's no longer used in AmigaOS4. Try to use Composite2D driver instead, and support Warp3D Nova.
Comment by: cygnused ( 09 Dec 2018, 21:52File version: 1.4
I've downloaded the base package, unpacked it with Unarc on a SFS2 partition and made an installation without problems. So the archive file is O.K.

Problem could be:
* The archive you've downloaded is corrupted and the file "Start_AmiCygnix.bat" in the AmiCygnix root dir is missing. Please download the archive again.
* The Cygnix: assign is not set correctly while installation. The protect command is searching for the file "Cygnix:Start_AmiCygnix.bat". Maybe you have a partition named "Cygnix:"?
Comment by: Hypex ( 08 Dec 2018, 16:18File version: 1.4
Hi getting an error on install. Trying to install on deicated SFS volume. Error on line 944. Command "protect". Unable to locate file or drawer. :-?
Comment by: zzd10h ( 07 Feb 2013, 23:36File version: 1.3
Problem with myself created script. OK with the last GNumeric standalone script.
But all these scripts worked before.

Mail sent with a example of a failing script
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 07 Feb 2013, 22:18File version: 1.3

Are these standalone scripts created by you? Or do you also have problems with one of the original packages?
Comment by: zzd10h ( 07 Feb 2013, 21:45File version: 1.3
Thank you to have resolved the Dead keys problem. It works very well on Abiword and Gnumeric (just tested these 2). Good job !
Since I update, I'm unable to launch my old standalone workbench scripts.
They failed with "Unable to open X display". It works well in full Amicygnix environment and with the GNumeric 1.10.17 Start_Gnumeric_Standalone.bat.
All my standalone scripts worked before the update.
Comment by: spotupAt: 07 Feb 2013, 20:49File version: 1.3
great to see a new release!
now give us a terminal! =)
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 15 Nov 2012, 11:41File version: 1.2

No, it is not used at all.
Comment by: Petrol ( 15 Nov 2012, 09:01File version: 1.2
Is Amicygnix uses altivec instruction on capables machines?
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 31 Jul 2012, 20:24File version: 1.1r2

Please check your installer binary. It must be the original binary from the OS4 package.
Type "which installer" into a shell. The result should be "Workbench:Utilities/Installer" or something like that.
Comment by: SCabit ( 31 Jul 2012, 18:57File version: 1.1r2
Hey...I noticed this strange reproducable problem on my uA1-c. Whenever I try to install Amiga-Cygnix-base to AmiCygnix on the same partition (formatted SFS 1.286) I ALWAYS get an input.device DSI error that causes the install to not be completed because I get to 45% and the keyboard and mouse will not work due to the input.device error!
Anyone else have this problem with OS4.1 u 4?
After about 7 or 8 times of trying this, I hacked the install file to start at the 45% point and was able to finish the install. I hate having to kludge like that!
I have a micro A1 with 512M of RAM, a PC keyboard (uses standard plug) and a logitech wireless 2.4 GHz mouse.
So what's wrong with input device and heavy installs?
Comment by: tommysammy ( 21 Jun 2012, 14:24File version: 1.1
@Elwwod on my X1000 is it really fast.Only the scrolling from the windows could be smoother
Comment by: Elwood ( 21 Jun 2012, 13:24File version: 1.1
Nice! Now if that thing could be faster, it would become a "must have" in OS4.

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