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 Files uploaded by Hans-Joerg Frieden

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
compositing_goodies.lhadem/mis37kb07 Sep 084.1692¤ Compositing_goodies - Two demo programs using AmigaOS 4.1 compositing
winalphatest.lhadem/mis19kb09 Sep 084.1496¤ Winalphatest - Transparent Window test program for AmigaOS 4.1
python.lhadev/lan2.4.14Mb06 Feb 064.0579¤ Python - Python 2.4.1 for AmigaOS4.0
libphysfs.lhadev/lib/mis226kb27 May 084.0337¤ Libphysfs - File system abstraction layer and archive access
d2x.lhagam/act0.2.0888kb27 May 084.0568¤ D2x - Descent II port
lbreakout2.lhagam/act2.2beta53Mb21 Oct 044.0573¤ Lbreakout2 - Free SDL-based Breakout clone
ja2.lhagam/str0.92Mb28 Jun 084.0526¤ Ja2 - Jagged Alliance 2
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