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 File comments for:  Network » Server » Http » apache.lha


Description: Apache 1.3.34 PHP 5.1.1 - AmigaOS4 binaries
Download: apache.lha
Version: 1.3.34
Date: 18 Jan 2006
Category: network/server/http
FileID: 1511
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/server/http/apache.lha

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Comment by: AlexC ( 20 Jan 2006, 07:46File version: 1.3.34
Very nice!
Easy to install and seems to run fine (1.3.34).

Thanks for myApacheStarter, that got it configured in seconds :-)
Comment by: MH2 ( 06 Jul 2005, 18:20File version: 1.3.33brc2
Now i have made an backup-script for Apache.
Comment by: cygnusEd ( 15 May 2005, 20:02File version: 1.3.33

Well done! But I had a little problem:
It stopped in line 417 because of the missing prompt-tag. All copy-commands
to copy the environment-vars are affected. After adding the prompt-tags it

Comment by: MH2 ( 14 May 2005, 19:03File version: 1.3.33
Download my installer-script to Apache, and test it.
Comment by: cygnusEd ( 10 May 2005, 16:35File version: 1.3.33
Hey :-) Is this really my port of Apache?? Much faster than on my AmigaOne!
Good to see, that it can be used as a real server :-)
Comment by: STRICQ ( 10 May 2005, 04:39File version: 1.3.33
Give this a try: http://keiichi.stricq.com/

That is Apache running on OS4. But, most of my bandwidth is used by bittorrent,
so you cannot hold any slowness against my AmigaOne. :-)
Comment by: cygnusEd ( 07 May 2005, 11:05File version: 1.3.33

yes, I tried it from a Win98-computer and a WinXP-computer. It's much
faster, but sometimes it hangs for a while. Would be nice to test it on two
AmigaOnes ;-) (But I'm afraid only a few will have).


Comment by: anonymous ( 07 May 2005, 09:46File version: 1.3.33

Try doing a connection from another host to your apache distribution. It seems
that on loopback connections accept is dog slow.

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