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 Readme for:  Emulation » Computer » dosbox.lha


Description: an x86 emulator
Download: dosbox.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Version: 0.74_r4293
Date: 24 Feb 2020
Author: DOSBox crew
Submitter: kas1e
Homepage: http://www.dosbox.com
Category: emulation/computer
Replaces: emulation/computer/dosbox.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11182
Comments: 32
Snapshots: 11
Videos: 1
Downloads: 754  (Current version)
5903  (Accumulated)
Votes: 7 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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* DosBox 0.74-3, based on svn build r4293 (11.20.2019)

r3 (21.02.2020)

-- Registered via application library to be able to disable screen blanker
engine while DOSBox running (to prevent related issues). Thanks Trixie for help!
-- Big-endian fixes for "vgaonly" driver. Now colors render correctly for that
driver (c) Jmarsh
-- Big-endian fixes for saving screenshots via "ctrl+f5" in 15/16/32bit modes
(c) Dreamer & Jmarsh
-- Big-endian fixes for video recording via "ctrl+alt+f5" for broken sound (c)
   The codec used there are ZMBV (Zip Motion Blocks Video) developed especially
for DosBox as DosBox Capture Codec.
   To play it on AmigaOS4 directly without conversion you may use Mplayer.
Emotion currently has some issues with, but Frank will fix it probably as well.
   On Windows best to use LAV filters and MPC-HC as VLC has bugs in that codec,
BSPlayer not very kind too.

-- Replaced CD_ROM based code from the original DOSBox in favor of code from
"DOSBox-staging" fork, where after a lot of testing everything was rewritten to
be big-endian aware.
   That means that now we can:

    1). play music files from HDD as CDDA tracks (so things like GOG's HMM3
    2). play them without distortion as it was with original DosBox's code.
    3). Have partial DAE support for compressed Redbook-compliant tracks 

-- Fix for DosNavigator's CD-Player when playing past track 15 (before you
can't) (c) ripsaw8080
-- Fix for first track not having increased seconds in DosNavigator's CD-Player
played when mounted as CD (c) Krcroft

-- Made output=texture and texturenb (and related texture_renderer suboptions)

   That, in turn, means, that instead of "surface" output you can use "texture"
or "texturenb" one ("texture" is the default in config now) which will do free
autoscaling for you.
   So you can set any size of window mode or of fullscreen mode and everything
will be scaled (even those games which can't be scaled by "scaler" option).

   Possible values for "output" on OS4 now are: surface, texture, and texturenb.
"texture" is just with added bilinear filtering, so to blur a little, while
"texturenb" do scaling as it.
   Possible values for "texture_renderer" on OS4 when output=texture or
texturenb: auto, compositing, opengl, opengles2, software. If texture_renderer
will be anything else it will fallback to compositing.
   While "opengl" renderer (which works over MiniGL) and "opengles2" renderer
(works over ogles2.library) do work too, they didn't give any benefits over
"compositing", so compositing is the best choice.
   Big thanks to Capehill who fix OpenGL and OpenGLES2 renderers in SDL2 to make
them works on OS4, who help to deal with "deadlocks" caused by using
SDL_LockTexture/SDL_UnlockTexture instead of SDL_UpdateTexture in
   DOSBox's SDL2 code, who help to deal with detecting the cause of crashes on
exit when using OpenGL renderer (was caused by not free resources properly on
exit, which on other oses didn't happen as oses do clean or resources
   on exit for them), and who help to pinpoint issues with losing focus when use
"texture" or "texturenb" outputs.

-- New config file which reaches all the current DosBox's changes level and not
being stuck on 10 years old DosBox version. Cleaned all comments and stuff. All
work is done by DOSBox-staging maintainers, I only adapt to os4.
-- Add default mapper file (in which assigned "" key, as by default it didn't
work for most). You, of course, can delete it if you don't need it, or
regenerate your own one (ctrl+f1).

r2 (28.01.2020)

-- Alt+Enter to switch window/fullscreen fixed (SDL2, (c) Capehill)
-- Build with native threads instead of pthreads (SDL2, (c) Capehill)
-- Added 3 unofficial types of scalers: normal4.x, normal5.x, and normal6.x:
they good for those who want to make big scaling for modes such as 1920x1080,
1920x1200 and more.
-- Fixed a big bug about colors being rendered wrong in 15,16 and 32 video modes
(hugi, the 11th hour, screamer2, earth2140, tomb raider and all others which may
use more than 8bit). Thanks to all people involved: jmarsh, dreamer, zukow and
-- In default config change "joysticktype" be "auto" (so detect joystick by
default). Sometime it may cause some issues in some games (that why it was
disabled), so if you see some "auto pressing" then disable joystick for that

r1 (22.01.2020)

-- Added PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (JIT) (c) jmarsh : x3 times speed up
-- Fix for driver_fat.cpp to work on big-endian system (c) jmarsh
-- Migrated to SDL2 now instead of SDL1 (c) NY00123.
-- Added stack cookie of 2mb
-- Added "version" support
-- Compiled via gcc8.2.0

An old version of DOSBox port from 13.08.2011 by Corto (whole archive), included
too. Check the "old" directory if you need one.

* How to use

Just run DOSBox. OS4 version comes with DOSBox.conf, which is taken as default
one by DOSBox, and which is tuned to use JIT (core=dynamic, cycles=max). You may
want to play with "cycles" numbers instead of "auto" for your game of choice to
finetune the best performance.

Please refer to original DOSBox documentation about how to use it at

* Thanks to

Capehill for never ended work with SDL1 and SDL2
Jmarsh for PPC JIT and other endian related fixes
NY00123 for SDL1->SDL2 patch
OS4 users from amigans.net for testing (samo, mufa and others)

(c) kas1e 2020 

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