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 Files uploaded by Samir Hawamdeh

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
vsp.lhaaud/pla2.202Mb12 Jan 20204.077¤ Vintage Song Player - An easy mod, mp3, ogg and wav Vintage Player
protracker5_src.zipaud/tra5.04Mb19 Oct 20084.0626¤ Protracker5_src - Protracker 5.0 Source Code
basicboss.lhadev/cro0.2.2934kb15 Sep 20114.0139¤ Basicboss - Basic-Boss C64 Cross Compiler
lolcode.lhadev/lan0.9.2978kb16 Mar 20114.0160¤ Lolcode - LOLCODE interpreter written in C
rpilot.lhadev/lan1.4.2110kb11 Sep 20134.0125¤ RPilot - Rob's PILOT interpreter
intybasic.lhadev/mis1.4.21005kb06 Jun 20204.028¤ IntyBASIC - BASIC compiler for Intellivision
applogviewer_ita.lhadev/uti1.01kb20 Nov 20114.1210¤ Applogviewer_it - Italian catalog for AppLogViewer 54.1
dosbox_ita.lhaemu/com0.7479kb28 Feb 20204.044¤ DOSBox italian - Italian translation for DOSBox 0.74
gngeo_pack-list.lhaemu/gam1.110Mb29 Sep 20114.0209¤ Gngeo_pack-list - Complete GFX pack for GnGeo + Compatibility List
vbagui_ita.lhaemu/gam1.0617kb09 Sep 20104.0289¤ Vbagui_ita - Italian catalog for Visual Boy Advance GUI
d64vrm.lhaemu/mis0.442kb15 Aug 20124.0169¤ D64vrm - D64 (C64) Virus Remover
mnib.lhaemu/mis0.3570kb11 May 20114.0129¤ Mnib - Markus' Commodore disk nibbler
prg2sid.lhaemu/mis0.6457kb15 Aug 20124.0202¤ Prg2sid - Attaches a PSID header to a ripped (prg) tune
x68k2amiga.lhaemu/mis1.136kb10 Jan 20114.0209¤ X68k2amiga - Convert Sharp X68000 executables to Amiga
theclue.lhagam/adv0.1d3Mb15 Sep 20114.0337¤ Theclue - The Clue! adventure remake
thewidow.lhagam/adv1.1018Mb31 Jan 20214.045¤ The Widow - Point and click adventure horror
soms3d.lhagam/fps20068Mb28 Dec 20094.0377¤ Soms3d - First person shooter 3D engine
soms3d_upd.lhagam/fps20062Mb28 Dec 20094.0281¤ Soms3d_upd - Soms3D Update
nexuiz.lhagam/fps2.5.221Mb19 Jun 20204.0124¤ Nexuiz - Fast paced 3D deathmatch game
jump-n-blob_src.lhagam/pla1.066kb21 Jun 20204.042¤ Jump N Blob (source) - Typical jump and run platform game
hermes.lhagam/pla1.102Mb21 Dec 20204.067¤ Hermes - Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad humor
gemrb.lhagam/str0.7.26Mb13 Jun 20204.062¤ GemRB - Portable Bioware's Infinity Engine
homeworld.lhagam/str1.05339Mb17 Jun 20204.082¤ Homeworld - Real-time strategy video game
netpanzer_afxgroup.lhagam/str0.8.418Mb13 Jun 20204.059¤ NetPanzer - Multiplayer online RTS game with tanks
wesnoth_afxgroup.lhagam/str1.8.6297Mb13 Jun 20204.054¤ Battle for Wesnoth - Battle for Wesnoth (afxgroup version)
dcraw.lhagra/con9.283Mb25 Feb 20194.0149¤ DCRaw - CLI converter for camera raw files
sh-icons.lhagra/ico1.11Mb13 Jun 20104.0349¤ Sh-icons - An icon set for Timberwolf, OWB and others.
awc.lhagra/mis4.002Mb18 Mar 20204.040¤ AnimWebConverter - A web anim tool
petlp.lhagra/mis1.1103kb22 Aug 20114.0149¤ Petlp - Commodore Matrix Printer Emulator
pintorweb.lhagra/mis3.003Mb24 Feb 20204.036¤ Pintor Web - An easy program to handling pictures
zoomit_ita.lhagra/mis1.34kb07 Sep 20134.0115¤ ZoomIT italian - Italian catalog file for ZoomIT
acuario.lhagra/scr20205Mb21 Jun 20204.059¤ Acuario - A nice screen saver with beauty mermaid & fishes
fairies.lhagra/scr20202Mb26 Jun 20204.041¤ Fairies - Portable And freeware screen saver/blanker
firefox2like_theme.lhagra/the1.62Mb18 Nov 20144.0201¤ Firefox2Like Themes - Mozilla Firefox 2.x like Theme for OWB and NetSurf
grimoriumpdf.lhagra/vie2.152Mb11 Mar 20204.071¤ Grimorium PDF - PDF viewer written in Hollywood
warpviewgui_ita.rargra/vie1.011kb15 Aug 20074.0304¤ Warpviewgui_ita - Italian catalog for WarpView GUI
vindentiumpicta.lhagra/vie2.302Mb24 Apr 20204.047¤ Videntium Picta - Picture Viewer written in Hollywood
hwp_hurl.lhalib/hol1.13Mb04 Jan 20214.035¤ HWP_hURL - The multi-protocol data transfer plugin
hwp_xmp.lhalib/hol1.02Mb06 Apr 20204.047¤ HWP_XMP - Play many module formats with Hollywood
easyrapa.lhalib/hol1.08Mb04 Jan 20214.032¤ EasyRapa - Generate RapaGui simple app structure
odyssey_doc.lhanet/bro1.254Mb05 Sep 20154.0261¤ Odyssey Doc - HTML documentation for Odyssey Web Browser
owb_ff2_theme.lhanet/bro1.0174kb23 Nov 20094.0526¤ Owb_ff2_theme - A Mozilla Firefox 2.x like theme for OWB
pftp_ita.lhanet/ftp1.231kb16 Jan 20164.090¤ pFTP_ita - Italian translation for pFTP
myx11setup_ita.lhanet/mis2.0471kb09 Feb 20134.0226¤ Myx11setup_ita - Italian catalog for myX11Setup
iconecta.lhanet/mis4.02Mb19 Oct 20204.046¤ iConecta - A little and easy program to test your connection
muimapparium_ita.lhanet/mis0.87kb20 Oct 20204.021¤ MUIMapparium ITA - Italian catalog for MUIMapparium
witchcleaner.lhanet/mis1.552Mb15 Dec 20204.030¤ Witch Cleaner - Clean temp data from OWB and Wayfarer
aya.lhanet/mis0.42Mb16 Dec 20204.037¤ AskYourAmiga - Access wolfram alpha answer machine (wikipedia)
bourriquet.lhanet/p2p0.2.9.53Mb26 May 20134.0181¤ Bourriquet - A client for eDonkey network (alpha version)
bourriquet_ita.lhanet/p2p8kb31 Mar 20064.0322¤ Bourriquet_ita - Catalog for Bourriquet (a P2P client for AmigaOS)
iodbc.lhaoff/dat3.52.72Mb13 Jun 20204.045¤ iODBC - Indipendent Open Database
iodbc_sdk.lhaoff/dat3.52.7662kb13 Jun 20204.032¤ iODBC SDK - Indipendent Open Database SDK
amiarc_ita.lhauti/arc1.13kb17 Oct 20104.0280¤ Amiarc_ita - Italian catalog for AmiArc 1.1
deark.lhauti/arc1.5.53Mb09 Jun 20204.036¤ Deark - Extracting data from various file formats
filer_ita.lhauti/fil53.3244kb27 Apr 20144.0294¤ Filer_italian - Filer italian catalogs
ips-o-matic_ita.lhauti/fil1.017kb09 Feb 20134.0106¤ Ips-o-matic_ita - Italian catalog for IPS-O-Matic 1.2
iso-o_matic_ita.lhauti/fil1.417kb09 Feb 20134.0189¤ Iso-o_matic_ita - Italian catalog for ISO-O-Matic 1.11
ppf-o-matic_ita.lhauti/fil1.017kb09 Feb 20134.0150¤ Ppf-o-matic_ita - Italian catalog for PPF-O-Matic 1.2
omanko.lhauti/fil1.002Mb07 Jun 20204.028¤ Omanko! - Get MD5 and CRC32 checksums
html2wiki.lhauti/mis1.0175kb15 Aug 20124.0276¤ Html2wiki - Translates HTML to wikipedia text
luhn.lhauti/mis14kb31 Oct 20104.0256¤ Luhn - Checks validity of credit card numbers
siddump.lhauti/mis1.0789kb23 May 20194.051¤ SIDDump - C64 music debug output utility
sidid.lhauti/mis1.0979kb23 May 20194.062¤ SIDId - HVSC playroutine identity scanner
gsar.lhauti/she1.21109kb31 Mar 20174.094¤ gsar - General Search And Replace
ctlg2ct.lhauti/tex1.1545kb29 Oct 20204.069¤ CTLG2CT - Decompiles catalogs back into .ct files
fonttester.lhauti/tex1.052Mb24 Feb 20204.043¤ Font Tester - Tool to test the fonts installed in the system
nowined.lhauti/tex/edi0.835Mb14 Aug 20124.0288¤ Nowined - TextEditor multipage (MDI)
nowinedsrc.lhauti/tex/edi0.831Mb18 May 20204.031¤ NoWinED Source - TextEditor multipage (MDI) (sources)
vim_mui.lhauti/tex/edi8.2.218714Mb01 Jan 20214.177¤ VIM - The ubiquitous text editor
evenmore.lhauti/tex/mis0.94432kb09 Nov 20204.042¤ EvenMore - Freeware Textviewer
amiupdate_ita.lhauti/wor2.4747kb02 Jan 20204.01935¤ AmiUpdate italian - Italian catalog files for AmiUpdate
gnash-src.lhavid/med0.8.10SVN8Mb07 Jun 20204.030¤ Gnash source - The GNU Flash player
gnash.lhavid/med0.8.68Mb13 Jun 20204.050¤ Gnash - The GNU Flash player
vamp.lhavid/pla2.252Mb24 Apr 20204.0122¤ V.A.M.P. - Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player
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