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 File comments for:  Utility » Scientific » wordnet.lha


Description: Electronic database of the English language
Download: wordnet.lha
Version: 3.5
Date: 08 Jan 2013
Category: utility/scientific
FileID: 7640
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/scientific/wordnet.lha

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Comment by: Phantom ( 31 Mar 2011, 15:08File version: 3.3
Thanx for the update. :)
Comment by: Daniel ( 21 Dec 2010, 13:41File version: 3.2
Very useful program, thanks!
Comment by: Lodz ( 19 Dec 2010, 09:07File version: 3.2
Yes New Version !!!!I love this program!
Comment by: Daniel Jedlicka ( 21 Jan 2010, 21:55File version: 3.1
What blooper do you mean? "People" is both a noun and a verb, and the screenshot shows the verbal part of the word's meaning.
Comment by: kilaueabart ( 21 Jan 2010, 21:22File version: 3.1
Just out of curiosity, is the blooper in the second screen shot, re "people" as a verb, Princeton's?
Comment by: Daniel Jedlicka ( 21 Jan 2010, 12:58File version: 3.1
The WordNet content is based on natural English so it also includes taboo words. They are part of the language after all and people frequently use them - it's the society that labels them as "taboo". You can find dirty words even in learners dictionaries like OALD (Oxford) or LDCE (Longman). It's common lexicographer practice nowadays.

Glad you like the program!
Comment by: kas1e ( 21 Jan 2010, 12:08File version: 3.1
That fanny that this database know words like "fuck, motherfucker, coward and so on" :)
Anyway nice one, expectualy with c:say and flite.device.
Comment by: Daniel Jedlicka ( 04 Sep 2009, 07:58File version: 3.0
Thanks for your positive comments everyone! I'm glad you find the program useful.

I admit the ARexx interface is simplistic - and I only added it as part of my own learning of how arexx.class actually works. I'm currently working on another OS4 project so no extensions to WordNet's ARexx interface are planned at the moment. Still, thanks for the idea, it's an interesting one.
Comment by: Hivernaal ( 03 Sep 2009, 09:07File version: 3.0
Thank you very much for this excellent work, it's very usefull !
Comment by: jaokim ( 02 Sep 2009, 20:58File version: 3.0
Very nice!
A really welcome addition would be the possibility to search for words and get info back with some ARexx commands. Basically
"SEARCH_SYNONYMS couch potato" and get the string "idler, loafer, do-nothing, layabout, bum" back, without going through the GUI. This could then be used in a texteditor, for instance.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
Comment by: PEB ( 01 Sep 2009, 18:24File version: 3.0
Very nice!
The browser you made for this works well (easy to use).

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