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 File comments for:  Utility » Shell » ppccpuinfo.lha


Description: AmigaDOS command to query some cpu prorieties
Download: ppccpuinfo.lha
Version: 1.6
Date: 08 Nov 2019
Category: utility/shell
FileID: 11050
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/shell/ppccpuinfo.lha

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Comment by: Raziel ( 08 Nov 2019, 13:19File version: 1.5
All is working correctly now :-)
...and yes, i would like to have those additional benchmarks, sounds like fun.

Genuine product ID CPU: P.A. Semi PWRficient PA6T-1682M Version: B1
CPU Family: Semi PowerPC
CPUs detected n.1 - CPU Vector Unit AltiVec/VMX
FSB Speed: 900 MHz - CPU Speed: 1800 MHz
L1CacheSize: 64 kBytes
L2CacheSize: 2048 kBytes
Calibrating delay loop..
Ok - 176.00 BogoMips

Thank you
Comment by: Fl@sh ( 08 Nov 2019, 11:51File version: 1.5
Thanks for you feedbacks, I have just updated a 1.6 version with altivec detection and copyright symbol fixed.
I don't have a real Amiga so sorry for the numerous revisions.

Please tell me if you'd like to add also Drystone and Whetstone benchs.. for now I added only bogomips just for fun.
Bogomips isn't really indicative about cpu speed, due it's really too much simple test.
For binaries I used GCC8 and GCC9 compilers under OS4 (QEMU sam460ex) and MorphOS.

Please test 1.6 version and let me know I all issues are gone :-)
Comment by: Trixie ( 08 Nov 2019, 10:54File version: 1.5
Exactly. The copyright symbol does not exist at all in ISO 8859-2, which means that most Eastern and Central European localizations will display a wrong character there. This holds true not only for version strings but also for locale catalogs.
Comment by: colinw ( 07 Nov 2019, 23:51File version: 1.5
Please don't use byte values above 0x7f in version strings, they will only come out
the way you think they will, when the user has the same charset selected, otherwise trash.
For the copyright symbol, use plain ascii, two brackets and the letter C, eg; "(c)"
Comment by: Raziel ( 07 Nov 2019, 10:21File version: 1.5
1.5 fixed the issues, thank you.

Still, there is one thing that bothes me.
It display i hvae no CPU Vector Unit, but i do have Altivec on my X1000.
The "cpu" command tells me that as well.
Comment by: Raziel ( 05 Nov 2019, 16:18File version: 1.4
Ah, so those special chars produced by the app doesn't like to be included in a comment.

Anyway, i'm on a X1000 and some output is wrong, namely
Genuine product ID CPU: P Version: [following here is a bunch of speical chars]
FSB Speed: Ld MHz - CPU Speed: Ld MHz

Comment by: Lio ( 28 Feb 2018, 20:08File version: 1.1
MHz fixed with v1.1 and FSB added (results for X5000):
CPUs detected: n.1
CPU Family: E5500 PowerPC
CPU Model: PPC P50XX
CPU Vector Unit: none
FSB Speed: 798 Mhz - CPU Speed: 1995 Mhz
CPU Extensions:
L1CacheSize: 32 kBytes
L2CacheSize: 512 kBytes
Genuine product ID CPU: Freescale P50XX (E5500 core) Version: 1.2
Comment by: thellier ( 28 Feb 2018, 08:51File version: 1.1
>I got this for X5000 :
> 1995000000 Mhz
It should be 1995 Mhz, no?
Comment by: Lio ( 27 Feb 2018, 22:15File version: 1.0
I got this for X5000 :

CPUs detected: n.1
CPU Family: E5500 PowerPC
CPU Model: PPC P50XX
CPU Vector Unit: none
CPU Speed: 1995000000 Mhz
L1CacheSize: 32 kBytes
L2CacheSize: 512 kBytes
Genuine CPU: Freescale P50XX (E5500 core) V1.2

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