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 File comments for:  Utility » Filetool » snoopy.lha


Description: SnoopDos like utility for OS4
Download: snoopy.lha
Version: 54.107
Date: 27 Dec 2020
Category: utility/filetool
FileID: 11529
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/filetool/snoopy.lha

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Comment by: samo79 ( 10 Dec 2022, 15:54File version: 54.107
I'm unable to save locally any output, i
Nothing will be saved locally by using the option in menu, and even by trying doing so manually (by selecting the output manually and then amiga+c and v)
Comment by: Raziel ( 21 Jan 2021, 18:20File version: 54.107

Yes, the source NOT in the package, but on the same site, preferrably the same place where you download the binary from. Seperated, but still available without browsing to another site (github e.g.)

That's why there are so many source packages on OS4Depot...maybe it would help adding a /src category to OS4Depot to de-clutter the entries?
Comment by: Raziel ( 20 Jan 2021, 21:50File version: 54.107
RPM and DEB packages don’t include source, In linux they package source separately, Im pretty sure.
Comment by: Raziel ( 20 Jan 2021, 21:30File version: 54.107

With the exception of GPL ports, they demand that you package the source together with the binary (or at least make it available on the same site as the binary resides)

...or so i understand GPL
Comment by: LiveForIt ( 20 Jan 2021, 21:24File version: 54.107
It developers choice if wont to have his code used or read by others, its not something that anyone can demand, I also bring up point about packaging source code in lha file, thats actually pretty bad idea, because its hard to track changes that way, if some shares source its better to use GITHUB, or some other source code depot. This not source code depot.
Comment by: broadblues ( 19 Jan 2021, 20:56File version: 54.107
*AmigaOS 4.1 that is
Comment by: broadblues ( 19 Jan 2021, 20:55File version: 54.107
"Why not attach the sources? You aren't selling the program. Application could be adapted and compiled for AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS (since you don't do it)... "

It's explictly designed to monitor AmigaOS dos.libray calls and few others, by the maintainer of dos.library. The sources would have little relavance to other Amiga variants.
Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 11 Jan 2021, 21:48File version: 54.107
Are you climbing into the light? I asked below: Why not attach the sources? It's pointless: don't attach sources on amigas. It always ends with one thing: the developer loses his source code. If he added them to the archive with the application, he would have downloaded them with this archive 20 years later. I clearly explained this to you, captain, obviousness?
Comment by: Trixie ( 11 Jan 2021, 08:07File version: 54.107

"Where are the sources?" is not a nice way to ask. Plus, you are in no position to demand that a developer releases the source code if the licence does not make it a requirement.
Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 10 Jan 2021, 18:47File version: 54.107
I asked the author: where are the sources?
I didn't force you and LiveForIt to speak out.
Your opinion isn't interesting to me because you definitely don't have the source)
I'm surprised by people who know better than me what I need and are ready to explain it to me. And then they rush around the Internet telling that there are no programs on the amiga. Фll my releases have a source directory and everyone who does the same gets my well-deserved respect. Those who don't do so - on the contrary.
Comment by: igor ( 10 Jan 2021, 16:17File version: 54.107
If you come there for bitching and force anyone with your best ideas, maybe you better find another place ?
Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 10 Jan 2021, 12:05File version: 54.107
Are you a plug in every barrel? Adaptation and porting issues have nothing to do with the lack of sources. The sources are either there or not. Our entire aminet is crammed with software, including usable software, which is forever lost due to the fact that it can only be written anew. A huge number of idiots released shareware, didn't earn a cent on them, and where are they all now? You write so confidently as if you saw the source code of SnoopDOS. AmigaDOS functions are the same in AOS3, AOS4, AROS and MOS. There is a minimal difference, all AOS4 interface calls are stupidly commented. The types are also given and a dozen extensions are thrown away, but this isn't difficult. I don't understand the pangs of creativity when a MUIBuilder is taken and drawn what is needed.
Comment by: LiveForIt ( 09 Jan 2021, 10:13File version: 54.107
Maybe bemuse it uses reaction classes, and it can monitor AmigaOS4 only features, that’s not available on MorphOS and AROS. Also, in AmigaOS4 takes more C++ like approach to organize the code, the style is optional, so the code might not be as easy to recompile, without changing everything, or might have something to do with trolling like this, who want to support trolls.
Snoopy was created because SnoopDOS was buggy on AmigaOS4.1, there was one native version of SnoopDOS, but then nothing more, snoopy is not continuation of snoopDOS its a new program made for AmigaOS4.1.
Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 28 Dec 2020, 13:23File version: 54.107
Why not attach the sources? You aren't selling the program. Application could be adapted and compiled for AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS (since you don't do it)...
Comment by: benny ( 02 Jul 2019, 00:38File version: 53.34
How to use the function: quick selection ?
It is greyed-out all the time.
Comment by: MaximvsPayne ( 02 Mar 2019, 14:00File version: 53.34
Great Tool but please let us change the Font :-)

topaz/8 is so damn hard to read in 1920x1080
Comment by: blmara ( 28 Oct 2013, 22:46File version: 53.32
Hi! Could you update the version data in AmiUpdate database, so Snoopy would be updated by AmiUpdate.
Comment by: salass00 ( 07 Aug 2012, 10:23File version: 53.28
Would be good if this program could monitor usage of FindToolType() and maybe some other icon.library functions as well. I just tried to use Snoopy to find out what tooltypes a program uses but then I noticed that unlike SnoopDos Snoopy doesn't yet have that feature.
Comment by: OldFart ( 20 Mar 2012, 15:01File version: 53.26
Could the font used be changed to some more legible type like 'courier'? Please? 'Courier' is a fixed pitch font and very readable even from some distance, while 'Topaz' looks very dark and therefore illegible.
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Dec 2011, 13:12File version: 53.26
Yes it would be easier.
Comment by: kas1e ( 26 Dec 2011, 09:09File version: 53.26
Should'n be it easy just to have in snoopy code minimum version check on dos.library, than in compare with all the time recompiling and changing of version ?
Comment by: colinw ( 26 Dec 2011, 03:45File version: 53.24
There's a new interim version on the way... 53.26
Comment by: raumfahre ( 24 Dec 2011, 18:14File version: 53.24
Since AOS4.1u4 Snoopy fails. Seems it requires a dos.library later than 53.81 ?
Comment by: kas1e ( 29 Mar 2011, 09:54File version: 53.22
Yep, sure. Its just because by default when you upload a file to os4depot os4.0 mark is sets and from time to time uploaders forget to change it.
Comment by: daveyw ( 27 Mar 2011, 09:26File version: 53.22

So I guess the readme should say "Min OS Version:  4.1" not 4.0 ?
Comment by: kas1e ( 26 Mar 2011, 13:00File version: 53.22
Yes, its part of os4.1 :

12/0.RAM Disk:> version full libs:dos.library
dos.library 53.58
Comment by: daveyw ( 26 Mar 2011, 00:18File version: 53.22
When I try and run Snoopy, I get an error: "Requires Dos Library V53.3+ to work". What is this? Where do I find it? Is it part of OS 4.1? (I currently only have OS 4.0)
Comment by: kas1e ( 30 Nov 2010, 08:51File version: 53.22
Why not ? Imho its much better to save in current directory, to avoid all those writing to system partition (which some of us, just locked for write).

Plz add 2 more options : mark all, and unmark all :) Or maybe for every sub-filed add options like "mark all dos-function", "mark all-exec function". It will be handy
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 29 Nov 2010, 21:14File version: 53.22
why Snoopy saves the config file in him progdir instead of ENVARC: ?
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 29 Nov 2010, 21:12File version: 53.22
why Snoopy saves the config file in him progdir instead of ENVARC: ?
Comment by: kas1e ( 23 Oct 2010, 09:43File version: 53.18
Yep. It always better to set ALL, and then unmark which you not need, in compare with manuall setting fucntion by fucntion. If i remember right, snoopdos back in times have that feature (mark all)
Comment by: MickJT ( 23 Oct 2010, 02:57File version: 53.18
Yes, i'd like a way to Mark all per section too. Not just a blanket "all", but a few different "all" options.
Comment by: kas1e ( 21 Oct 2010, 13:56File version: 53.18
It is possible to add to snoopy one more option, which will mena "set all dos-function". Because its pretty annoing mark all the functions manually, when you want to see them all.
Comment by: MIchaelMerkel ( 17 Feb 2010, 18:42File version: 53.18
well... time ti fix listview.gadget then :-)

Comment by: ColinWenzel ( 15 Feb 2010, 23:40File version: 53.18
Sorry, but it's the listview gadget, it's dog slow and I can't
make it go any faster.

However, if you have several hundred/thousand queued events,
click the minimise gadget and then expand again after a second,
this will update the event list without having to wait for the
listview to redrawer all entries.
You can process thousands of events really quickly this way.

Comment by: MIchaelMerkel ( 15 Feb 2010, 18:50File version: 53.18
why is ist so damned slow? :-(
this is the mayer painpoint currently.

Comment by: MIchaelMerkel ( 15 Feb 2010, 18:49File version: 53.18
why is ist so damned slow? :-(
this is the mayer painpoint currently.

Comment by: orginAt: 15 Feb 2010, 04:35File version: 53.18
To uploader: please use the [Replace file] link on your files readme page when replacing your file. The replaces field was incorrectly entered
Comment by: orginAt: 06 Aug 2009, 14:52File version: 53.14
To uploader: please use the [Replace file] link on your files readme page when replacing your file. The replaces field was incorrectly entered
Comment by: Deniil ( 19 Sep 2008, 20:29File version: 53.8
I like to report a bug:
When an action has performed and flooded the window with entries being filled
in, it is not possible to select the menu item "Halt all logging", which means
that if there is still coming in events that are sloowly filling the list, it
will never stop, because it will never listen to that menu item it seems.
Comment by: orginAt: 28 Aug 2008, 18:12File version: 53.8
Please use the [Replace File] link on your files' readme page when replacing
your file. The Replaces field was incorrectly entered.
Comment by: jahc ( 23 Nov 2007, 01:13File version: 51.23
Great tool, thank you. But yes, please make it possible to change the font. :)
Topaz/8 looks ugly on 1:1 aspect screen.
Comment by: RWO ( 24 Jul 2007, 01:22File version: 51.18
OpenLibrary() and GetInterface() is really a big feature that is missing.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 22 Jan 2007, 00:06File version: 51.7
REALLY nice tool!
Byt plz:
1 - Change the ugly font...
2 - Make visible errors with color change...

Than was perfect!

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