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 Files uploaded by Alfkil Wennermark

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
qt-amicygnix-sdk.tar.gzdev/cro0.1(4.6.2)119Mb27 Jul 104.1115¤ Qt-amicygnix-sdk - Qt SDK for amicygnix (experimental)
qt-amicygnix-src.tar.gzdev/cro0.1(4.6.2)116Mb31 Jul 104.196¤ Qt-amicygnix-src - Qt source code (4.6.2)
qt-amicygnix-user.tar.gzdev/cro0.5(4.6.2)50Mb25 Oct 104.1241¤ Qt-amicygnix-user - Qt user archive (experimental)
libming.lhadev/lib/mis0.4.41Mb29 Jan 124.0116¤ Libming - libming - library tool for creating Flash content
wosira.lhadev/mis1.01390kb18 Dec 114.0176¤ Wosira - Reassemble WarpOS code interactively
descent.lhagam/act1.04Mb21 Mar 114.0363¤ Descent - Descent 1 reborn for AOS 4
napalm.lhagam/str0.1.369kb06 Dec 114.0651¤ Napalm - Patch for Napalm (AOS4)
flasq.lhagra/vec0.32Mb03 Jul 134.1151¤ Flasq - Flash animation editor for Qt
termie.lhauti/com0.391kb09 Oct 114.0256¤ Termie - Small serial terminal
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