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 Files uploaded by Tuomas Hokka

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
jukebox.lhaaud/mis2.1136kb19 Nov 094.0282¤ Jukebox - Old jukebox style GUI for external mus/vid players
jukebox_ita.raraud/mis24kb01 Dec 094.0150¤ Jukebox_it - Italian catalog for Jukebox 2.0
sess.lhaaud/mis1.040kb22 Feb 174.076¤ Sess - Start/stop multiple MIDI sequencers from one place
seq.lhaaud/mis1.7157kb22 May 184.038¤ Seq - MIDI sequencer
guidesigner.lhadev/gui0.1104kb01 Aug 084.0566¤ Guidesigner - Simple GUI builder/designer
oo.lhadev/lib1.3965kb02 Mar 184.157¤ OO library - Bring easier programming to C and AmigaOS
radiobuttonxgad.lhadev/lib/gui1.383kb22 Feb 174.096¤ RadiobuttonX gadget - Radiobutton gadget expanded
drawergad.lhadev/lib/gui1.5285kb28 Apr 174.069¤ Drawer gadget - A gadget to display directories as icons or lists
picflowgad.lhadev/lib/gui1.780kb07 Apr 174.0110¤ Picture flow gadget - Display picture strips in a GUI
compilergui.lhadev/uti1.7111kb10 Jun 114.0266¤ Compilergui - GUI for compilers
retrosoft.lhaemu/uti1.0136kb05 May 144.0211¤ RetroSoft - Start listed software in an emulator
hearts.lhagam/car1.0124kb21 Aug 084.0250¤ Hearts - Hearts card game
pajatso.lhagam/mis1.073kb02 Sep 084.0161¤ Pajatso - Payazzo (slot machine game)
aissanimshow.lhagra/ais1.064kb12 May 084.0457¤ Aissanimshow - Show all AISS anims
viivi.lhagra/vie1.5199kb02 May 134.0367¤ Viivi - Picture viewer
metadatalib.lhalib/mis1.243kb06 Sep 174.074¤ Meta data library - Read some meta data information from file
knobgad.lhalib/rea1.557kb22 Feb 174.082¤ Knob gadget - Round knob gadget
owbutilities.lhanet/bro1.7168kb16 Mar 124.0267¤ Owbutilities - Bookmarks+fastlinks+converter tool for OWB
upload.lhanet/ftp1.129kb30 May 164.088¤ Upload - File upload utility (FTP)
download.lhanet/ftp1.537kb09 Nov 174.0139¤ Download - File download utility: http, https and ftp
granite.lhanet/mis1.4213kb26 Feb 144.0278¤ Granite - Firewall, grant access per application
servers.lhanet/mis1.162kb17 Jan 184.046¤ Servers - Enable and disable servers quick
makelinkgui.lhauti/fil1.077kb06 Oct 084.0255¤ Makelinkgui - GUI for Makelink
smart.lhauti/fil1.086kb18 Mar 094.0221¤ Smart - File indexing and search tool
timetraveler.lhauti/fil1.198kb07 Oct 084.0335¤ Timetraveler - Trashcan + recycled browser
virtualdrawer.lhauti/fil1.288kb05 May 084.0339¤ Virtualdrawer - Create virtual drawers
findmore.lhauti/fil2.7135kb11 Feb 174.0119¤ FindMore - File searching tool (GUI)
bmtool.lhauti/mis1.055kb31 Mar 124.0219¤ Bmtool - Conversion tool of web browser bookmarks
hyperbench.lhauti/mis0.351Mb18 Dec 124.0131¤ Hyperbench - Desktop for public screens
topapp.lhauti/mis1.0145kb12 Dec 114.0193¤ Topapp - Add and remove programs using GUI easy
requestlist.lhauti/she1.024kb27 Jul 094.0194¤ Requestlist - List options in a list from scripts
setdefpubscreen.lhauti/she1.029kb17 Apr 084.0257¤ Setdefpubscreen - CLI tool to change default public screen
softshutdown.lhauti/she1.042kb16 Jun 134.0349¤ Softshutdown - Software shutdown
amytimer.lhauti/wor1.367kb23 Nov 084.0258¤ Amytimer - A countdown timer
anotherwbfilter.lhauti/wor1.061kb13 Nov 074.0277¤ Anotherwbfilter - Select icons with wildcards
autodock.lhauti/wor1.138kb03 Jul 094.0301¤ Autodock - Move AmiDock to the default pub screen automaticly
hypercontrol.lhauti/wor1.0106kb29 Aug 114.0357¤ Hypercontrol - Mouse gestures, wheel and double click control
lastused.lhauti/wor1.1117kb02 Dec 084.0272¤ Lastused - List last used apps & docs
multiclock.lhauti/wor1.065kb05 Dec 074.0530¤ Multiclock - Clock, with timer
pixelruler.lhauti/wor1.051kb15 Feb 074.0460¤ Pixelruler - A pixel ruler
quickstarter_ita.lhauti/wor2.0924b19 Apr 094.0188¤ Quickstarter_ita - Italian catalog for QuickStarter
screenmonitor.lhauti/wor1.379kb15 Jan 084.0368¤ Screenmonitor - Public screen monitoring utility
screenthumbs.lhauti/wor1.963kb31 Oct 114.0323¤ Screenthumbs - Screen thumbnails
switcher3d.lhauti/wor4.177kb06 Apr 124.0469¤ Switcher3d - Window and screen switcher
titlebarclock.lhauti/wor1.968kb04 Dec 154.0262¤ Titlebarclock - Small clock (for WB titlebar)
wbpreview.lhauti/wor1.554kb05 Feb 094.0446¤ Wbpreview - Preview feature for Workbench
windowthumbs.lhauti/wor2.3144kb31 Oct 114.0271¤ Windowthumbs - Window thumbnails with LALT+TAB
prefscenter.lhauti/wor1.8259kb22 Feb 174.0191¤ Prefs Center - Launch prefs programs from a GUI
quickstarter.lhauti/wor2.1325kb22 Feb 174.0147¤ Quickstarter - Quick program start menu
fuelgauge.lhauti/wor2.391kb17 Feb 174.0141¤ Fuelgauge - Volume gauges underneath hard drive icons
videoeditor.lhavid/edi1.1113kb06 Feb 094.0529¤ Videoeditor - Simple video editing tool
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