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 File comments for:  Network » Misc » granite.lha


Description: Firewall, grant access per application
Download: granite.lha
Version: 1.4
Date: 26 Feb 2014
Category: network/misc
FileID: 8648
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/misc/granite.lha

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Comment by: gtmooya ( 13 Apr 2014, 15:53File version: 1.4
Hi Tuomas,

Is it possible to add the option to restrict traffic for specfic apps to incoming or outgoing?

Comment by: HKvalhe ( 27 Feb 2014, 16:00File version: 1.4
You are right that it's just an addition of some languages, which of course is important and comes in great handy.

How about a Swedish catalog?
Comment by: samo79 ( 26 Feb 2014, 16:15File version: 1.4

As you are here you might include also the Spanish catalog
Comment by: samo79 ( 26 Feb 2014, 16:13File version: 1.4

It's the same version with just a new translation added, not a new update
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 26 Feb 2014, 15:57File version: 1.4
Working great here. Thank you for the update, Tuomas :) Granite is great.
Comment by: Raziel ( 27 Oct 2010, 14:05File version: 1.2

Yes, info.datatype was missing, thanks :-)
Still, TuneNet icon is displayed as tool and not as it's icon (could be a PNG icon though)
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 27 Oct 2010, 06:14File version: 1.2
Gets better wth every release, thanks! BTW: I had fun yesterday, 'cos I startet AmiCygnix for use of Sodipodi - whoahaaaa...I must admit, that I have no real idea how to circumvent that requester storm, that follows (except to accept all connections and ending up with a really long list of "allowed applications"...). ;-)
Comment by: Tuomas ( 27 Oct 2010, 00:37File version: 1.2
Sorry, I meant info.datatype and not icon.datatype ! I have to fix the readme.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 27 Oct 2010, 00:02File version: 1.2
Quote: "I have DISPLAY_ICONS set in tooltypes yet there are no icons in the list. "
Have you installed icon.datatype from os4depot ? It's mentioned on os4depot but I forgot it from the readme. Fixed in 1.3.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 26 Oct 2010, 23:57File version: 1.2
Quote: "If i set a program to "ASK" instead of "REJECT" it will be lost on Close, Quit or Reboot "
I remember I noticed that bug but forgot to fix it. Fixed in 1.3.
Comment by: Raziel ( 26 Oct 2010, 14:02File version: 1.2
followup to last comment

There is no way i can change AND save the changes from the GUI
If i set a program to "ASK" instead of "REJECT" it will be lost on Close, Quit or Reboot
Comment by: Raziel ( 26 Oct 2010, 13:54File version: 1.2
I have DISPLAY_ICONS set in tooltypes yet there are no icons in the list.

For a future version the distinction between allowance of upload and download for a program would be a nice addition.

Thanks for the program, really nice addition
Comment by: Tuomas ( 25 Oct 2010, 16:46File version: 1.1
Thanks reporting that. Oops. I have to fix it ASAP.
Comment by: OldFart ( 24 Oct 2010, 17:30File version: 1.1
When opening Granite's (V1.1) GUI, I selected an entry followed by pressing the button 'Reject'. The text 'Reject' was then shown in the ListBrowser in the column titled' Name'. I think a little bit of work has to be done here.
Comment by: anonymous ( 23 Oct 2010, 11:36File version: 1.1
"It handles "MHT_Connect: Monitor calls to the connect() function" only."

You would be better off monitoring send() and sendto() as this will catch programs sending data to both connection-orientated and connectionless sockets (like ICMP, UDP).
Comment by: Tuomas ( 18 Oct 2010, 15:24File version: 1.1
You have to enable DISPLAY_ICONS tooltype to make icons column visible. If I remember from your posts you don't have a AmigaOS4 machine yet so you can't personally test these programs. Nobody bothered to upload new screen grabs to os4depot. If there's not screen grabs or nobody bothered to comment anything on the forums doesn't mean something doesn't exist !
Comment by: djrikki ( 18 Oct 2010, 11:06File version: 1.1
As per comment on Amigans.net. Really could do with a *Column at the beginning that shows an icon representing each applicaiton.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 12 Oct 2010, 20:27File version: 1.0
Really NICE App!
I LOVE it!
Finally a FireWall for AmigaOS4!
If you can only inprove it a bit(like the suggestions from kas1e) i will became GREAT! :)

Oh yes...we dont exactly need a firewall now since we have no real warning on net attacks or other but a complete system cant miss such App so GOOD WORK!
Comment by: Tuomas ( 12 Oct 2010, 15:00File version: 1.0
Quote: "when the content of the listview is updated, you may refresh the display in order to adapt the column width to the string length "
I've been wondering always how to do that ?
Comment by: Elwood ( 09 Oct 2010, 22:42File version: 1.0

Nice program.

As I can't find your email address here are a few comments:

- when "from" part is empty (in the requester), don't put the "from" text at all
- "Granite is already running" text is not translated
- when the content of the listview is updated, you may refresh the display in order to adapt the column width to the string length

Comment by: cha05e90 ( 09 Oct 2010, 22:24File version: 1.0
Tuomas! You have mail! (I hope I found the right profile at amigans.net)
Comment by: Daniel ( 05 Oct 2010, 19:42File version: 1.0
Works really nicely, does what it says on the tin! As you say in the readme there's no known malware at present but I think this is a worthwhile edition still and would be nice to see this commodity included in future OS releases. Thanks.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 05 Oct 2010, 16:36File version: 1.0
It handles "MHT_Connect: Monitor calls to the connect() function" only. I'm not a network guru myself and don't know what else to monitor. It rewrites Granite.apps file every time when quitting. And I don't use a notification to control manual changes of that file. But because you can change everything needed to change from the GUI you shouldn't manually edit it.
Comment by: kas1e ( 05 Oct 2010, 15:36File version: 1.0
Found something which can not be called like bug, but maybe something for todo/feature later:

If you change Granite.apps manually while granite are running, file save ok, but it make no sense (i.e. it not re-refreshes automatically). If i deactivate granite, then, old rules are coming back. So i should deactivate granite, change file, and run it again. A bit "non-realitime", but of course not big deal.

From the GUI window all changes in realtime with no problems.
Comment by: kas1e ( 05 Oct 2010, 15:28File version: 1.0
Nice one, works.
But what protocols it handle already ? Only TCP ? Because ICMP are not (i can do ping, and no window are spawns with question about reject/accept).

But TCP works fine (tested on OWB, Netsurf and pFTP).

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