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 Readme for:  Game » Megazeux » ffedventure.lha


Description: A Megazeux game called Final Fantasy Edventure
Download: ffedventure.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Date: 17 Jun 2008
Author: djtiesto
Submitter: Spot / Up Rough
Email: spot/triad se
Category: game/megazeux
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3790
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 203  (Current version)
203  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Final Fantasy Edventure by djtiesto.

A game for the Megazeux interpreter.
To play this game, you need the interpreter:

To install it, copy Final_Fantasy_Edventure/ to Megazeux:games/

Then run the interpreter and select the game.

About the game:

Final Fantasy EdVenture
By Luke Drelick (duky()worldnet.att.net, http://www.chocobo.org/~butz)
(C) 1997 Duky Incorporated

Table of Contents -

1. Info
2. Story
3. Installation
4. File List
5. Credits

1. Info-

Do any of you remember a game released on the ML a while back, called Quest 
For Greatness? Anyways, it was a parody of the FF series (By now you all know 
that FF is my favorite game :) ).The graphics weren't the best, but it was 
extremely funny! It was QFG's sequel, another FF-parody, that gave me 
the idea for FF EdVenture. Now, FFEdVenture is my version of an FF parody, 
with some amazing graphics, actual music from the FF series, 5 Endings, and 
the FF Engine as the battle engine. Due to a bug in MZX 2.50 that affects
this game, you need to upgrade to MZX 2.51 by e-mailing Greg Janson
(gjanson()earthlink.net), and asking him for a copy.

Copies of the game and support files are available at-


For those who don't have MegaZeux, and would like info on it, go to-


*NOTE* DON'T cheat at this game, or it will seriously screw up! Play the
game through all the way!

2. Story-

In the game, you are Butts Kloser, a brief reference to Butz Klauzer of FF5j 
fame. The game opens with brief scenes of the main characters. You first see 
a guy named Greg Janson, talking about writing source code for MegaZeux 3.00
Then, Greg takes a break from programming, to watch his favorite show, 
Sailor Goon! While watching, he is interrupted by his mother, who says that a 
prophet by the lake is about to make a speech that will concern mankind's 
future. The scene then shifts to a dock, and you see Faris, the Transvestite 
Pirate of FF5j fame, telling her merry band of Pirates that they must take 
their Ship, and head as far away from Gilamush as they can, or else Gilgamush 
will suck them all up in the "Nu" he has created. We then see a picture of 
Tokyo, Japan, at night. A bunch of travellers wander down the road, and we 
see the Unix office building. In a kewl array of special effects, we see the 
inside of the office building, and a bunch of guys talking. From them, we 
learn the real reason why Japanese game companies never release any of their 
RPG's in the US-If they do, Gilgamush will suck them up in the "Nu". Then, 
the scene shifts to a great battle between Phrog and Anus, on top of Anus's 
castle. When a person wins (It's totally random, but I found out that Anus 
usually wins), you will see that it's not a battle to the death, but an 
arcade game, Mortal Fantasy. Phrog and Anus then boast about their playing 
skills, and the screen fades out once again. Finally, we see Butts Kloser and 
SlowPoko relaxing by a campfire, a la FF5j, and Butts tells SlowPoko not to 
worry, because Butts' mother knows where they are. Butts drifts into a brief 
sleep, but is rudely awakened by a trespasser, a Hades Horseman. Here's where 
the first battle takes place. It's no use, though, after the Hades Horseman 
attacks, he will knock Butts unconscious. When Butts wake up, you will start 
your "EdVenture" :). Heading to your hometown, you will see townspeople who 
disclose to you a crisis taking place in Hippie-O village, and tell you about 
Dukyhan arriving at La Crescenta. Now, you have a choice of going two ways, 
and depending on which way you choose, you will have a completely different 

3. Installation-

Installation of FFEDV is relatively simple. First, unzip the FFEDV.ZIP file
into the directory where MEGAZEUX.EXE is located.

Then, you simply run the FFEDV.BAT file by typing "ffedv" at the DOS prompt.

Now, press P to play, after watching the credits roll...

4. File List-

FFEDV.ZIP       -FFEDV_A.MZX (Main game world, part A)
                -FFEDV_B.MZX (Main game world, part B)
                -FFEDV_C.MZX (Main game world, part C)
                -FFEDV_D.MZX (Main game world, part D)
                -FFEDV.TXT (This file)
                -FFEDV.BAT (A batch file for instant running)
                -FFEDV1-22.CHR (Character set files)
                -FFEDV1-32.PAL (Palette files)

5. Credits-

Starring -

Butts Kloser

Greg Janson
Mrs. Janson
Pirate 1 and 2
Fuji Mori
Aqueera Tomboyama
Hades Horseman
Kurt Meyer
Scott Hammack
Kev Vance
Jon Janssen
Makoto Chan
The Creator
Bill Gatos
Rachel Green
Matt Williams
Justin Rathjen
Heiroki Kikootie
Yasunori Shitsoda
Nobuo Uematsu
Hirobobo Sajagoopy
Bob Stick Figure
Faggot-Tech Armor
Alex Drelick
Dan Patalano
Paulina Janssen
Nick Nicholas
Naveen Anumolu
King Mashed
Commander Krazy
Tom Melo
Mako-Chan Shark
Jarl Guardia
Ted Foolsey
Son of Black Hole Sun
Lenna Typhoon
Danny Seminara
Mark Viola

Without these people, this game would've not been possible-

Luke Drelick    -Programming
                -FF Battle Coding
                -Ending # 3
                -Ending # 4

Alex Drelick    -Beta-Testing
                -Ending # 1
                -Ending # 2

Dan Patalano    -Suggestions
                -Ending # 5

Mina            -Some sound effects

Andrew Vestahl  -Some music files and sound effects on the UOSSHP

Danny Seminara  -Beta-Testing
                -Random Battle Engine
                -Creator of QFG, which inspired me to make this

Ben Krause      -Beta-Testing
                -Creating the game where the name came from :)
                -Ending Ideas

Demi            -Being a VERY cool guy

Luc French      -Font design

Mathew Valente  -Some music

AGFF            -Support

No thanks to-

Gregory Janson  -Being a fokkin' faggot!
Yoshi           -Being a total dick!
DitchDavis      -Being a total dick!

                           _.oO0 END OF DOCUMENT 0Oo._
                                _.oO0 Cloud 0Oo._

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