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 File comments for:  Utility » Misc » hyperbench.lha


Description: Desktop for public screens
Download: hyperbench.lha
Version: 0.35
Date: 18 Dec 2012
Category: utility/misc
FileID: 7571
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/misc/hyperbench.lha

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Comment by: Tarzin ( 07 May 2012, 18:54File version: 0.31
Thanks for this new release!
It's very usefull!
Comment by: Tuomas ( 25 May 2011, 14:24File version: 0.25
Thanks ! Nice to know it works on classic too.
Comment by: DarrenHD ( 25 May 2011, 05:17File version: 0.25
Nice program, thank you very much. Works on AmigaOS 4.1 Classic!!

Keep up the good work!

Comment by: Tuomas ( 17 Mar 2011, 18:16File version: 0.23
>"Is it possible to use DVPlayer instead of MPlayer?"
If you mean that small/thumb video display then no. DVPlayer doesn't allow to set window size from command line. Otherwise you can add user buttons to every drawer which you can use to launch any program with selected files.
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 17 Mar 2011, 06:46File version: 0.23
Really nice! If you go on you will end up with some kind of "Ambient on Reaction"... ;-) Is it possible to use DVPlayer instead of MPlayer?
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 09 Jan 2011, 11:52File version: 0.21
Really better and better every release :)
ATM I found an annoing thing...
When previewing a big image the system was really sloved down so...
Plz add Exif load support for photo and/or use really low priority to do the preview...


Comment by: Tuomas ( 07 Jan 2011, 00:11File version: 0.21
Quote: "The icons themselves have moved, but the volume gauge is in two or three places. "
Yes. I noticed that myself. I've fixed that (hopefully) and moving prefs back to ENVARC/ENV.
Comment by: MickJT ( 06 Jan 2011, 22:23File version: 0.21
Even when compositing is off, if I go like crazy moving randomly drive icons around (with volume gauge underneath), and move a few at a time, then some individually, really really fast, then opening windows randomly dragging them around the screen really fast and basically just going crazy with everything, I get copies of the volume gauges. The icons themselves have moved, but the volume gauge is in two or three places.
Comment by: MickJT ( 06 Jan 2011, 22:18File version: 0.21
Tuomas, I wish there was an easy way of contacting you. My e-mail address can be found without too much hassle. You can contact me and i'll reply. The problem is when Compositing is turned on for that public screen. Turn off compositing and it's fine.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 06 Jan 2011, 21:08File version: 0.21
Here it works fine. Don't know what could be the problem.
Comment by: MickJT ( 06 Jan 2011, 17:06File version: 0.21
Couldn't find any e-mail address or forum to contact you on, Tuomas. I'm having issues with moving drive icons. It's the first time i've tried this program, and it looks fantastic, but lets say I run it with HyperBench PUBSCREEN=test123. It opens up fine, but when I drag RAM Disk, Work, Workbench etc.. to another location, the icon graphic is being copied instead of moved/dragged, so I end up with two RAM Disk icons, two Work icons, etc.. If I double-click on a drive then move the window over the entire screen to force a graphics refresh, it fixes up the icons.

Is there an issue using PROGDIR: or just switching back to ENVARC: again? ENVARC is exactly the right place for preferences, and ENV is exactly the right place for temporary preferences, in my opinion.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 05 Jan 2011, 23:24File version: 0.21
I was thinking to use program dir at first. But how to use a prog dir when the program is not run yet the first time. Or if use Prefs programs tooltype then the main program have to be able to find the icon of the prefs program to read its tooltypes when they're in different dirs.

I have to think how to do it.
Comment by: MichaelMerkel ( 05 Jan 2011, 22:44File version: 0.21
from the readme:
>Prefs files are now stored into sys:Prefs instead of ENVARC:.
>Temporary prefs are stored into ram:T instead of ENV:.

sys:prefs is NOT intended for preference files! please switch back to ENVARC:/ENV: (which i presonally don't like much - it should be reserved for "system" prefs only) or save the prefs in the program directory.

thanks and regards
Comment by: Daniel ( 10 Nov 2010, 17:43File version: 0.18
Like the film strip in the top of the lister, nice idea.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 17 Jun 2010, 12:29File version: 0.17
Btw. Have you replaced your CON-handler with KCON completely or do you have them both like I do ?
Comment by: TSK ( 13 Jun 2010, 16:25File version: 0.17
I'm using command: NewCLI WINDOW="CON:250/400/500/200/AmigaShell/CLOSE/SCREEN=<pub_screen_name>" FROM=S:Shell-startup to launch Shell from YAD. I guess I have to ask help on Amigans.net.
Comment by: kas1e ( 12 Jun 2010, 18:54File version: 0.17
Tryed last version, for the same "newshell" bug. So, i unpack archive, run prefs (detect that there is WB2 are done), close, run main programm, choice tools/sheel, and have window from YEtAnotherDesktop with "NEWSHELL: bad number of params".

But programm in general looks pretty professional :)
Comment by: Tuomas/TSK ( 22 Mar 2010, 15:45File version: 0.16
Unfortunately I can't reproduce your problem here. Don't have any ideas currently what it could be.
Comment by: kas1e ( 21 Mar 2010, 17:46File version: 0.16
Yep, i run for first YADPrefs (it have Workbench2 item in YAD list, i change nothing here).
So, after i run YetAnotherDesk itself, and then tools/shell => dsi.
Comment by: Tuomas/TSK ( 21 Mar 2010, 16:17File version: 0.16
Did you run YADPrefs before testing it and did you set any screen ? On which screen it opened (Workbench or other public screen) ? (I have to check autodocs of SystemTags() more closely.)
Comment by: kas1e ( 21 Mar 2010, 14:45File version: 0.16
I have KCON installed .. Grim looks like:
Task 0xXXXXXXX ("newshell")
type: DSI
module: dos.library.kmod
alert: 800000003

Stack trace generating in GR window show me only bugs in the dos.library.lmod, kernel, locale.library and shell.kmod.. (nothing about main binary instructions).

But newshell, newcli or any other kind of those commands works fine for me when i type it myself ..
Comment by: Tuomas/TSK ( 21 Mar 2010, 14:37File version: 0.16
It looks like I've made a big mistake to use KCON: instead of CON: launching Shell. Do you have KingCON installed ? I'll fix this for the next release.

I forgot to mention that language catalogs are outdated because I wanted to release this version fast because of that menu problem with older versions. I'll fix that in the next version.
Comment by: kas1e ( 21 Mar 2010, 14:23File version: 0.16
just tryed v0.16
Download, unpack, run YetAnotherDesk. It spawn new desktop, in which i choice in menu:
Tools/Shell. Then have GR in dos.kmod. (peg2/aos41u1).
Comment by: Tuomas ( 04 Mar 2009, 19:16File version: 0.12
I forgot to raise version number of YADPrefs to 1.8. So it has old version number but it's changed.
Comment by: TSK ( 04 May 2008, 21:10File version: 0.5.1+0.6
Did you create that screen first with sys:Prefs/Screens editor ? (It's mentioned
in the readme.) Did you enable "Open/close automatically" in Screens editor for
that screen also ? It has to be enabled. (I forgot that part from the readme.)
Comment by: Hans ( 22 Apr 2008, 16:14File version: 0.5
I get "YAD SEVERE ERROR: Can't lock my screen !?"
Comment by: Tuomas ( 21 Dec 2007, 18:03File version: 0.2b
Quote: &quot;What is the name of the font you're using&quot;
It doesn't set any font itself. It's using systems font which you can set in
Font prefs.
Comment by: abalaban ( 19 Dec 2007, 23:26File version: 0.2b
Hello how can I contact you ? I did not find email anywhere ?
You can contact me using my address : alexandre at balaban dot fr
Comment by: Kotler ( 18 Dec 2007, 22:29File version: 0.2b
Execuse me, What is the name of the font you're using
as Screen font and Workbech Icon font? It looks like
Tahoma, but slightly narrower.

Many thanks
Comment by: shoe ( 15 Dec 2007, 21:10File version: 0.2b
cool app :)
Comment by: Severin ( 15 Dec 2007, 00:15File version: 0.1b
Hmmm... forced it to use smart refresh? it's a lot slower now :(

Another little glitch, the buttons are attached to the slider, not the window
border, so stretching the window out gives:
Comment by: Tuomas ( 14 Dec 2007, 21:05File version: 0.1b
Those two bugs fixed
Comment by: Severin ( 14 Dec 2007, 11:18File version: 0.1b
Found another little bug, using one drawer mode and clicking parent gives me a
Comment by: Severin ( 14 Dec 2007, 11:10File version: 0.1b
Looking good, one little problem though, the background and icons don't get
updated if you use simple refresh, you just get grey blocks.
Comment by: AlexC ( 14 Dec 2007, 00:43File version: 0.1b
Looks like DOpus Magellan is getting some competition :-)

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