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 Readme for:  Driver » Graphics » minigl4gl4es.lha


Description: MiniGL / GLUT replacement libraries using GL4ES
Download: minigl4gl4es.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1002kb
Version: 3.5
Date: 06 Jan 2020
Author: The MiniGL4GL4ES Team
Submitter: Daytona675x
Homepage: https://www.goldencode.de
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1 FE, OpenGL ES 2
Category: driver/graphics
Replaces: driver/graphics/minigl4gl4es.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: no
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11118
Comments: 7
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 508  (Current version)
649  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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MiniGL4GL4ES (Alpha)

Merry xmas and a happy new year 2020 to all the AmigaOS4 crowd around the
globe :)
For all the poor souls with a Polaris card and thus without full 3D support
this little gift might come handy:

MiniGL4GL4ES, a set of MiniGL and GLUT replacement libraries which are built
on top of GL4ES and therefore allow you to play (many of) those old school
MiniGL games for AmigaOS4 with Polaris.

Why aren't MiniGL games running on Polaris in the first place?
That's because the original MiniGL sits on top of the old school
Warp3D driver which hasn't been implemented for Polaris.

However, in the meantime, ptitSeb and kas1e ported ptitSeb's GL4ES to
AmigaOS4. Just like MiniGL it's a desktop OpenGL implementation. But in
contrast to MiniGL it doesn't sit on top of the unsupported Warp3D driver but
instead works on top of my OpenGLES2 (hence 4ES), which sits on top of W3DNova
for which Hans provided support for Polaris.

So I sat down and hacked together those libraries here. Unfortunately GL4ES
has not been designed to be used as a shared library, which is why there are
certain issues. I was able to mod GL4ES to behave pretty well inside the
lib - as long as you


Other than that, have fun! As always many thanks to kas1e for testing and 
moral support :)

Oh, btw., a little sidenote to the nay-sayers:
this MiniGL library doesn't have too many float calculations inside, you may
draw your own conclusions from this... ;)



Just copy minigl.library and mglut.library to your LIBS: folder. Maybe make a 
backup of those two files first.
The archive contains two tiny simple batch files which do the job of 

Tested and working
- the MiniGL demos
- three different Quake3 variants
- Jedi Knight
- Foobillard
- Diamonds and Dust
- Aquaria
- equilibrio
- and many more

Known issues
- Shogo gives a grey screen and freezes
- fullscreen vsync is not properly implemented, only faked with WaitTOF
- guaranteed crash if ignoring the multiple-progs-at-once warning from
  above :)
- it's a really dirty and massive hack, don't forget that ;)

Version History

3.5 (6.2.2020)
- removed experimental delayed glClear hack which had been added
  to work around some pixel garbage in some games. Has too many potential
  side-effects though.
- internal bitmaps are being cleared on creation / resize. Yet another
  experiment regarding those rare pixel garbage situations.
- GL4ES: some internal code cleanup regarding env var handling (wow,
  about 4k redundant code is gone ;-) ).
- mglut.library's version set to 2.24 (06.01.2020) to avoid confusion.
- integrated ptitSeb's latest GL4ES improvements:
  Better handling of games that detach and delete shaders right after
  linking the program. And some cleanup.

3.4 (5.2.2020)
- Fix: fullscreen <-> window toggle initiated by GLUT is working now.
  This means that e.g. Foobillard works flawlessly now, MiniGL demo
  "warp" doesn't crash anymore, etc.
- note: in contrast to previous notes env-var-handling works.
  The following issue made it appear as if it didn't:
- added extra support for env var LIBGL_FPS 1 so that it also works
  with games which don't call mglSwitchDisplay but do a cgl_UpdateContext
  with two alternating front- and back-bitmaps instead (e.g. Q3 SDL2).
- GL4ES messages can be enabled via
- GL_VERSION downgrade to 1.3 fixated.
  Hollywood's GL_Galore uses GLFW internally which does a very strict
  GL_VERSION consistency check, too strict for MiniGL ;)
  Better to play low here.
- included GL4ES fix by ptitSeb:
  fixed rendering when using glPolygonMode and GL_LINE on GL_POLYGON.

3.3 (3.2.2020)
- Fix: if you tried to overwrite the library if it had been in use then
  the system would crash / freeze.
- additional GL_EXTENSION entry GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_arrays.
  This extension is a typo! It is GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array without
  s but MiniGL's original extension string has that typo...
  So this has been added to satisfy programs which falsely rely on it...
  (e.g. Q3 SDL2)
- additional GL_EXTENSION entry GL_MGL_packed_pixels.
  Old MiniGL variant of GL_EXT_packed_pixels.
- GL_VERSION downgraded to 1.3 for now; workaround for
  Hollywood's GL_Galore which refuses to run if the version is higher.
- Changed temporary WaitBOVP to equally temporary WaitTOF.

3.2 (31.12.2019)
- Initial release

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