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 Readme for:  Development » Library » Graphics » ablit.lha


Description: Alpha Channel Blit Library
Download: ablit.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Version: 0.4b
Date: 14 Nov 2006
Author: Jürgen Schober
Submitter: Jürgen Schober
Email: juergen/cox net
Requirements: AmigaOS4 SDK, SDL (optional)
Category: development/library/graphics
Replaces: development/library/ablit.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 2317
Comments: 4
Snapshots: 6
Videos: 0
Downloads: 272  (Current version)
322  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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The ABLIT library provides a BltBitMap() compatible function 
call which adds the missing alpha channel and blend support 
to AmigaOS (4.0). It also contains some nice addons to 
integrate SDL_Surfaces into AmigaOS.

New since release version 0.4 is full OpenGL 1.3 support thru Mesa4.0.4.
This is an OpenGL preview release!

See the included readme for more information.

Available interfaces:


    - BltAlphaBitMap()
    - BltAlphaBitMapRastPort() (v0.3)
    - WriteAlphaPixelArray() (v0.3)
    - ExtractMask() (v0.3)
    - InjectMask()  (v0.3)


    - SDL_BlitAlphaSurfaceBitMap()
    - SDL_BlitAlphaBitMapSurface()
    - SDL_BlitAlphaSurface()
    - SDL_BlitAlphaBitMapRastPort() (v0.3)


    - ABU_InitVideo() (supports windowed and fullscreen modes now)
    - ABU_CloseVideo()
    - plus some more (see header)


    - full OpenGL 1.3 API

For more information check the header files and examples. 
A complete documentation will follow.


v0.4b: 11/15/2006
    - Service release. Stacksize fixed for demos

v0.4: 11/14/2006
    - Full OpenGL1.3 (Mesa4.0.4) implementation (gl and glu)
    - Shared library. The old link library is obsolete and not available any
      A link library wrapper will be available at one point.
    - Full AmigaInput support thru the ABU framework
    - Simplified Event Handling thru ABU (for both AIN and Intuition events).
    - Easy to use C++ template framework.

v0.3: 11/21/2005
    - added BltAlphaBitMapRastPort()
    - added SDL_BlitAlphaSurfaceRastPort()
    - added WriteAlphaPixelArray() 
      (cgx compatible call with alpha channel support)
    - added ExtractAlphaMask() - untested 
      (create an 8bit bitmap out of alpha layer)
    - added InjectAlphaMask() - untested 
      (inject an 8bit alpha mask into a 32bit bitmap)
    - changed all calls to match AmigaOS camel case naming convention 
      (e.g. all "Bitmap" are now "BitMap")
    - added ablit_util ABU_InitVideo can now handle window or 
      full screen mode.
    - added some more direct ARGB32 target blits 
      (only with 32 bit source format for now, 16/24 bit is missing).

v0.2: 11/05/2005
    - removed  tags from link library. 
      Doesn't make sence in a link lib
    - fixed alignment exceptions (hope I got them all now), 
      16 bit source blits should work again
    - cleaned up code into more generic patterns. Adding a color 
      format should only be a matter of changeing some macro 
      and no code changes  any more -> easier maintenance.
    - fixed clipping bugs in 16/32 bit formats
    - removed C++ dependencies (libstdc++.a)
    - lib is now independent from clib2 or newlib. 
      Should run with both now. (libalib.a & libalib_utils.a)
      (I need a clib2 version of freetype to test SDL_ttf, though)
    - restructured code for new functionality yet to come
    - added some free ttf fonts for the demo 
      (see it's notes inside the fonts folder)

v0.1: 10/31/2005
    - Forgot a debug message, slowed everything down
    - added  in ablit and ablit_utils lib

v0.0: 10/31/2005
    - First OS4Depot Release


 Please see the included documentation 

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