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 File comments for:  Office » Presentation » pointriderui.lha


Description: GUI for PointRider OS4 version.
Download: pointriderui.lha
Version: 51.4
Date: 24 May 2007
Category: office/presentation
FileID: 2807
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=office/presentation/pointriderui.lha

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Comment by: AlexC ( 25 May 2007, 08:01File version: 51.4
The file requester filters anything not named #?.pps but many PP presentations
have different extensions like .ppt and .pot for example.

So it would be easier if it listed the pattern field just requestfile does when

'C:RequestFile PATTERN="#?.(pps|ppt)" NOICONS'
Comment by: Ami603 ( 25 May 2007, 07:16File version: 51.4

Ok i'm sorry about that.I'll do my best to avoid this in the next time.

No problem mate,i'm going to modify it, which ones would be good values? i'm
thinking allowing to use delays between 500ms/6seconds, would that be ok?
Comment by: corto ( 24 May 2007, 22:30File version: 51.4
@Ami603: Thanks again !

Just a word about the delay : it is in ms, so in your GUI, when the delay is 1,
that means 1 ms !

Note : During the display, you can increase it dynamically pressing PageUp to
add 1 second (and PageDown to decrease 1 s). Delay equal to zero means no
automatic display.
Comment by: orginAt: 24 May 2007, 20:54File version: 51.4
There was two problems with your latest upload (51.4).

1. Please use the [Replace file] link when replacing your file. It prefills all
public fields correctly. The replaces field was incorrectly entered.

2. Do not obfuscate the email adress. It just adds more work to the admins that
has to de-obfuscate it before approving your file.
Comment by: Corto ( 17 Apr 2006, 16:39File version: 51.3
@Ami603 : Thanks for this active contribution to PointRider !
Comment by: Ami603 ( 16 Apr 2006, 19:51File version: 51.2

Done.Updated Version being uploaded.

Next time suggestions might aswell be done over e-mail.Same Price.Faster
Results.Happier Developers ;)
Comment by: Lio ( 11 Apr 2006, 20:37File version: 51.2
very nice thank you !!
one suggestion : maybe it would be good to have a #?.pps filter in place when
looking for a file to view.
Comment by: PEB ( 05 Apr 2006, 05:17File version: 51.2
Nice and easy to use. Thanks!

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