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 File comments for:  Utility » Archive » cranu.lha


Description: Easy to use ReAction GUI for archivers
Download: cranu.lha
Version: 1.1
Date: 19 Sep 2010
Category: utility/archive
FileID: 5948
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/archive/cranu.lha

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Comment by: Xeron ( 25 Oct 2008, 13:11File version: 1.0
Oooh crap. I actually checked the icon in a hex editor to make sure it was a
proper icon and not a PNG file, but that was in the development directory. When
preparing the release, i didn't copy the icon from the development directory to
the release directory, and it seems the one there was PNG. :-/

I'll do a re-upload soon.
Comment by: Cobra ( 25 Oct 2008, 12:07File version: 1.0
great prog, a couple of suggestions:
- Make the icon an Amiga icon as AmigaOS does not include the png icon module by
default so many people won't even see the program's icon
- If there's no installer, at least put the files into a directory within the
archive as that makes it easier to install (e.g. by dragging the drawer to the
Comment by: anonymous ( 01 Dec 2006, 11:36File version: 0.4
I suspect that problem is with the "zip" command installed on your
Comment by: Lio ( 30 Nov 2006, 23:03File version: 0.4
Thanks, it is a nice and extremely usefull addition.

here is a bug I found :
I created .zip archive with png and txt files (inside the same dir).

I dearchived with unarc and when I double click on any extracted files, I got an
error message about "file is read protected".
this does not happen with lha
Comment by: Chris Scott ( 23 Nov 2006, 18:55File version: 0.3.1
Cranu is a fantastic complement to Unarc, but the one thing it is missing is
drag and drop support. I put it in Amidock next to Unarc, and I'm used to being
able to drop files onto icons in Amidock, but it doesn't work with Cranu!

I think it should treat the files you drop onto Cranu as the ones you want
compressing and automatically add them to the right-hand pane. Then you'd just
need to specify a filename for the archive and hit "Start".

Still even as it is, it's very handy, so many thanks for developing it! :-)

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