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 Readme for:  Game » Megazeux » spiritrevenge.lha


Description: A Megazeux game called Spirit Revenge
Download: spiritrevenge.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Date: 17 Jun 2008
Author: Yenrab
Submitter: Spot / Up Rough
Email: spot/triad se
Category: game/megazeux
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3787
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 198  (Current version)
198  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Spirit Revenge by Yenrab.

A game for the Megazeux interpreter.
To play this game, you need the interpreter:

To install it, copy Spirit_Revenge/ to Megazeux:games/

Then run the interpreter and select the game.

About the game:

| S P I R I T   R E V E N G E | °±²Û²±° |    D o c u m e n t a t i o n    |
|-------------------------------| °±²Û²±° |---------------------------------|
|Hey, I felt like being artistic| °±²Û²±° |       R e a d m e 2 n d !       |


  I.  Introduction
      a.  What is this game?
      b.  What is MegaZeux?
      c.  Who am I?
          1.  What I have done
          2.  Where I can be contacted
 II.  Controls
      a.  Your inventory and you
      b.  Getting items
III.  Features
 IV.  Filelist
  V.  Spoiler
 VI.  Legal Voodoo(doo)
VII.  Conclusion

[I] Introduction
First of all, thank you for reading.  No, you don't need to read this to
play the game anymore.  I guess there might be maybe one sentence of
interesting reading down here somewhere.

[Ia]  What is this game?
This game is a MegaZeux add on world.  Very informative, huh?

[Ib]  What is MegaZeux?
Woo.  Huh, go to http://www.scsn.net/users/dbwilli to find out.

[Ic]  Who am I?
It doesn't really matter now, does it?

[Ic1]  What I have done
The Barney Files:I Love You, Escape from Planet Red, Rat Race, Z-Wing,
DogFight, Mostly Morphine Powder Strangers, King Rat ]I[ (::shudder::),
Stress Relief Demo, and this.

[Ic2]  Where I can be contacted
E-mail me with some comments at adhesive()ix.netcom.com
send me some cool snail mail at P.O. Box 90523; Houston, TX  77290
you can sometimes catch me on irc undernet in #megazeux as yenrab

[II]  Controls
(H) Spirit Revenge help

(U) Brings up your Inventory to use, the most integral part of Spirit
    Revenge.  See [IIa1] for more on your inventory and you.

(I) Shows descriptions of inventory items.

(G) Gets an item and puts it in your inventory (see above).  See [IIa2]
    on how to pick up items.

(R) Toggles the Smiley Rotate-O-visioN(tm) feature on/off.  See [III] to find
    out what this feature is anyway.

(P) Pause/unpause.

Additional "level" specific keys:

(L) Certain room descriptions

(T) Throw your grappling hook

[IIa]  Your inventory and you
Your inventory screen looks roughly like this:

---------------------[         Inventory           ]------------------------

Select an item to use in the direction you are facing:

> [Item name]   |[Item picture]

> (ex:) Scissors 8<
> Nothing


**Note:  There is no inventory item of scissors, so don't go looking for 'em.

To use your inventory, move the player right next to the object you wish to
use an item on, have the player turn to face the direction the aforementioned
object is in, bring up your inventory (see [II]), select the item you wish
to use on the object, and press [ENTER].  If the item used does not work, you
will receive a random message telling you (sometimes rudely) that it doesn't.
If the item does work (fat chance), a message will tell you what happened.

Of course, check out the help in Weirdness for less wordy, more effective
instructions, if you didn't understand a word I typed.

[IIb]  Getting items
This is a brand new, never before used feature (see [III]), and very easy to
use.  Following the same method as using an item in the inventory
(see [IIa]), once you are next to an item you THINK you can pick up and
place in your inventory (usually easy to tell, you can touch the item first
and read its description), press G to try to get it.  If you can pick it
up, a message will tell you that it is now in your inventory.  If you can't
pick it up, a message will tell you, if you press G when there's nothing
there, it will tell you.

[III]  Features
Smiley Rotate-O-Vision(tm):  When you move, the face doesn't just change, it
turns around in 2 1/4 D.  It causes the tiniest of slowdowns in moving (it
uses lockplayer a lot), but since there's no conventional "action" gameplay,
it shouldn't affect the game.  The toggle S R-o-V feature has been
implemented, press R for conventional, 4 way, 2 dimensional smileys, or
press R to return to the land of the 2 1/4 D smiley.

Inventory System:  (no longer) Relatively new, used in many games now
(Weirdness, Crystal Cities, Funky Chunky Monkey to name a few) and quite a
few demos/beta releases as well.  It has a picture of the item beside the

Get Inventory:  Brand spankin' new.  Never before used (and if it is, you
STOLE IT from ME!), added because it's just too easy to select > "Pick it up"
when you touch an item, or just to automatically pick an item up.

Pause:  This uses freezetime to pause the game, so you can stare at something
for a while.  If you're like me, and like to watch stuff in slow-mo; pressing
enter, f2, or esc blocks out too much of the screen.  So this feature was
mainly for me while testing.

[IV] Filelist
The only reason you would want the filelist is so you know what files you
can delete along with the game.  Hmm . . .  I see . . .

Note: All files in the zip are original, therefore you wouldn't have them.
Additional SAMs are used in the megazeux file, but are not included, since
you probably already have them.

spirtrev.mzx : main mzx module
a-dark.s3m   : music
bw_globl.mod : music
dungeons.s3m : music
indigo.mod   : music
lwrlites.s3m : music
o-78489.mod  : music
riding.s3m   : music
spirit.mod   : music
srev0-5.chr  : character sets
srev0-4.pal  : palettes
srevblue.pal : palette
srevred.pal  : palette
srevwite.pal : palette
spirit.txt   : documentation
output.txt   : documentation
ad_sfx1.sam  : sound effect
ad_sfx2.sam  : sound effect
mwa1.sam     : sound effect
wussie.sam   : sound effect

[V] Spoiler

[VI] Legal Voodoo(doo)
Not responsible for property damage, suicides, bed sores, spontaneous
combustion, brain spasms, infertility, or loss of basic motor skills that may
occur while playing Spirit Revenge.  Do not operate heavy machinery while
under the influence of Spirit Revenge.  Consider yourself forewarned.
All characters, places, and stuff that I made up are Copyright (c) 1996 me.
Everything else copyright their respective owners.

Feel free to distribute the SPIRIT.ZIP whole and unaltered (that means don't
distribute a copy that you messed with).  You may not charge a fee for this
game, because nobody would pay it.  If somebody is willing to, STILL, do not
charge a fee for this game.  This game is freeware.  This game is NOT public

There is no registration fee, but a snail mail note with a donation of, oh,
say, a buck or two would be appreciated for my "Get More Memory So I Can Make
(And Play) Bigger And Better Games" Fund.  That's GMMSICM(AP)BABGF for
short(er).  The address is:

GMMSICM(AP)BABGF    (or equally humorless title)
P.O. Box 90523
Houston, TX  77290

(feel free to cut, paste, and print the above address)

Or, if you don't wanna do that (but it sure would be NICE), send me an
e-mail, or snail mail if you are so inclined and like to lick stamps, with
your comments and stuff.  No fruit, please.

By pressing P, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated above and
free me from any liabilities.  Have a nice day.  Next!

[VII] Conclusion

|  G o o d - b y e   a n d  | END OF DOCUMENT |    G o o d  L u c k !     |
                                                                       You have
found my secret message.  Hi. :)

circa 1997 AD

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